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IBM Portable Personal Computer :: Retrocomputing on the green (Photo credit: br1dotcom)
Haven’t been posting lately, my computer is winding down and indicates that I either 1. Replace it or 2. Replace it.
I am in need of a new or gently used computer, and while I have some funds saved towards this purchase, many of my readers are aware that in all of 2012 I only earned $32.00 from donations and advertising.

And although it would be nice I am not asking for so much in donations that I will be able TO AFFORD a Mac AND a Vacation [I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY], no I'm a PC gal and I need a new or gently used computer tro continue being the voice for the under-represented and MOST Importantly to complete my story "Beyond the Quiet." Besides PC's a very affordable. I am also going to try one of the alternative operating systems that are available because windows is a virus magnet

So if you can please help you can either use the PayPal option on the left or the GoFund Me option  to your right. All amounts will be most appreciated.
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