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I re-watched Behind The Candelabra and I didn’t mind the  the lack of numerous explicit sex scenes because I am not particularly fond of watching men “Do” each other. Yes there’s a double standard nwhen it concens displays ofm anatomy based on gender, however I find male gentalia unattractive and I guess in a way, maybe producers are aware of that and  choose to spare me.

Below is an Example of how Liberace, being the Master Showman that he was perfoming The Boogie Woogie:



Now here is Michael Douglas as Liberace performing The Boogie Woogie with the help of CGI and Matt Damon, seated in the audience as Scott Thorson in the HBO movie: Behind The Candelabra:


Liberace was an accomplished musician and consummate showman as seen here is an Appearance on a television show in 1967 with entertainment legend: Sammy Davis Jr. when the latter hosted The Hollywood Palace: A Weekly entertainment series.

,I guess the last time I’ve been so impressed by a performance was Marion Cotillard’s Oscar winning portrayal of the late singer Edith Piaf. Now Douglas’ portayal of Liberace pales in comparison, but it’s still an excellent re-enactment and now that I am an adult, I can cogetly articulate the awe that I experienced as a kid, seeing the spectacle that Liberace personified. Liberace never admitted he was homosexual, but he wasn’t in the closet either.

Liberace was flamboyant and flaunted his "boyfriends" exhibiting them in his act in some fashion. In his final interview before he died of AIDS Liberace appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

 Oprah later says that Liberace's death came as a surprise, but I don't see how. You can clearly see he has lost weight, in fact look at how his watch dangles on his wrist.

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