And this is why it worked…..

 Have you ever seen a character on a television show and you’re like": Damn she’s FOINE! You wonder who she is and each time you se her it’s the same: She is Foine! 

D-U-H. See I rarely watched Barely Legal and you’d think I’d have a clue from  her role as Shane’s jilted fiancé Carmen from The L Word, but I swear I couldn’t identify Sarah Shahi as Renee Royce, a successful business woman and love interest for Taylor Kinney’s Lt. Kelly Severide.

So when this character left for Madrid in last week’s episode I was sad to see her go. Shahi was in the type of role that suited her: A strong forthright sexual woman that possessed a sense of genuineness far beyond the relationship naiveté of Carmen Del La Pica Morales, or that lawyer chic on Fairly Legal


However now that I know the identity of this character I can’t help but see her as Sarah and that takes away some of her allure, unless she continues to choose other evocatively sensual roles. Play to your strengths baby.

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