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I am so disappointed that the writers of Mistresses and Rookie Blue has F*cked it’s lesbian fans Big Time and continues to pour salt in my wounds.

Profoundly Human



So Laura Prepon won’t stick around for the 2nd season of Orange Is The New Black? Well at least not beyond a few episodes. That’s Okay, I’m all for momentum.


Besides Piper is only in the slammer for a little while longer and since Alex (Prepon) wasn’t the star of the series then she should move on.


Since I’m not a Scientologist I don’t know how much the church’s homophobia played into her decision, or whether she portrayed Alex  just to keep her face in the media and get  a paycheck,  because aren’t most religions with heterosexual male leaders homophobic?


Who do I wish to see as the newest inmate at Prison?

Why Not:


Back Story:

Jessica Biel as “Rocky” : Remember how in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Erin (Jessica Biel) watched over the kidnapped baby in a highchair? When Henrietta walks outside to join Luda May and Sheriff Hoyt, who are talking to the truck driver, Erin snuck the baby out of the eatery and placed her in the sheriff's car and hot-wires it. Hoyt notices her and tries to stop her, but she runs him down and runs him over repeatedly until he is dead. Thus landing her in prison for premeditated murder and kidnapping an already kidnapped baby! 


Zoe Saldana “Marta” as Crazy Eyes Reluctant New LOVE Interest

In the movie Colunbiana, a young woman witnesses her parents' murder and, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. Isn’t that enough to land her ass in prison, where she meets crazy eyes? Will Marta and Crazy Eyes hook up? Hell Crazy people need love too.


Melissa McCarthy as “Lucky” a foul-mouthed "Grifter" who has pulled one too many Ponzi Schemes.

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Not Meeting My Needs.

Our Basic Human Needs Consist Of:

1. Biological and Physiological needs - air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep.

2. Safety needs - protection from elements, security, order, law, limits, stability.

Number 3 is Very Important in the Context of Lesbian Representation

3. Social Needs - Belongingness and Love, - work group, family, affection, relationships.

Why is #3 "Very Important"? Because every human seeks acceptance that is reflected in the eyes of their peers.

I am writing this specifically  in the context of Thursday's Episodes 10: Best Laid Plans.
Every person seeks to view a representation of self in some context when the watch a television show. It's our ability to understand and "Empathize" with the characters that makes the media entertaining.
Which is why the Holly and Gail story arc is leaving a huge void for lesbian fans of the series.  What is the point of introducing a lesbian character, while hinting at the possibility of an onscreen romance, then dropping the ball?
Writing lesbian characters is not difficult when one remembers that we act like everyone else.  I am tired of waiting entire episodes only to see Holly appear, literally in the final few moments of the episode.

In fact Lesbian viewers like myself who are fans of this couple repeatedly have had to wait until the final few scenes of the past two episodes to even get a glimpse of Holly and Gail together. 


Playing Baseball Ep 9: At least they held a short conversation.


What Happened To Our BEST Summer Of TV Lesbian Romance?

 I was psyched when I heard about the lesbian coupling on ABC’s: Mistresses.

Unfortunately and inevitably, Lesbian viewers are ONCE AGAIN disappointed by writers who just can’t seem to get their act together enough to write a decent heterosexual story arc, much less a compelling lesbian story arc.

Really Mistresses? Really?

Isn’t it bad enough that lesbian viewers are subjected to that unfunny quasi Caitlin doppleganger Joss, but to deny us interaction beteen Joss and Alex for FOUR weeks is egregious (Remember last time we saw Joss and Alex  was 3 weeks ago when Joss told Alex that she wanted a relationship and in the most recent episode there is no Alex, making it four weeks.

Now I see in the latest preview for next week’s episode that Alex is going to accuse Joss of breaking their date (which Joss did in order to help her boss secure a new client) to sleep with him ()Which she didn’t).

But here’s the thing (Because there is always a “Thing”)’

Four weeks ago Alex told Joss she couldn’t go on because she developed feelings for the woman and needed more. Joss sought the advice of a heterosexual male and decided that she would be in a relationship with Alex.  In fact she more or less promised to be the “Best Girlfriend EVER.

So what happens next? I see a clip of Alex confronting Joss about : Cancelling their Date Night in order to sleep with her boss!

It’s quite plausible that Alex would believe such a scenario, given the way that Joss has ignored her since pledging to become the BEST Girlfriend Ever, 3 WEEKS AGO.

The REAL Lovelace?


1 posts     Excellent Movie
    "I think it will win awards. It is a slow watch and there is no doubt she struggled through a horrible life, but I almost want to say it is about as close to the female version of Boogie Nights! as we're going to get. That said it is a very sad film that shows how women were and probably to extent still are treated in the porn industrious. Wonderful cast with cameos everywhere. . Seyfreid put on a wonderful performance in my opinion, definitely worth a watch, but would recommend at a time when you are wide awake and in the mood for a serious dark drama".


Linda LovelaceOver the weekend, I watched the movie: Lovelace, starring Amanda Seyfreid.

Beginning with one of the most memorable soundtracks featuring music from the 1970s:

I didn’t become a fan of the 1970s until the 2000s.

Testing Mode In Progress

Since I am the sole proprietor of 2 blogs, I cannot write posts and learn how to edit the new Responsive Templates simultaneously.  am sure that you've noticed how my blog template keeps changing, I am seeking not only the right template but also learning how ro use a XML editor.

I wonder why they now refer to these templates as "Responsive"? Aren't they the same as dynamic templates?

Late To The Ball

Ding...Ding..Ding…We Have A Winner ….

I’ve taken a break from the Pseudo/Quasi or Sub Textual Lesbian Story Arcs on Cable TV.


I am not watching PLL or R&I, or even the The Fosters [I confess that I never even started].  However I am watching the developing Lesbian Story Arc between Gail and Holly and maybe just maybe I’ll pick up the Alex and Joss story when Mistresses returns.



Right now though I am “Feelin” the Holly and Gail vibe on Rookie Blue and Gail is cute as she does the typical hetero thing of delving into deeper waters without a life preserver, not knowing if she’ll drown.


Just as I felt ready to slap my television, an intelligent lesbian appears. Sure, Holly can make corny jokes just like Joss does. But the difference between the two women is that Joss ALWAYS seems to make jokes, and even when she does exhibit her expertise in real estate it appears that she uses her sex appeal to acheive success.


My personal bias is readily apparent. Beauty and Brains but if both aren't available then Brains comes out on top so to speak. For instance Gail coming across Holly acting as the coat girl at the wedding was for me adorable. It's that free thinking demeanor that someone clued the writers in on, that makes Holly so appealing.

Ep: 8 1st Kiss

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I CAN’T Wait To See This Movie

Remember when Diana's affair with  Dodi al Fayed rocked the British throne? The movie Diana details the late princess' first more serious romance with Pakistani Doctor: Hasnat Khan and you know that the monarchy was not pleased with one brown guy much less two: Dodi was the "RE-Bound" romance?!


So you just know that the Queen probably said: "Diana Must Be Put Down."

My younger readers would probably prefer that I wouldn't address the implications of race in society. But race is a factor in life as we have seen  with Prince Albert of Monaco impregnating African and Caribbean black women, but making a white woman his wife. It's all about restricting access to wealth.

Princess Diana Dr Hasnat Khan
A new film focuses on Princess Diana’s doomed relationship with her surgeon lover, Dr. Hasnat Khan. It would be her final romance before her death in 1997. PNG Archive

The Family Portrait That was Never Meant To be:

Diana. Dodi and son.


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In Another Life

No Special Rights For Gun Owners

Attorney Malik Shabazz made very good comments about the Trayvon Martin case although as a biracial person I cannot justify referring to the white members oif my family as “White-Devils.” 

Hmmmm, Hillbilly’s? Well Maybe…Shut Up, You don’t know my family.

In my previous post (below) I wrote that Trayvon “Stood His Ground.” I had been sayinmg that ever since the verdict and I even mentioned it to an attorney. Well maybe my point will get some traction now tht Jay-Z is on board.

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3 Weeks…ABC Expects Me To Wait 3 Weeks?

For What?  To  continue watching that crappy lesbian story arc on Mistresses with a clueless Joss and smart Alex? ARE THEY SERIOUS?!


I am over Joss and her unfunny ways, in addition to watching rehashed, unaired ripped off scripts courtesy of Cashmere Mafia.

When someone constantly uses humor inappropriately it becomes unfunny and is a sign of emotional immaturity. I know because when I was younger I was once so insecure  I also tried to make people laugh to ease my discomfort in social situations.

Caitlin and Joss are the same woman!:

Maybe some of the readers remember how that other Lesbian Pop Culture site used to proclaim it’s “Inside Exclusives” like tibits from Cashmere Mafia creator Darren Starr.One such tidbit was showing Alicia and Caitlin in bed together. He never claimed that they were doing anything sexual but that the viewers would see them together and a bed.

So in ep 7 or 8 we see Joss leaping out of bed during her and Alex’s movie night to rush to her friend’s house.

In ep.  9 we have Joss ready to run to Brazil with her absentee mother and assuming that Alex will be supportive? Lucky for Joss that she won’t have that opportunity because she needs to spend as much time doing Er, I mean canoodling with Alex as she can. Considering that Alex is probably going to dump Joss as soon as Sallie [Sp] and her new girlfriend Story (Like a bedtime Story) break up.

Unless Joss does the typical predictable Bisexual thing and sleeps with her male boss.

vlcsnap-2013-08-05-14h26m45s158 vlcsnap-2013-08-05-14h27m16s86

Which would be expected since Caitlin did the same thing to Alicia on Cashmere Mafia when Caitlin met that guy at the baby shower. If you haven’t already guessed: I absolutely no longer expect originality in scripted television. But maybe Joss will try to be a virtuous and committed woman to Alex.

Here’s The "Thing", Because There Always Has To Be A Thing.

We all know how insecure males can be and since television executives are disproportionately male, well it goes without writing that Joss’ affinity for women will be short lived. See some men believe that they will have to be included at some point.


So what could be more expected than turning the old adage: “You’re a lesbian because a man hurt you” on its head to: “A woman hurt you and now you’re straight (again)!”

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In Context…The Death of Trayvon Martin

I’m not a fan of The NBPP (The New Black Panthers) in fact I was convinced that they were a creation of FOX News. 

But this may change my mind: The man is an attorney after all.

I am disturbed by the Trayvon Martin Case. My unease stems from the fact that it was deemed that the case wasn't based on race. See technically George Zimmerman didn't spot Trayvon and think: "Oh a black kid, I Hate blacks." At least that's what the defense was alledging in their steadfast denial concerning the implications of race. But the implications concerning Race are much more insidious.

  There is a long stretch of the video where not much happens. It's unedited to preserve real time both a) for evidenciary purposes - it establishes that traffic inside RATL was minimal that evening other than Zimmerman's driving around, and the uploader didn't want to be accused of editing anything out :-), and b) I want to provide viewers the opportunity to feel just how long Trayvon Martin was standing under the mailbox awning before Zimmerman showed up, to understand just far fetched some of Zimmerman's claims are in terms of the passage of time.

Don’t You Just Love It?

Aliyah O'Brien

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110517141719/sanctuary/images/thumb/1/16/Aliyah_obrien.jpg/180px-Aliyah_obrien.jpgOh yeah! I don’t know anyone whose Gaydar didn’t pick up the moment they saw Holly the forensic pathologist.

Rookie  Blue [see photo Below].

O’Brien plays Holly: A forensic pathologist on Rookie Blue who happensa to be a Lesbian. Woah talk about an explosion of lesbians on television


“We are really looking for the right way to introduce or explore a gay/lesbian story line or character and we’re trying very hard to do that the right way and to do it thoughtfully and organically. It’s definitely on our list for this season as something we want to try and do right.”


Good Choice in casting such a hottie like  Aliyah O’Brien who doesn’t mind kissing girls.


She is very, very pretty folks and her look is decidedly ethnically ambiguous.

Aliyah O'Brien as Holly

The show: Rookie Blue has grown on me over the past couple of years. In fact this is the first season that I started watching fro the season premier, so when episode 7 aired and I saw Aliyah at the crime scene I could tell that the custume department did their job well as all I could think was: Who is this lesbian?”

Be sure to catch all 6 episodes featuring Aliyah O'Brien on ABC's Rookie Blue:
"Rookie Blue" (6 episodes )
  1. For Better, for Worse (8 August 2013) - Holly 
  2. What I Lost (15 August 2013) - Holly  
  3. You Are Here (22 August 2013) - Holly  
  4. Under Fire (5 September 2013) - Holly  
  5. You Can See the Stars (12 September 2013) - Holly  
  6. Deception (30 September 2013) - Holly  


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