They’re Almost Gone..THEY’RE BACCCKKKKKK! And So Am I…

March 11th was my birthday so instead of writing for the entertainment of readers who don’t wish me well anyway, I decided to take some much appreciated (by me) “Me Time.”

I decided not to write because I am under enough scrutiny: If not by certain Bloggers who indict me for having advertisements on my blog while raking in the big bucks themselves and simultaneously whining that they don’t ask for contributions.

To readers who accuse me of “Sour Grapes” (?)

You reach an age where you wonder: Is this worth it? Is it worth commenting on tired and redundant popular culture that’s never going to evolve beyond emotional adolescence?

There are no "”Girls” in my world, I’m serious. Everyone I personally know is well over 30. They are women. We don’t think in the context of “Girls Liking Girls” and frankly I get tired of reading about girls. It would seem as if nowadays adult lesbians are nothing more than a spectre.

That’s a shame and quite confusing because I’ve always been what I define as an “In Betweener” too young to partake of the financial advantages that seniors used to get Pre Paul Ryan led obstruction of President Obama) and too old to date young women without social imputation (Although ironically I seem to attract younger and younger women. Well I know what that’s about).

Before you mutter: "If you don't like the show then don't watch it" -  I give EVERY Show at least one season to prove itself. Some shows I give more than a season if I find somethiong worthwhile as in the case "Maya"(Bianca Lawson) on Pretty Little Liars and . The 2nd season of Girls has ended and I am finished with this show.

On The Topic of HBO's Girls:


 It’s disturbing to read articles about writers being upset with Lena Dunham creator of: HBO series: Girls. It's even disorienting to read writers praising her. Here we go again.

“…thanks to her multi-million dollar book advance, not to mention her hit television show Girls, (now its second season), Lena Dunham has driven plenty of writers to a level of resentment bordering on mania that makes Salieri, the mediocre composer driven to an insane asylum by the not-at-all mediocre talents of Mozart in the film Amadeus, look sane by comparison.”

The last  episodes that I watch included the season finale, yet amounted to nothing more than than what a 1st year screenwriter would offer in a freshman class. 

 In fact I offered the same pointless C\clichéd drivel as a freshman studying theater at Russell Sage College. Take for example episode 7 or was it 8? where Dunham was in the elevator and she was digging in her arse.

I wrote the exact same scenario for my redeux of a Romeo and Juliet scene (more specifically the scene with Juliet and her nurse). That was over 20 years ago! It wasn’t funny back then and it still isn’t funny. 

Granted I thought that it would be funny, but the audience reacted more to the improvised slapstick elements between Juliet (me) and the nurse  in the scene.

So is this what we can expect or deserve? A 20 something year old girl with a multi million dollar contract for a television show that give viewers predictable scenarios like: Adam running shirtless to a whacked out Lena Dunham (complete with horrible haircut) merely because she called him?

And Marnie, the requisite Gold Digging Best Friend? Also why do Hannah and Soshanna wear such little girl dresses?

Hannah and Shoshana

Eileen Jones of The Exiled writes:

“Lena Dunham is getting hosannas from critics for exposing her nude doughy depressing body in humiliating ways throughout the show—makes it all so “real,” somehow. They’re all calling Dunham “the voice of her generation,” {And what as sorry assed generation it is] and maybe she’s the body of her generation too. “

Editor’s Note: I have nothing against “Doughy” Bodies, in fact one could even say they are sexy in a comforting kind of way, like mashed potatoes and meatloaf on a winter’s day. But  usually the combination is an: Attractive Face + Doughy Bod or Average Face + VaVaVa VOOM Jessica Rabbit’s Body.

It’s Never Ever Doughy Body + Doughy Face


Dunham must’ve known she could count on critics to dutifully take dictation when she had her character Hannah ironically describe herself as “the voice of my generation [a generation of clueless, greedy, self-absorbed, neurotic, entitled white girls that are disproportionately Jewish….” You can picture them all noting it down carefully, muttering, “’Voice of generation’…

oh, yeah, that is GOLD.…"

nobody, whether praising or blaming, has actually conveyed what this miserable crap-colored show is like to watch.

I’ll tell you what it’s like to watch…it’s like viewing Adam Jerking off for a half hour over and over and over, because once you’ve been exposed to that horror you are unable to cleanse it from your memory. You CANNOT “Un-See” it. In other words: Torture


Thank the Goddess Mad Men starts April 7, 2013 9-11

Granted there are still “Girls” like January Jones who at least she’s keeping her emotionally age inappropriate behavior confined off screen (For now).

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