Well I Missed It…..

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys
Yep I missed the ENTIRE Freakin’ Super Bowl.  Granted over the years I watched it only intermittently and only for the the commercials, which except for a few are usually pretty bad.

So does this mean that Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson have lost their magic?

Well it was more like a system overload, I’ve never been a football fan. In fact I was sporadically watching Animal Planet’s "Puppy Bowl IX" and this year they upped the ante by having a halftime show with adorable kittens and baby hedgehogs on the sidelines.  Is that adorable? or Is that adorable?


All of the animals featured during its record breaking Puppy Bowl IX marathon on Super bowl 47 Sunday have been adopted.

Don’t you dare call me Boring.

Back to system overload:  I live in the most politically powerful area of the United States, I get the news affecting America WAY before it hits the other 49 states and once the rest of the nation gets the news, I get it again in the form of the nation’s reaction to the news that I first heard days earlier.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Since January 21st, I’ve had to relive the Beyonce lip  synching “controversy” over and over.  For me Beyonce’s lip-synching at President Barack Obama's inauguration would only have been controversial if she had opened her mouth and Lady Ga-Ga’s voice came out. But I live in a particularly politically divided area: The Nation’s Capital and it suburbs.

So while it was cool to have all these celebs in town, it was too cold and too crowded to mingle amongst the “luminatti.”
Which brings me to my second reason for shunning the XLVII Super  Bowl.  There is all this talk about a secret society called the luminatti, a secret cabal of powerful people who shape culture.  Jesus christ people there’s no secret society, yes it’s exclusive and yes it shapes culture but that’s what power is about: That’s why entertainers cause people to dress a certain way, wear a particular fragrance, that’s why politicians make laws.  It’s ALL to affect CULTURE D-U-H.

There are no secret signals or symbols I mean really? No one sits at a roundtable wearing a hood while holding a golden chalice and reciting latin doctrine.

Nicki Minaj is allegedly a member of the luminatti, then she only exists in the minds of fiction writers and conspiracy theorists.

There is NO SUCH Thing as the “Luminatti.” Some idiot meant: “Illuminatti” and the name refers to a group that controls world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order.

Maybe it’s me, because even though Beyonce is sexy and a great performer, she is hardly the type on individual who appears to possess the wherewithal to take control of the world, or be a suitable advisor to those that hold such ambitions and Nicki Minaj? Really? She’s nothing more than a late term Lil’ Kim abortion (Harsh but true).

On Monday I finally saw some of the halftime performances and heard the accompanying jokes, like: the stadium lost power when someone pulled the plug because Alicia Keys was taking too long to finish singing the National Anthem, or that all Beyonce did was stomp through her performance (she did do a lot of stomping).

On Tuesday I almost missed the Season 2 Premier of SMASH  with Jennifer Hudson, I was watching The New Girl and casually surfed the channels when I caught it.  Thankfully it was a 2 hour premier and I only missed the first 15 minutes.
What We Can Expect To See In  Season 2 with some old scenes from Season 1 added:

For all of it’s flaws in the first season, I was still excited for season 2 to premier. I love Megan Hilty's voice and she delivers as usual with her version of the Paul Young hit: Don’t dream It’s Over.

A shout out goes to Mara Davi, who was AMAZING in the '06 Broadway revival of A Chorus Line, as Daisy, the dancer/pilates instructor who put Derek in his place during hour 2.

I happily admit I really like this rebooted SMASH. I was nervous about it changing from the show I loved to (sometimes) hate but it really took all the things I loved about the original smash and amplified them. I loved ivy's final song.

Megan Hilty is just stellar. I hope at some point she and Jennifer Hudson can duet, that would be (pun very much intended) heaven on earth. They both have powerful voices that Katherine Mcphee doesn't possess and I’m very curious to see what they can do.  In fact I can’t wait!


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