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Cirque du Soleil

I saw the new Cirque Du Soleil movie Worlds Away that was directed by James Cameron.

This movie was magical. I’ve always wanted to live in the land of Cirque Du Soleil, ever since they first came to my city in 1992. Wow that long ago.

World’s away delivers a a telling commentary of magical dreams juxtaposed with fearful nightmares., octopi and firedancers.


Magical, touching, unforgettable show. It fills my heart with joy and enchantment giving the viewer give a chance to be part of a magical world - the world of Cirque du Soleil.  Magical, the only word that relates to the feeling of benevolence I derived from charatcers like this:



I saw Worlds Away in Imax and that alone is worth the watch, a movie screen that is nearly 10 stories tall.

The very first movie I saw on an Imax screen was the Blue Planet, at the Smithsoneum Museum of Air and Space in Washington D.C.

Towards the end, the lovers reunite in a forest and look up at trees nearly ten stories  tall withj performer

In fact Imax movies are one of my favorite 3rd date destinations

This isn’t the “Worlds Away” movie, This is Alegria: The Complete Show!

Après avoir été enchantés par Saltimbanco et émerveillés par Cortéo, nous ressortons du spectacle Alégria avec un manque certain (de magie, de féérie) et une vague impression de déjà vu. Certes les artistes sont excellents, beaucoup de prouesses physiques (un bémol avec les contorsionnistes chinoises : comment le Cirque du Soleil peut-il cautionner le traitement infligé aux jeunes chinois afin d'arriver à ces performances...?), belle musique et chanteuse excellente, mais... c'est tout.

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