Back In The Saddle

Wow it takes awhile to recover from injury.http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-W1UGKs3M0H4/UX3ksRmJW6I/AAAAAAAAGI0/kAm7uO-NSeA/s1600/cowboy_1024.jpg But after two medical visits my doctor’s have deemed me capable of returning to writing. Not only had I incurred a severe head injury, but I had also sprained my wrist pretty badly making typing or even handwriting nearly impossible [except for minor blog adjustments].


A lot happened while I was recuperating the least of which is the freedom acheived by the three women who were held captive by Ariel Castro for 10 years.

Marriage Equality is ratified in Minnesota and Delaware.


Moving onto to popular culture: Like many I am also awaiting the new suspense movie Passion and yes I know that many bisexuals are excited because they beliebve that the movie will be a murder mystery stemming from an ill conceived bisexual romance. I watched Love Crime the movie of which Passion is the American remake, if anything Love Crime was hardly a bisexual romance gone awry and more of a sado/masochistic experiment in corporate espionage cum fatal heterosexual setup.

Then again it is an American movie and goodness knows that American Directors love to pander to purient interests regardless of dramatic relevance.


Since I no longer have cable, I was hopingCallie Torres

that my digital antenna would’nt fail and I'd be able to watch the Grey’s Anatomy Season finale and things were just fine until Callie discovered Arizona's scrub on Hot Visiting Doc Lauren.


Look Shonda if you want to throw Callie back to penis loving you don’t do it like this. It’s rather transparent that Callie will not look for nor find another woman should she and Arizona BREAK UP. What might have been vindication against negative perceptions of bisexuals has given sway to negative perceptions of Gay Women as lotharios who don't respect relationships or hold a grudge when  their partner saved their life by amputating a necrotizing leg.


Besides Hot Visiting Doc Lauren seems to be a bit stalkerish telling Arizona that she’s not going to give up or whatever.


More importantly, this will be Callie’s 2nd failed marriage, so she should be wondering why she chooses such lousy people and why do these seemingly brilliant individuals always behave as if they do not have a clue about human nature at times when it’s most important to have a clue? Also when you cheat on your partner you will inevitably get exposed.


Damn why do we have to wait until October or November for more? I may lose interest by then, or worse forget. Remember I had a very serious head injury

a few weeks ago.

Good To Be Back

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