Mistresses: You’re Killing Me…

For the past 4 weeks I’ve watched this series about the loves and lives of four women with a caveat:  I was only interested because I read that he producers planned to explore the variables of a lesbian affair one of the main characters has. I was also heartened by the reveal that this affair was going to be explored for the entire season.

 So for 3 of the past four weeks I’ve watched limited interaction occur between the characters Jocelyn ( a successful real estate agent) and Alex (an attorney or something, who also happns to be a lesbian). Then nothing despite repeatedly being shown infamous clips of Jocelyn in a shower and sombody (presumably Alex) entering the aforementioned shower.

 Why do networks tease viewers like that? I don’t need to see a titillating promise of scenes that I wait for week after week to no avail. It hasn’t only been Mistresses that has misled me, but last season Gray’s Anatomy and Chicago Fire.

 Okay if this is new industry procedure fair enough. But why the haphazard writing is becoming rather aqbstruse: For example suddenly Alex’s partner is jogging with Alex and Jocelyn and telling Jocelyn that it’s good that she is providing Alex wit a distracion. This obviously was written by a heterosexual, because lesbians know what happens when you constantly leave your partner  with a single woman. Somebody is inevitably going to make a move, just like Jocelyn did at a lesbian party that Alex invited her to, although the kiss setup was really sh*tty with Jocelyn pretending  be Alex’s girlfriend in order to fend of a romantic rival.


Where the hell are Alex and her partner from? Why is Jocelyn the only woman they know? As a “grown-up,” I’ve encountered some pretty forward women and those women weren’t in their 30s or 40s but in their 20s, so it’s a let down to see work that was apparently written to interest people who lack a more worldly paradigm. It's deporable to hear Jocelyn utter: I "Fake Kissed" Alex.

On the original series, Jessica (Shelley Conn) grew close to bride-to-be Alex (Fringe's Anna Torv), which got more complicated as Jess realized that she was falling in love with her. But the ABC series will detour from that story line by also pulling inspiration from the lives of those in the writers' room, says Rina Mimoun...who wants to show how "freaky" women's relationships can become. R U Serious? As lesbians don't regard ourselves as Freaks. Also Rina states that we shouldn't regard the the "Jo-Lex" relationship as a lesbian relationship.

All I can respond is STFU, that's exactly what it is. I don't f*ck my friends idiot.

[Oh Great, so far we've seen nothing but as Joe Biden would say: "Stuff")

 "When you've never had a girlfriend and you make one late in your life, it's such an intense experience," she says.

(Like these women are that old...NOT)

 "Women's relationships are like sexual relationships because you're so intense with each other. I think that's what happens with Joss. She gets so caught up in this experience, but she can't quite separate what is love and what is friendship and what is sex. It becomes a challenging mess for her." 

Spare me, isn't Jocelyn supposed to be a GROWN WOMAN?


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