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I'm interested to see if the US version manages to maintain the depth and intensity of the excellent UK version. Oh wait what am I thinking, I already know that it won't. American television leave a lot to be desired. Oh sure it does create great original series like "Smash," and The Playboy Club only to cancel or replace them wih really crappy shows like :

"Ready For Love" [which is promptly cancelled] or "Bet On Your Baby."

Granted I only became interested in the UK Mistresses after Shelly Cohn's character Jessica Fraser had an affair with a woman (Anna Torv's charater Alex) that she is planning a lesbioan wedding for. Now considering that this was the very first episode of the very first season of Mistresses in the U.K. it's safe to assume that when I say I became interested only after the lesbian affair, I was hooked from from the start!

Will the U.S. version of this series measure up? Who knows, American audiences appear to be very impatient, confused and lacking cultural sophistication for the most part. Although I am curious as to which character will be having the lesbian affair. I dunno, but I doubt it will be the African American woman. There's still too much Homophobia in the black community.


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