I’m Telling You: It’s Overwhelming.

What’s Going on over at certain lesbian Pop Culture sites. I have no idea, but today I read a rather lenthy diatribe about a: Succubus or Concubine or Dick ButkusOscars 2013: Charlize Theron Helped Guard Suffering from Seizure or something. All I know is that I don’t watch Lost Girl and neither have I watched Pretty Little Liars or even Rizzoli and Isles this season.

Seems like I’ve moved on, but apparently Lesbians are angry over comments concerning Lost Girl? Why? Fill me in please.

As far as the subject of subtext is conconcerned, well I know that in the past I’ve wholeheartedly railed against it.  

I am resigned to the notion that nothing is going to change which would make it acceptable to fantasize about straight women having affairs with each other, unless it was subtext written about an unlikely affair between Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington.


Which is why I’ve given up on that also.

Yep I’m content.

Besides I still have to write about Charlize Theron’s Oscar performance.
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