It Was In Her Eyes

As I patiently wait for the [huge and hard as a rock knot] swelling on my head to subside...

I watched a traler: for the movie: The Tall Man [Below] and I swore the actor who played the mother was a Native American actor that I've been a fan of for years [Irene Bedard above], but when I looked at the credits lo  and behold it was [Mrs. Justin Timberlake] Jessica Biel, who like Bedard is also native American [at least part] and in this trailer it certainly  shows through in her bone structure. You can see it in her eyes.

I wish Biel would embrace the Native American aspect of her identity more instead of always going for the typical "white girl" movie role, not because I think that she isn't suited for such roles as she certainly adapted well to the role of daughter Mary Camden on the television series 7th Heaven.   However I believe that Biel is in a unique poisition to portray Native American Characters that transcend the stereotypical expectations that  Hollywood seems tethered to. Let's face it: Because Biel looks more white [or her "native-ness" is more diluted] than Irene Bedard, Biel has a better chance in bypassing the long existing racist assumptions of Hollywood that for example still casts African Americans as maids. Isn't that right Viola Davis?

Nonetheless Justin certainly scored a  babe and one certainly sees Biel's multiethnicity in: The Tall Man

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