If You Want It Come And Get It…

2008, the UK series Mistresses introduced----… Anna Torv as a love interest for Shelley Conn and suddenly there was a lesbian relationship for five episodes of the memorable show about women's sex and relationships. On Monday evening: May 3rd, ABC  brought the series stateside with some changes, not all of which I liked. Mistresses  debuted with Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, Yunjin Kim and newcomer Jes Macallan as the central characters, the latter of which who will be discovering her feelings for another woman over the course of all 13 episodes!


Now that is a change I can Believe In! I am glad that the producers chose this route because the U.S.  version seems rushed. Maybe it because of the commercial breaks, American programs always seem to rush to get in as much as possible before the next commercial break because In America, shows are generally an hour long, 40 mins of the actual show, 20 mins of commercials. whereas:

The BBC channels Do not have commercials but there are other channels in the uk that Do have commercials

ITV who makes Downtown Abbey has commercials

There are some similarities to the U.K. Mistresses: For example  name is Jocelyn as opposed to her British counterpart “Jessica”  [Shelley Conn’s character] although the love interest stays with the name “Alex” in both versions but  this time "Alex" is a Brunette as opposed to Anna’s Torv’s “Alex” being a blond.

The one thing I didn't like concerned the heterosexual characters, more on that later.....


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