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Urban Sapphic’s Media Site only permanently stores movies that I think are classic to the role of women in film as primary characters (well at least for the most part). Columbiana is brought to you by Europa Films, the same company that gave you Haute Tension/High Tension/Switchblade Romance.

That’s why movies are rarely changed. When I find something worthy I add it to the Vault. Like:

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Okay How Fucking Pumped Am I? Not to mention the little girl kind of looks like I did as a child (especially sitting at the kitchen table wearing a parochial school uniform).  However, rest assured that I did not grow up to look like Zoe Saldana (tho’ I ain’t hard on the eyes either).


Annywho I am all into women as action hero/villain! Like in this concept trailer I discovered from a screenwriter.


Rightward Tilt Leaves Obama With Party Rift

“billy bob 2011-07-31 12:48

A few weeks ago Obama asked TEApublipunks not to "call his bluff".
Maybe if he'd STOP BLUFFING, they'd stop calling him on it.
He's not scared enough of his own party, and right now, he's calling our bluff.”

When Obama loses his 2012 re-election bid he will see our wrath. Punk Ass Bitch

President Barack Obama at the White House, 07/29/11. (photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)
President Barack Obama at the White House, 07/29/11. (photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Editor’s NOTE: Once again President Obama bends over to take a big stiff one up the ass.

By Jackie Calmes, The New York Times

31 July 11

owever the debt limit showdown ends, one thing is clear: under pressure from Congressional Republicans, President Obama has moved rightward on budget policy, deepening a rift within his party heading into the next election.

Entering a campaign that is shaping up as an epic clash over the parties' divergent views on the size and role of the federal government, Republicans have changed the terms of the national debate. Mr. Obama, seeking to appeal to the broad swath of independent voters, has adopted the Republicans' language and in some cases their policies, while signaling a willingness to break with liberals on some issues.

That has some progressive members of Congress and liberal groups arguing that by not fighting for more stimulus spending, Mr. Obama could be left with an economy still producing so few jobs by Election Day that his re-election could be threatened. Besides turning off independents, Mr. Obama risks alienating Democratic voters already disappointed by his escalation of the war in Afghanistan and his failure to close the Guantánamo Bay prison, end the Bush-era tax cuts and enact a government-run health insurance system.

"The activist liberal base will support Obama because they're terrified of the right wing," said Robert L. Borosage, co-director of the liberal group Campaign for America's Future.

But he said, "I believe that the voting base of the Democratic Party - young people, single women, African-Americans, Latinos - are going to be so discouraged by this economy and so dismayed unless the president starts to champion a jobs program and take on the Republican Congress that the ability of labor to turn out its vote, the ability of activists to mobilize that vote, is going to be dramatically reduced."

While Mr. Obama and Republicans have been unable to agree on a debt reduction plan for spending cuts and revenue increases to cut $4 trillion in the first decade, on Saturday they were negotiating a deal with fewer spending cuts that would ensure the government's debt ceiling would be increased into 2013 to avoid another deadlock in the heat of campaign season.

No matter how the immediate issue is resolved, Mr. Obama, in his failed effort for greater deficit reduction, has put on the table far more in reductions for future years' spending, including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, than he did in new revenue from the wealthy and corporations. He proposed fewer cuts in military spending and more in health care than a bipartisan Senate group that includes one of the chamber's most conservative Republicans.

To win approval of the essential increase in the nation's $14.3 trillion borrowing ceiling, Mr. Obama sought more in deficit reduction than Republicans did, and with fewer changes to the entitlement programs, because he was willing to raise additional revenue starting in 2013 and they were not. And despite unemployment lingering at its highest level in decades, Mr. Obama has not fought this year for a big jobs program with billions of dollars for public-works projects, which liberals in his party have clamored for. Instead, he wants to extend a temporary payroll tax cut for everyone, since Republicans will support tax cuts, despite studies showing that spending programs are generally the more effective stimulus.

Even before last November's election gave the Republicans control of the House, Mr. Obama had said he would pivot to deficit reduction after two years of stimulus measures intended first to rescue the economy and then to spur a recovery from the near collapse of the financial system. With Republicans' gains in the midterm elections, that pivot became a lurch. Yet Congressional Republicans say Mr. Obama seeks a debt limit increase as "a blank check" to keep spending.

"The Republicans won, and they don't know how to accept victory," said Robert D. Reischauer, a former director of the Congressional Budget Office.

In his budget proposal in January, Mr. Obama declined to suggest a plan along the lines proposed by a majority of his bipartisan fiscal commission, which in December recommended $4 trillion in savings over 10 years through cuts in military and domestic programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, and a tax code overhaul to lower rates while also raising more revenue.

Even though Mr. Obama was widely criticized, administration officials said at the time that to have embraced that approach then would have put him too far to the right - where he ultimately wanted to end up in any compromise with Republicans, not where he wanted to start.

But by this month, in ultimately unsuccessful talks with Speaker John A. Boehner, Mr. Obama tentatively agreed to a plan that was farther to the right than that of the majority of the fiscal commission and a bipartisan group of senators, the so-called Gang of Six. It also included a slow rise in the Medicare eligibility age to 67 from 65, and, after 2015, a change in the formula for Social Security cost-of-living adjustments long sought by economists.

"He's accommodated himself to the new reality in Washington," said Tom Davis, a former House Republican leader from Virginia. "That's what leaders do."

But Congressional Democrats and liberal groups objected.

"The president's proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare has the potential to sap the energy of the Democratic base - among older voters because of Medicare and Medicaid and younger voters because of the lack of jobs," said Damon A. Silvers, policy director of the AFL-CIO. "And second, all these fiscal austerity proposals on the table will make the economy worse."

Mr. Obama's situation has parallels with the mid-1990s, when President Bill Clinton shifted to the center after Republicans took Congress and battled them on deficit reduction and a welfare overhaul. Many Democrats were angered by his concessions, by a sense of being left out of negotiations and by a fear of alienating Democratic voters. Mr. Clinton was re-elected in 1996.

But Mr. Obama is likely to face the voters with a weaker economy and higher unemployment than during Mr. Clinton's era. Still, his advisers express confidence that voters will reward Mr. Obama either for winning a bipartisan deal, if that were to happen, or for at least having a more balanced approach that does not remake Medicare and Medicaid and asks for more revenue from the wealthy. And they suggest another potential parallel with the Clinton years of divided government: that Republicans risk a voter backlash with their uncompromising stands.

"Democrats created Social Security and Medicare, and we have fought for decades against Republican attempts to end these programs," said Dan Pfeiffer, Mr. Obama's communications director. "And President Obama believes that now is the time for Democrats to be the ones to step up and save Social Security and Medicare."

Mark Mellman, a Democratic pollster, said polling data showed that at this point in his term, Mr. Obama, compared with past Democratic presidents, was doing as well or better with Democratic voters. "Whatever qualms or questions they may have about this policy or that policy, at the end of the day the one thing they're absolutely certain of - they're going to hate these Republican candidates," Mr. Mellman said. "So I'm not honestly all that worried about a solid or enthusiastic base."

“The guy is a fucking wimp ass.”

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Binyamin Appelbaum contributed reporting.

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready) LIVE @ AOL Sessions

Women In Love (Your Touch)

Let’s Check This OUT

So it’s not Mila Kunis going down on Natalie Portman, and NO I am NOT turned on by Justin Tumbleweed. However I do like Mila Kunis.


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Watch Part One


Watch Part Two

'Pretty Little Liars': Bianca Lawson returns as Maya

http://static.wetpaint.me/pll/ROOT/photos/Bianca%20head%20shot%202.jpgNo one  can  stay at juvie camp forever.

Bianca Lawson is  back after she left the show in Season 1 when her character Maya was sent to juvie camp.on "Pretty Little Liars." Much to the joy of many white American teens who didn’t like her paired with Emily.

Lawson will make her triumphant return in episode 11, which is being directed by Norman Buckley. Buckley posted a picture of emily-maya-pll.jpgLawson on his Twitter account with the caption: "Back in Rosewood."

Emily (Shay Mitchell) will be in a full-blown love triangle when Maya returns as she's been spending a lot of time with Samara since Maya left town. Wonder if juvie camp changed Maya and how she'll interact with Emily after being away for so long.

I for one want to see Maya and Emily back together, she was the most mature thing in Emily’s life and if you haven’t noticed: Emily has picked up some of Paige’s neurotic jealousy.

Real People Don't Have Time to Feud on Social Media

Except for the following  what else can be written? Maybe  in the future when confronted by a similar conundrum you can defend your position in a cogent and articulate manner.  However if you are 12 then you can either Recap it or create another animated GIF from the land of non existent lesbian story arcs Grand Rapids. Either Way I’m done.

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Remember when homosexual women used to be called “Lesbians”?

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See Dorothy? This is what a REAL lesbian story arc on a television show looks like.

From HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Lesbian Storyline in "Boardwalk

Empire" - Angela & Mary

You are saved tons of time because there's a real lesbian sub story! you don’t have to imagine that a Republican who votes to destroy the lives of lesbians is a lesbian, just because she’s hot. If your complaining because there aren’t more lesbian story arcs on television, then why don’t you campaign for more? The networks aren’t going to give viewers what they want if all you do is figuratively say: No lesbian story arcs? That’s Okay I’ll make up my own.

That’s NOT a real life approach to solving the problem of the lack of lesbian representation on television.

Heir Apparent

The heir apparent to Amy Winehouse is NOT Adele. It is Joss Stone Britain’s Queen of “Blue Eyed Soul”. Basically there is no heir to Weinhouse, Stone retains her #1 position and also fills the void Amy left. You gotta admit those British babes can “SANG!” (Lisa Stansfield, Joss Stone,, Amy Winehouse, Adele) to name but a few.

As for me, well I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of her newest work which was released in the U.S. July 27, 2011.

text describing the image

Stone’s raw, earthy and sultry voice clearly puts her miles ahead of Adele and so far so good in that we’ve not seen drama generated by substance abuse.

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UPDATE: Regrets...

UPDATE: Will Romi regret dumping Kelsey? I was on Romi's Twitter feed for a couple of days and all I am wondering is: Why all the "I Love You"'s to Kelsey? I thought thst they had broken up but Romi's twitter feed appears virtually dedicated exclusively to Kelsey. Me thinks th viewers have been duped once again. Maybe Kelsey has mad skills or is not a drinkard in real life: Being a drunkard should be a major deal breaker.

Original Post.

Despite Kelsey’s alcohol induced delusion that Romi will regret kicking Kelsey to the curb, I see no regrets.

The woman is seemingly incapable of facial expressions.
Buh Bye...Seriously will you go away already?
I mean After-All it’s ROMI! Jesus Christ Look at Her!
Even when she’s crying you just want to comfort her.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything here. Remember this is a blog for ADULT lesbians, and in typical alcoholic behavior Kelsey tried to guilt trip Romi into believing that she was selfish merely because she took her own best interests into consideration. That’s what substance abusers do! They make their addiction YOUR fault. If YOU weren’t so selfish, controlling, unsupportive then you would clearly see that YOUR the one with the problem, not them.

I mean let’s not mention the fact that Kelsey couldn’t go an episode and a half without catching an attitude because she wants to drink.

See ladies I don’t drink, it’s by choice. Oh I can if I wanted to but I have no desire to drink just to get buzzed. I did when I was in college but those days are over.

I will confess that I like fancy drinks but I’m content with having the non alcohol version of a specialty drink like an Apple-tini or Cape Cod. Alcohol has waaay too many calories .
But back to Romi, Hot Damn! That woman is FOINE.
But NOT with Whitney!


Finally Romi is the “Perfect” bottom, who can be my "Pillow Queen" anytime.

Why is it the producers intent to give us cast members each season that we don’t want?

Isn’t tolerating Whitney ENOUGH?!

Hello Norway: Hei til mine venner i Norge

Thanks for Visiting My Blog, I Send You My Deepest Condolences and I Wish Peace to ALL of the Citizens of Norway.





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Enjoy, No I’m not gonna’ name ALL the movies, there is: Thelma and Louise, BOUND, Victor Victoria, Imagine Ma and You, Dazed and Confused etc.


Norway Killer’s Hatred of Women

Written by daily beast | 26 July 2011

Editor’s NOTE: “Racism," “Sexism” and “Homophobia” are interrelated. Always connected.

Conservatives worried about the Islamization of Europe often blame feminism for weakening Western societies and opening them up to a Muslim demographic invasion. Mark Steyn’s bestselling America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It predicted the demise of “European races too self-absorbed to breed,” leading to the transformation of Europe into Eurabia. “In their bizarre prioritization of ‘a woman’s right to choose,’” he argued, “feminists have helped ensure that European women will end their days in a culture that doesn’t accord women the right to choose anything.”

This neat rhetorical trick—an attack on feminism coupled with purported concern about Muslim fundamentalist misogyny—is repeated again and again in Islamophobic literature. Now it’s reached its apogee in mass murdererAnders Behring Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto, “2083: A European Declaration of Independence.” Rarely has the connection between sexual anxiety and right-wing nationalism been made quite so clear. Indeed, Breivik’s hatred of women rivals his hatred of Islam, and is intimately linked to it. Some reports have suggested that during his rampage on Utoya, he targeted the most beautiful girl first. This was about sex even more than religion.

Breivik describes himself as a disaffected product of the Norwegian liberal political elite, furious at the way sexual instability has affected his own life. His father was a diplomat, stationed first in London and then in Paris. His parents divorced when he was a year old, after which his feminist mother married a Norwegian army captain, and his father wed a fellow diplomat who Breivik calls a “moderate cultural Marxist and feminist.” Though he describes his stepfather as somewhat conservative, he nevertheless complains of a “super-liberal, matriarchal upbringing,” which he says has “contributed to feminise me to a certain degree.”

A terror of feminization haunts his bizarre document. “The female manipulation of males has been institutionalised during the last decades and is a partial cause of the feminisation of men in Europe,” he writes. He blames empowered women for his own isolation, saying that he recoils from the “destructive and suicidal Sex and the City lifestyle (modern feminism, sexual revolution) … In that setting, men are not men anymore, but metro sexual and emotional beings that are there to serve the purpose as a never-criticising soul mate to the new age feminist woman goddess.”

A picture of Anders Behring Breivik taken from a book, downloaded from a link posted on the Norwegian discussion website www.freak.no, and titled "2083—A European Declaration of Independence." The book is signed by Andrew Berwick; the author says within the document that Andrew Berwick is an Anglicized version of Anders Breivik, Reuters



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Let The Games Begin.....

Super Big Thanks To Dana for hipping me to: Head In The Clouds, starring Charlize Theron and Peneolpe Cruz

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS [2004] is a sweeping romantic drama set in 1930's England, Paris, and Spain. Gilda Bessé shares her Paris apartment with an Irish schoolteacher, Guy Malyon, and Mia, a refugee from Spain. As the world drifts toward war, Gilda defiantly pursues her hedonistic lifestyle and her burgeoning career as a photographer. But Guy and Mia feel impelled to join the fight against fascism, and the three friends are separated - seemingly forever.

FINALLY: Michele Bachmann's Gay Lovers Speak Out!


Uploaded by jentullock on Jul 23, 2011

Anti-gay, shmanti-gay.


MacDonald Sings at First Gay Marriage In New York Making Her, A Sistah After My Own Heart

Audra MacDonald  played Dr.Naomi Bennett on ABC’s Private Practice.


“How Can Two People, who love each other and want to raise a family be a bad thing?” Sic Broadway and Television actress Audra MacDonald

McDonald sang at the first gay marriage in New York. “Gonna sing at the celebration of the first gay marriage officiated by Mayor Bloomberg this weekend,” said McDonald via Twitter. “So honored and excited!”

Other members of the Broadway community celebrating will be Tony Award nominee Rory O’Malley along with Broadway Impact and the cast of Hair. O’Malley recently announced that in celebration of New York State’s landmark marriage equality legislation, same-sex couples from the Broadway community will gather at the St. James Theatre following the evening performance of Hair to be among the first couples legally wed in NY.

This is what I love to see.  In the area I live in African Americans are too busy strangling themselves with their own “Bible Belts,” too busy introducing marriage equality bills only to ultimately vote against the very bill they introduced. Basically too busy acting ignorant and self absorbed.

- Michael C. Gioia

Who’s That Porn Star? Well Retired Porn Star


On a post below I wrote about how I was influenced to write screenplays by Steven Soderbergh after watching his masterpiece Solaris. “Anywho” the man is fucking magic, do you understand? He literally has the goddamn Midas touch.

Sasha Grey caught Soderbergh’s eye and in 2008 she was cast in: “The Girlfriend Experience” directed [But NOT written] by Steven Soderbergh catapulting her in Hollywood legitimacy, something rarely accomplished by porn actresses. Unfortunately Grey is still playing a sex worker. So keep that in mind daughter of Lawrence Fishburn, your missed the boat.

Here is Sasha Grey in an episode from last season’s Entourage, the HBO series where she played Vincent Chase’s girlfriend. Here’s  the thing: It’s not been that easy for Grey to transfer to legitimate acting from pornography.  As you see in this episode, even though Soderbergh decided to give her an opportunity she still hasn’t escaped the “porn star” stigma.Even though actors often use the “casting couch” to advance their acting careers. It is still frowned jupon in Hollywood to blatantly engage in real sex onscreen.

Oh you KNOW he is fucking guilty of sexual assault

This is Nafissatou Diallo, who accused former IMF President Dominque Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault, resulting in her  credibility being questioned by Strauss-Kahn's lawyers and prosecutors, spoke to Newsweek magazine for an article posted on its website Sunday. She also conducted an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC News, which is set to air Monday on "Good Morning America."

She’s Pretty! So You KNOW that this French man with his colonialist mindset most likely looked at this black woman as one of the perks of his powerful position, it’s Prince Albert of Monaco revisited but in a more tawdry and criminal manner [If you don’t know what I mean, then you’re probably not intelligent enough to be reading this blog]. Besides he has a dick doesn’t he?  How many blog posts do I have to write chronicling the pathology of males and their penises?

In an interview conducted at her lawyer's office in New York City, Diallo told Newsweek that Strauss-Kahn was naked when he slammed the door shut to his luxury hotel room, forced himself upon her and tried to make her perform oral sex on him.

In addition a white woman has come forward with similar claims of the same thing happening yeas prior.


Writer Tristane Banon's filing a complaint accusing Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape in France, stemming from an alleged 2003 incident in Paris. She was convinced at the time to not press charges [a huge mistake].


‘Right Wing Nuts’ are Destroying the Global Economy

Tea-publicans and the Know-Nothing recycled: The Tea Party paints itself as something new in American politics: it is not. United States' history has always harbored such movements. Not really a political party despite its funding Teapublicans by corporate sources and promotion by partisan TV commentators, the Tea Party is a special interest group controlling the direction of the Republican Party; call it the "Tea-publican Party."

This is what happens when “un” and “under” educated people are given power, these stupid, stupid, stupid motherfuckers destroy the Legacy of “America”and everything else! Why? Well they have NO consciousness of the consequences of their actions.  They are like little children who ignore warnings not to play with fire, but they aren’t satisfied until they are severely burned.

Secondly they are blindly being led by a  television show that egregiously promotes LIES as “news”, a TV host suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and a drug addicted radio personality whose political experience is nil and ALL of whose academic standing is negligible.

“What does everyone else around the world think about the ridiculous debt debate going on in Washington?”

Speaking to the BBC today, British Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

"The irony of the situation at the moment, with markets opening tomorrow morning, is that the biggest threat to the world financial system comes from a few right-wing nutters in the American congress rather than the euro zone."

All of the .U.S’s European hating by redneck American idiots and their asinine supporters of color only serves to reinforce the distaste, distrust and hatred directed at the United States. The GREATEST threat to the United States is NOT Al Qaeda or Muslims. The greatest threat to the U.S. is derived from the Teabaggin uneducated Republicans who were lead to believe that they actually knew what was best for this country by individuals whose sole goal is to oust a president of color.

In addition John Boehner, who spends more time crying and giving a false impression that he cares about America is too busy being bitch  slapped by newly elected Teapublicans to actually lead (even though that prick has been in Washington long enough to know the consequences of what will happen if default occurs) one would assume that he would instruct the newly elected members of congress of the direness of this default situation.  However Boehner is too busy kowtowing to Eric Kantor or being afraid that his own political career will be affected.

John Boehner is another aging relic from Washington's Reagan-era College Republican set whose high school thought dominates an entire national political party unable to qualify the expiration of an array of tax cuts as a "tax increase." Which is sad.

The TEApublican LIE:



Congress, and its puppets in the media have not stated in words that they are trying to destroy America, but actions speak louder than words.

Congress, you are continuing down the path of destroying America. Please realize that we do not need you in our lives as much as you think we do. You are “sucking the oxygen” out of America. Enough is Enough……!


Maira Garcia (R) and Maria Varga X560 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COM
Maria Garcia (right) and Maria Vargas wait on line to get married at the Brooklyn City Clerk's office on July 24, 2011

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Breaking News: Amy Winehouse is dead

    SINGER Amy Winehouse has died today.


    The 27-year-old was found dead in her flat in Camden Square in North London. Police have confirmed the death which they said they were treating as "unexplained". Winehouse was as famous for her personal troubles as she was her singing talents. The cause of death is unknown at this stage, however she had spent a number of years battling drug and alcohol addiction.

    Last week, Winehouse appeared at a performance by her teenage goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield.

    Her debut album 'Frank' was released in 2003 and was nominated for a Mercury Award. Winehouse herself won an Ivor Novello the following year.

    It was the 2006 follow-up album Back to Black that catapulted her to popular acclaim. The first single from the album was Rehab, about how people tried to encourage her to go in to rehabilitation for her addictions.


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    Here’s the fucked up thing about selling your soul to a male oriented organization: You no longer have autonomy and become a whim to placate your owner.  I mean WTF?!
    Ihttp://mayazankoul.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/give-me-a-break.png remember reading After Ellen YEARS prior to it being purchased by LOGO and guess what?
    Megan). I mean at least we can verify that Angelina had a same sex relationship. Now one would think that alone should give those ass backwards bitches over at After Ellen enough pause to say: “Hmm looks like Megan is exploiting lesbian interest,” and to clue in its clue-less readers.There were NO photos of pricks on that site urging readers to take their HIV meds.  There wasn’t a focus on fucking LIES such as: Megan Fox is a bisexual.  Um so where’s the goddamn woman if she is? Where is the bitch she’s fucking? All I see is Mrs. (Austin) Greene all wrapped up in her Husband Brian, and Yesss Brian Austin Green is a hunk (I’m not hating anyone except that lying but beautiful skank
    I am seriously hot and definitely NOT in the mood to read anything geared to confused 15 year olds who cannot decide between dick and pussy and who think reading fictitious subtext about episodes of Rizzoli and Isles means that there are actual lesbian storylines on that series.
    Shut The Front Door and Come The Fuck On Already! If I wrote shit like: “In my youth I had blond hair and blue eyes”, my readers would say to themselves: “This bitch harps on being a woman of color and now she claims to have been white? Well Prove It!”
    That is like all of these celebrity claims of bisexuality: PROVE It! Don’t rely on a menstrual http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_S5fVw9uW_VU/S9b6LnYCo0I/AAAAAAAAASY/501fMlrfS2I/s320/blood100608.jpgrag like After Ellen to report the truth, that site is too intent on making sure it appeases its male stock holders by alluding to the necessity or inevitability of there being a dick in every woman’s life. Hell I was the one who had to call out sycophant supreme Sarah Warn when she headed AE for leading readers to believe that Alicia and Caitlin weren’t being phased out on the Cashmere Mafia.
    Caitlin and Alicia: DOOMED Love.
    If You saw the movie Elena Undone, well for all of the directorial and sequential anachronism in the film the truest thing that director Nicole Conn did was to portray a lesbian’s reaction to the thought that she is involved with a bisexual woman. Lesbians aren’t having any of that nonsense. For one thing male to female transmission of Sexually Transmitted Disease is generally higher than lesbian to lesbian transmission (although the difference is becoming less salient over time). So who the hell wants to double the risk by sleeping with a woman who flits from partners of differing sexes?
    This is how real lesbians react to the thought of a lover being bisexual  and yes I expect the kiddies on this service to become very upset:

    My 2nd Favorite Science Fiction Movie of All Time and a special announcement.

    A metaphorical analogy to Icarus who attempted to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus ignored his father’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall to his death. The myth bears thematic resemblance to the British science fiction movie Sunshine [2007] in which an ethnically diverse crew attempts to detonate a nuclear device to regenerate the dying sun of the earth, only to be threatened by expected forces. Again without going into detail that will spoil your viewing pleasure, I liked this movie due to it’s pacing and screenplay style which is one I strive to emulate in my work.

    Michelle Yeoh http://www.theage.com.au/ffximage/2007/04/12/2_rose_byrne_070410124118099_wideweb__300x375.jpg
    Michelle Yeoh Rose Byrne

    Watch Sunshine

    Special Announcement:

    Those of you who had been privileged to read: Altered Beginning Seasons l and ll are familiar with my work. Well, I am writing again after my blowout concerning allegations of my premise being plagiarized by that god awful lesbian show that sunk under it’s own talentless weight once access to my writings was disabled.

    "Just Tell Me" (working title) by the author of "Altered Beginning" and "Altered Beginning: Triangle" is about a popular professor who returns to her hometown to rekindle a romance with the love of her perfect life, only to discover that old rivalries endure. What will she accept in the name of love when familiarity breeds contempt?

    My new work is more developed, and encompasses the range of human emotions that impact a group of diverse lesbians as they face professional, political and emotional challenges. Just Tell Me [working title] will become available as an eBook Winter 2012 for the download price: $8.99 usd

    "Just Tell Me" (working title) a novel by A.LaVera the author of "Altered Beginning" and  “Altered Beginning: Triangle”.


    Models Are Not Actors

    Previous works include:

    Altered Beginning: "Triangle" © 2006 A.LaVera

    Altered Beginning I and II© 2005-2007 A.LaVera and Dominique Riva

    "I happen to be one of those irrational persons who think that a “Story” (Sic) cannot be any good if it isn't well written."
    ERNEST LEHMAN (North by Northwest)

    "If I wanted a long, boring story with no point to it, I've got my life."
    JERRY SEINFELD (Seinfeld)

    "In dramatic writing, the very essence is character change. The character at the end is not the same as he was at the beginning. He is changed psychologically, maybe even physically."
    ROBER TOWNE (Chinatown)



    Black People, Laptops and Safe Men

    Too Fucking Funny and Stella is quite the delicious little dish.

    The #2 Best Science Fiction Movie Of ALL Time

    “On the one hand, love may connect us within a fractal autopoietic network to the infinity of the inner and outer universe, uniting us with God and His purpose in a collaboration of faith. On the other hand, love may empower us to accept our place in a vast unknowable and amoral universe to form an island of hope in a purposeless sea of indifference.” SF Girl 

    Many people don’t quite grasp the meaning of Solaris, often referring to it as a thriller, a psychological drama or pure science fiction.http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/bf/Solaris2002poster.jpg

    I love this movie for several reasons:
    1.The events are not in chronological order, therefore adding to the difficulty of understanding the movie.

    2. In the part of the movie that takes place aboard the space station, we see only two live humans: psychiatrist Chris Kelvin (George Clooney) and crew member Helen Gordon (Viola Davis).

    3. Solaris [2002] was written and directed by Stephen Soderbergh the man who influenced me into learning how to write screenplays.  Solaris is nearly perfect if not absolutely pure in its approach to the human condition in exploring the universal theme of LOVE.
    4. The pacing was so smooth, so natural that it was then I knew that I would be hooked on this movie which is replete with memorable lines.
    5. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting or interacting with Natascha McElhone like me you will forever be a fan of one of the coolest most centered women in this universe or any other.
    That’s right ladies,  what many don’t get is that Solaris is a
    “Love Story” enveloped in science fiction.  I remember almost being laughed out of a meeting when I made this statement until Stephen Soderbergh validated my claim by stating the exact same thing.

    It pains me to read reviews written by people who just don’t get it.  

    They concede that the movie is indeed a love story but are blind to the fact that Solaris is a cerebral character study  that is not only intelligent, but also of great depth and imagination that meditates on our place in the universe and the mystery of LOVE.
    This movie is a 20th Century Fox remake of the Russian movie “Solyaris.” The 2002 version evokes stylish, evocative and dream-like imagery flowed to a surrealistic soundtrack like the colors of a Salvadore Dali painting.

    I will not tell you movie plot point by plot point because that’s what every You Tube movie reviewer and teen entertainment writer does.  I will however allude to 3 words spoken by the Character Rheya (Natascha McElhone) to Dr. Chris Kelvin (Clooney) who approaches her at a party after noticing her on the subway earlier. He approaches her, they exchange smiles.  The camera is at Clooney’s back so we only see Rheya’s expression as she smiles and then drinks a shot of liquor. It is assumed that Dr. Kelvin is struggling for a conversation opener:

    Rheya Kelvin: Don't blow it. Chris Kelvin: [laughs] You start.
    Rheya Kelvin
    : I did. Chris Kelvin: Really? All right, I'm going to resist the impulse to ask you about the doorknob.
    Rheya Kelvin: Do you always resist your impulses? Chris Kelvin: Not always.
    Rheya Kelvin: Try poetry. Chris Kelvin: And death shall have no dominion...
    Rheya Kelvin: Mm, Thomas. It's not a very happy poem, though. Chris Kelvin: Well, you didn't seem very happy when I saw you on the train.
    Rheya Kelvin: [laughs] I wasn't. Chris Kelvin: And tonight?
    Rheya Kelvin: It's early.

    The two  humans [Clooney, Davis] aboard Solaris struggle to understand the nature of the alien life-form they have encountered, they receive what purports to be information from the facsimile-humans. But I don't think the viewers, can necessarily take what facsimile-humans say at face value. This is partly because the facsimile-humans' knowledge is likely to be limited, but also because they are generated by Solaris, and the planet has its own agenda.

    When I learned to write screeplays, I used this script as a template. I literally used it as a template.  I replaced the character’s dialogue with whatever dialogue to whatever story I was currently writing and tried to fit everything into the format limitations.  The Movie is 99 minutes meaning that it is approximately a little over 100 pages. So I knew that that the screenplay was good because I could actually imagine seeing the characters interact in this manner and if the story reached a respectable denouement in the time allotted.

    Yes Solaris incorporates the usual screenplay structure effectively. 

    At the movie’s start we are privy to Dr. Chris Kelvin’s ordinary world which is a mix of the mundane peppered with what we learn is profound remorse or pain.
    [first lines

    [Chris's memories, in voiceover]
    Rheya Kelvin: Chris, what is it? I love you so much. Don't you love me anymore? 

    Through to the Final Push where Dr. Kelvin races to Rehya on the spaceship as the other survivor prepares to abandon the crippled Solaris spacecraft.

    This is the best Science Fiction Love Story EVER.

    Solaris 2002
    Directed by
    Steven Soderbergh
    Produced by
    James Cameron
    Jon Landau
    Rae Sanchini
    Written by
    Steven Soderbergh
    Stanisław Lem
    George Clooney
    Natascha McElhone
    Viola Davis
    Jeremy Davies
    Ulrich Tukur
    Music by
    Cliff Martinez

    Why Isn’t She A Lesbian?



    Emmanuelle Béart

    She’s a woman [47] and obviously has an established sexual identity, what I am alluding to is that Ms. Béart isn’t flitting around claiming to be attracted to women just to capture our attention. If she did I bet she’d identify as “Polyamorous” because bisexuality is a drag and something that young people and the emotionally immature do.


    In addition to her screen work, Béart is also known for her social activism. She is an ambassador for UNICEF, and has made news for her opposition to France's anti-immigration legislation. She made headlines when, defending the rights of the "sans-papiers" ("without papers", meaning illegal immigrants), after her group’s occupation of a Paris church.




    Oh Romi, Romi, Romi, Thou Art So Fucking HOT and Lovin’ the Latina in You.

    Glad to see you taking a break from the booze, hope it’s long term.  Now if you would just dump your pasty ass girlfriend Kelsey all will be well in the world.



    So, Romi had sex with Kelsey just because she felt bad for her? Second mistake, first mistake was having sex with Whitney.


    Also what’s with all of the drama between Sadjah and Chanel? Move too fast and the relationship endshttp://a2.twimg.com/profile_images/1186139677/IMG_3956.jpg just as fast. This is why I am tired of young lesbians.  Besides they aren’t the only ones with a story to tell.  In addition their stories are so redundant and contrived. Way to go Ilene, as if the dysfunctional Latina couple from last year wasn’t enough


    Technorati Tags: ,

    Calimar28’s Racist Rants

    This is his You Tube ID: Calimar28. He lives in Winston-Salem North Carolina, is either mildly retarded or a substance abuser and is currently shitting his diaper because I know where he is and now so do you all.

    I informed this bigot I was posting his bullshit on my blog and that I hope that all Hispanics and Blacks read his racist bullshit and fuck him up (at least by commenting to his racist crap on You Tube). Now this coward disabled comments on his channel (trashy whites are so predictably cowardly). Calimar28 is an uneducated bigot who thinks that my being a lesbian is somehow wrong.

    Technorati Tags: ,

    calimar28's Channel and below are words taken directly from his channel.

    “Indians are as tight as  Jews.”
    ”The "Latinos" (AKA illegal aliens from Mexico), are all over the place. They are taking the jobs and spreading all over the state. How long before dysentary breaks out in SC? Plus they are brown, so they always want entitlements and will always vote liberal. You know what I say: "down with the browns"
    But Negros are the great scurge of society. They produce nothing, they develop nothing, their net worth is absolutley zero. They mostley go to prison or cause mahem. SC has huge pockets of them. This is demonstrated by the fact that Alvin Greene, the retarted former negro Senate canidate, actually got 30% of the vote against Jim Demint!”

    You can clearly see that he is an illiterate [numerous misspellings in this post] and blames us for the fact that he has no life accomplishments.

    Someone needs to take this asshole down and I don’t know why he chose to target me, I assume it is because he is unable to articulate a cogent counter perspective to my You Tube comments.  More importantly calimar28 suffers either from low self esteem or alcoholism, as those two groups always blame others for their failures in life.

    This idiot goes ON and On about African Americans and Latinos being the majority of prison inmates. Yet he fails to acknowledge that whites remain the overall leaders in prison inmates with African American and Latinos being disproportionally affected, thus leading to higher populations in prisoners of their kind but still over shadowed by the number of white prisoners.

    Seriously..does any of this matter? I mean how does pointing out the salient features of any group make him, you or me more successful in life? It doesn’t which is why that asshole needs to focus on being productive instead and why I am done with this topic.

    You Are So Gonna Love This Movie

    Snow Flower and The Secret Fan:


    It’s an Instant classic.

    Two between these four

    So what’s better than a video featuring two of the hottest couples in lesbian cinema?

    Not the loves of my life, I just want to sleep with them all.


    Latest Art by Me

    Taysa Van Ree


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    George knows

    http://www.issues.cc/uploads/44408408340.jpgCasey Anthony's father George has joined a campaign to sign the Caylee's Law petition to create new laws that would have made it a crime for his daughter to not report Caylee's disappearance or death. Now think about it if you are one of those dumb ass Floridians who believe that Casey is innocent. If her father had anything o do with Caylee’s death, then why wouldn’t he just keep quiet? and why wasn't he ever charged"? STOP being stupid southerners for once.

    Caylee Anthony died in June 2008 and wasn't reported missing for 31 days. Casey Anthony claimed for three years that she was kidnapped by a babysitter. Her decomposed body was found six months later in a swampy area near the Anthony home.

    People a Killer Was Set Free On: 7.17.2011, Let's not let that happen again.
    Sign the Petition to Create:
    Caylee's Law
    Make it a crime for not reporting
    a missing child.


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    WTF is it with STUPID people?

    Back Story: I watched an odd little music video on Feromoon’s website. It was a Dutch video.

    Backlash: I commented that I once dated a Dutch woman and I added “Hmmm” that’s it.  The exact comment was: “I dated a Dutch woman once, hmmm.”  [The “hmmm” could have meant that I was offended” by such a portrayal especially since they stated that the video was not a joke video].

    These bitches LOST their collective mind. The next thing I see is a response that I have no http://images.sodahead.com/polls/000200947/polls_Corner_Dumb_Ass_0216_586026_answer_2_xlarge.jpegsense of humor and that I was hostile? What was so hostile about writing: “I dated a Dutch woman once, hmmm.”? Besides they specifically wrote that the video was not a joke.

    So I went a little further and gave the complete story of how I dated this woman for almost 2 years and she and I never had an intellectual discussion. When I asked her why that never happened, her response was that she and I: “Never had an intellectual discussion because nothing intellectual ever happened to her.” WTF?

    Next thing you know I am called a cunt on that website and given a warning that those women give their time for free to create that site.

    I don’t know what kind of warning that was, I also don’t know why my personal experience with one Dutch  woman would cause an international crisis.  However I do know that this isn’t the first time those dumbasses have overreacted to something they’ve read.

    I also know that they know that I’m no troll.  Hell this site is visited by that site on a regular basis.

    Look I know intelligent women in Holland. One is a professor at Universiteit Utrecht.

    However that doesn’t mean I didn’t have the misfortune of dating a dummy. So I hope the editors over at that site fucking grow up and get over it.


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    Take The B*tch DOWN: Rebekah Brooks arrested over UK phone hacking scandal

    By Richard Allen Greene, CNN

    July 17, 2011 9:35 a.m. EDT

    Rebekah Brooks, in a photo from July 1, resigned as editor of News of the World on Friday.

    Rebekah Brooks, in a photo from July 1, resigned as editor of News of the World on Friday.

    London (CNN) -- Former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks was arrested Sunday in connection with British police investigations into phone hacking and police bribery, her spokesman told CNN.

    She is being quizzed by police in London after having come in by appointment, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

    Brooks did not know she was going to be arrested when she arrived, her spokesman Dave Wilson said.

    She resigned on Friday as chief executive of Rupert Murdoch's News International, which published the News of the World.

    The company also did not know she was about to be arrested when it accepted her resignation, a News International source told CNN Sunday, asking not to be named discussing internal corporate affairs.

    Brooks had agreed to testify Tuesday at a House of Commons hearing on the scandal. It's not clear how her arrest will affect the hearing -- committee member Louise Mensch, a conservative MP, said the committee chair was "taking legal advice" on the situation.

    News International said Sunday before the arrest that it would "not tolerate wrongdoing" and was determined to rebuild its reputation.

    News International said it would compensate those affected by its illegal phone hacking, cooperate fully with the police, and had hired a law firm to "examine past failings" and recommend new procedures to make sure they are not repeated.

    The promise comes in national newspaper advertisements in all the major Sunday British newspapers -- a group that this week does not include the News of the World for the first time in 168 years.

    Murdoch closed the paper last week, less than a week after it came out that reporters working for him had illegally eavesdropped on the phone of a missing girl, Milly Dowler, and deleted some of her messages to make room for more. She was later found dead.

    Closing the paper has not put an end to the scandal, which has exposed the close links the British press has with both politicians and the police.

    Home Secretary Theresa May will make a statement to British lawmakers on Monday about relations between the Metropolitan Police and a former executive editor of the News of the World, Neil Wallis.

    Wallis became a communications consultant to the Met after leaving the paper. He was arrested last week in connection with the phone hacking scandal.

    The Met Sunday denied that its head, Sir Paul Stephenson, got a free stay at an expensive spa earlier this year due to Wallis's connection with the resort, Champneys.

    "The accommodation and meals were arranged and provided by Stephen Purdew, (managing director) of Champneys, who is a personal family friend who has no connection with, or to links to, his professional life," the police said in a statement.

    Media baron Murdoch apologized to the British public with full-page advertisements in seven national newspapers Saturday.

    "We are sorry," says Saturday's ad, which was signed by Murdoch. He did not sign Sunday's ad.

    "The News of the World was in the business of holding others to account. It failed when it came to itself. We are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred. We are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered by the individuals affected."

    Murdoch's apology comes after his media empire lost two top executives Friday.

    Brooks on Friday resigned from her post as chief executive at News International, the British arm of Murdoch's News Corp. Murdoch also visited Milly Dowler's family on Friday.

    Police in the United Kingdom have identified almost 4,000 potential targets of phone hacking in documents recovered from a private investigator working for the paper.

    There were also allegations that News Corp. reporters may have bribed police officers.

    Murdoch's campaign of contrition started 12 days after the scandal first broke and barely a week after the News of the World, Britain's best-selling Sunday tabloid, was shut down by News International in the face of public outrage.

    Murdoch, his son, James, and Brooks are to appear before British politicians Tuesday to answer questions over the phone hacking scandal.

    Some of the claims Brooks faces relate to the News of the World's alleged hacking, while she was editor, into Dowler's mobile phone account. She has warned that her answers may be limited by ongoing police and judicial inquiries.

    "As chief executive of the company, I feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt, and I want to reiterate how sorry I am for what we now know to have taken place," she said in a statement Friday.

    Hinton, who most recently served as chief executive of Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, wrote to Murdoch to say that although he had been unaware of alleged misconduct when he was executive chairman of News International, which operated the now-defunct News of the World, he had to take responsibility.

    "The pain caused to innocent people is unimaginable," he said in a letter provided by Dow Jones.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has been among those publicly decrying the hacking, blasting Murdoch's company Wednesday as he launched a high-powered judge-led investigation into the nation's press.

    Yet he has his own ties to the scandal, given his relationship with Andy Coulson.

    Coulson resigned as News of the World editor in 2007, after his former royal editor and a private detective were convicted of conspiracy to hack into royals' voice mails. But while offering his resignation, he insisted he had been unaware of the crimes and he was not charged at the time.

    After last year's election, Cameron became prime minister -- and appointed Coulson as his communications director.

    Coulson resigned as Cameron's spokesman in January when the scandal blew up afresh.

    Cameron hosted Coulson overnight in March at Chequers, the prime minister's country estate, a Downing Street source said Friday. The aim of the invite, added the source, was to thank his former communications director for his work on Cameron's behalf.

    Earlier this month, Coulson was arrested in connection with claims of phone hacking and corruption dating to his days as the News of the World editor.

    After the arrest, the prime minister took full responsibility for hiring Coulson. But while not denying this personal connection, Cameron has maintained public pressure against News Corp.

    Meanwhile, the FBI is also investigating News Corp. after a report that employees or associates may have tried to hack into phone conversations and voice mail of September 11 survivors, victims and their families.

    Murdoch's News Corp. encompasses Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and Harper Collins publishers in the United States. News International -- a British subsidiary of News Corp. -- owns the Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times in Britain.


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