What?! Already?

Just yesterday I promised that unless there was breaking news that I wasn’t going to write about Reeva Steenkamp’s murder. Well Guess what?
Breaking News Bitches!

Pistorius' girlfriend was alive after shooting, official says

So that means that Pistorius allowed Steenkamp to "Bleed Out" and die. Pistorius has no defense for any of this.

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People take steroids for many reasons. I had injured my foot and my doctor injected steroid into my foot to facilitate the healing process. Steroid\s help reduce inflammation.

Athletes take Anabolic steroids to enhance their athletic performance. The thing about steroids in that if taken over a period of time, not only can it have a detrimental affected on one's body, but it can adversely affect a person's mental state.Various anabolic steroids. Author: Wikidudeman...
Professional wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his family and then committed suicide while on steroids.

Now things are beginning to make sense.  No one understood how a man could kill a woman in such a violent manner after only 4 months of dating. A Steroidal induced rampage certainly explains the extreme characteristics of Pistorius' behavior.
A Bloody cricket bat and the fact that Steenkamp was in nightwear intensify the brutality of his actions.

Steroid use also explains why his ex Samantha Tayilor also says that Oscar is not the meek man he appears to be.

It's over for Oscar, this is the end for him and his delusional family needs to wake up because South Africa isn't tearing Pistorius down. He did that to himself when he murdered Reeva Steenkamp.

Olympic room pal fled from ace's fury
From ANTHONY FRANCE in Pretoria
OSCAR Pistorius’s rages forced an Olympics roommate to quit their shared digs at last year’s London Games, a pal of the star revealed yesterday.
Radio host David O’Sullivan said Pistorius had “an unsettling dark side”.
But he was shocked after speaking to Arnu Fourie, 27, who pipped Pistorius to 100m bronze.

David said: “They were obviously very close. I asked Fourie what it was like rooming with Oscar.

“The dark side to Oscar was always unsettling. I knew he had a reputation for being arrogant and aloof. I heard he was quick to anger.”

The sprinter is said to have a history of violent outbursts. David said he once threatened to shoot a football ace in a rage.

“He said he had been forced to move out as Oscar was constantly screaming in anger at people on the phone.

“I was taken aback. I realised he was more complex than I thought.

Last year he reportedly threatened to break a love rival’s legs.

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