She Isn’t Maya….However She’ll Do


Shana [Played by actor Aeriel Miranda}  is certainly very cute as a clerk at the Rosewood Halloween Spooktacular Store. She made her first appearance in Pretty Dirty Secrets and was seen frequently throughout the second half of the Season 3.

Shana is known to listen in on people's conversations and is a member of The "B-Team".Aeriél Miranda is a Dallas, Texas native, of Cape Verdean descent [That is not Africa n American, it's an African Portuguese mix]. Cape Verdeans have a very strong sense of identity.

 Aeriél's profound passion for theatre, television and film was inspired by her grandmother who exposed her to a variety of works growing up that Her Aeriel's imagination was defined by the various movies and musicals her family immersed her in.

I can certainly see sparks developing between Shana and Emily.  Anything to get Emily away from: “Crazy Eyes” Paige.

It's not that I solely want to see Emily mwith a person of color either, but the chemistry between the actors Bianca Lawson and Shay Mitchell was so natural (Probably the result of Bianca Lwason being 32 years old in real life) and so magnetic that like other "Emaya" fans I wanted to see more and was disapponted at Maya's demise. 

Besides I am sick of the way white girls flood the popular lesbian sites and always vote the a character down if she isn't white or Asian or Hispanic [Or in other words if she has any African lineage.] Remember the racist Tweets that accompanied the Hunger Games? Remember: "Shag Marry or Dump?

So maybe my little blog won't get much traction but I will write the truth as I see it.


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