Back To Life (As I Know It)

And so it goes...I for one will be happy to resume watching Chicago Fire.  Hey I can't wait for Shay's Lesbian night at Molly's to Happen.

As far as the Winter Olympics are concerned, the video above pretty much is all I have watched of it and as you see there is NOTHING streaming (at least on my end.)

 No offense but my teens and 20's are far behind me, so I am not really interested in what these kids are doing because barring catastrophic injury/disability and with dogged determination and training, this is what teens and 20 year olds are supposed to be doing (not necessarily being Olympians, but being active and alive!). 

Let me try to make this clearer: If your parents afforded you skating lessons as a child and you spent your ENTIRE life in pursuit of Olympic medals then you should be proficient at your craft.This is what they do.  I'd be more interested if a 47 year old did the Half Pike, that would be impressive.

Not to take away from the touching moments such as:
KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia -- Double gold medalist Tina Maze of Slovenia says the Sochi Olympics will be her final Winter Games.

The 30-year-old Maze, who tied for victory in the women's downhill and won the giant slalom, says "this is my last Olympics. This is it."

Heck her life is just starting and so for her to have to retire because she is physically not on par with her mcontemporaries is indicative that this is a child's Olympics for the most part.

Then there was the whole anti LGBT thing and wouldn't you know that RT/America (RT, previously known as Russia Today, is an international multilingual Russian-based television network. It is registered as an autonomous non-profit organization funded by the federal budget of Russia through the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.) aired it's finger pointing propaganda machine at the U.S.A for the recent Legislative actions in Kansas and Arizona concerning businesses having the right to refuse LGBT on the grounds of it going against their belief system.The one this that the powers that e in Russia mand dismissing is the fact that if the Supreme Court is the Supreme Court that I grew up with , it will see these measures as unconstitutional and obstructionist.  The  forefathers said that: "A Nation Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand."

The Republican and TeaPartiers should have been the ones to go to Sochi.


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