Remembering Anna Nicole Smith

She was a mother who loved her children:

Anna  and son Danny and with Daughter Dannie Lynn
http://www.poesie-amour.com/IMG/ana0125.jpg http://blog.nj.com/entertainment_impact_celebrities/2008/03/large_anna1.jpg

She was the 20th Century’s Marilyn Monroe:


And…….[Anna with One Lucky Woman named Tracy]!

Lifetime Networks is airing its version of the life of  Anna Nicole Smith, a Big Beautiful Woman, who was heterosexual but also physically drawn to women at times. Anna was  ridiculed for her weight, drug abuse and for the most part considered an untalented train wreck of an individual, who was ridiculed constantly:

  The Original MTV Video Awards Appearance:


However I thought that Anna Nicole [nee Vickie Lynn Hogan] would pull through and turn out to be another Courtney Love, still around to annoy us, if nothing more.

I liked Anna, even more when I heard that she wanted to appear on the L Word. See Anna didn’t make a big deal out of her attraction to women, she didn’t wave a flag of Bisexuality merely to garner fans like Anna Paquin or Megan Fox do.

I even watched her reality show, thinking that it certainly couldn’t be real.

After her death I started seeing the distrubing videos of her heavily drugged and in clown makeup.

I blame Howard K Stern for Anna’s Death, he is responsible because not only was he aware of her drug abuse, he most likely facllitated in the procurement of the aforementioned drugs. then in a panic he tried to claim paternity of Dannie Lynn Anna's child with Larry Burkhead, yep Howard feared he would lose access to Anna’s money. The DNA proved Burkhead to be the child’s real father. As far as I am concerned Dani Lynn should never meet Howard K. Stern.

The Final 24 Hours in the Life of Anna Nicole Smith:

Anna Nicole Smith - Final 24: Her Final Hours by MVDfilm

Yes, Anna Liked The Ladies

Anna Back In The Day:

Vickie Lynn Hogan sits on Sandi Powlege's lap during their "first date" at The Hill, a bar on Kuykendahl, in Houston, in 1991. Photo: Courtesy Sandi Powlege. Vickie Lynn Liked COUGARS!

Sandi Powledge was the furthest thing from glamour — unpretentious, grounded, fun-loving and real.

They met in a gay bar in northwest Harris County in 1991 and would become lovers. It was an exhilarating time.

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