When I fell in love with France

France Joli
 France Joli

It was a time of Disco and Gia Carangi was steaming up Fashion.

Her name Is France Joli

A Canadian girl performed on Fire Island and the rest is history. How voluptuous was France Jolie? I mean for a young woman she certainly was shapely. I almost feel dirty for writing about how sexy she was in this video given that she was only 16 at the time but damn she sure was sexy! The disco era was a very sexy one and France Joli exuded that sexuality. I feel like a Cougar.

    Angela Kim
  • Angela Kim wrote:
    "The chorus is awesome. Gets me wet just listening to it."

    Editor's Reply: Yes I'm sure that it was the "chorus."

This is France today and she's looking a lot different:

Joli still performs in New York, Los Angeles and Canada. Her voice ia the same:

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