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What Kind of Guy Does a Girl Who Looks Like Lena Dunham 'Deserve'?

I'm tired of seeing Lena Dunham offering herself up as a suitable representative of naked ladies…I am tired of her “Breasticles.”

We have 4 women on the HBO series: Girls and is it annoying that it not only attempts to ride the coattails of Sex And The City, but it has also devolved into the most: “American White Girls Are Just Plain Nasty” show.
Almost weekly I am subjected to seeing Lena Dunham topless, or riding some random guy. It’s gratuitous in the most unsexy way.

My rant is not about seeing real women with real bodies or building the self esteem of young girls, DOVE does that quite well with its ad campaigns. It’s also NOT about the lack of multiculturalism either, because at this point I am glad that young women of color aren’t expected to portray characters that so far have amounted to nothing more than former Heroin Addicted,  spoiled, neurotic…for lack of a better word: Whores.

“If the first couple of episodes of this season were a response to criticism that there were no black characters on the show, it's hard to explain what this one might have been a reaction to. It's not like anyone was complaining about the lack of self indulgence.”  From Jezebel

Basta! Enough! There’s a reason why beautiful women with gorgeous bodies audition for film and television. They do so because those of us who lack such attributes appreciate seeing those with the assets we lack. Yes it’s “look-ist, superficial and shallow” but in the relative scheme of things, I’d rather watch Sofia Vergara with her top on than Lena Dunham, playing ping-pong topless.

Let’s be real because you know if the characters were Latin or worse yet African American they would have surpassed white viewers negative expectations. Yet because they’re Caucasian, sitting in a bathtub with your best friend and taking a piss, or telling your soon to be ex husband’s parents that you are a recovering Heroin addict is normalized.

Of course I watch Girls and I even make it available for others to see, but its entertainment value is marginal at best.

Which brings me to the latest episode with actor Patrick Wilson. You may remember Wilson as the pedophilic/sociopath photographer in the movie: Hard Candy.

Lena was most uninspired in this latest episode that chronicles the daily romps of four seemingly privileged white women in New York.
I write that the episode was uninspired because I’ve had more original writing “STOLEN” from me and put on the L Word.

As I previously stated Patrick Wilson co-starred in the movie "Hard Candy where a teenage girl (Ellen Page) raids a man's
Cover of "Hard Candy"
Cover of Hard Candy
(Patrick Wilson) home, suspecting he is a pedophile, in order to expose him.
Well in Hard Candy there is a scene where Jeff (Wilson) playfully if not creepily "worships" Hayley Stark (Page) to get into his car. On his knees he grovels. I tell ya',  I kept expecting Wilson to start denying that he killed "Donna Maur" the murdered girl in Hard Candy that Page's character avenges. So Uninspired.

Also why are other writers debating as to whether the episode was a dream sequence? I am, old enough to know that stranger things have happened than a successful adequately attractive doctor hooking up with a moderately homely writer. Oh yeah most of the writers online are clueless, young and probably sexist males.

I am most taken aback with Dunham parading around as if I or anyone else is interested in seeing her half nude on a weekly basis, when we have Allison Williams the actress who plays “Marnie” and seems  to have a contractual ban of showing her breasts or any other tantalizing part of her body, resulting in more unsexy sex scenes.

Whereas actor Jemima Kirke (Jessa Johansson) displays a rather nice potentially succulent breast.

I am not against imperfect female bodies, I am the proud owner of one.
What I’m against is over exposure of imperfect female bodies.  If Lena’s semi nudity wasn't so prominent then it wouldn’t feel as if I am being choked by Dunham’s tits virtually week after week.

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