Umm Yeah----

In all fairness I am not that upset over Paula Deen’s remarks about the gentleman “Hollis” [who if you had seen the


complete video, is really, really, really dark]  

[Paula Deen (right) with Hollis Johnson]


What I am perturbed by is her excuse that she is from another era. This B*tch wasn’t born in the 1700’s she was born in the 20th Century just like the majority of us were.


 I always knew there was something about Dean that rubbed me the wrong way.

It’s absolutely astounding the way the U.S. is charging backwards. If I visit online polls, I will invariably see that fictional characters of color rating down. If I visit YouTube white teens are losing their minds over nonexistent “White Genocide.”

All of this insanity merely because America had the audacity to elect and more importantly re-elect  a president who is biracial. Whew

FYI: Lisa T. Jackson who filed the original charges against Deen is Caucasian.



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