Remember when I had Videos by Karmin posted with a link where you could vote for them to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine? Well…..

Why Not Me?

Okay I am not only a sucker for a pretty face, but if she speaks French...I am done [Isn’t that right Helene?] Yes. To quote Gia: “Girls have always been a problem for me,” [At least the pretty ones have].

Hakuna Matata

Alles Wird Gut [Everything Will Be Fine 1998] [a romantic comedy] is one of my ALL Time Favorite Lesbian movies. For one thing it’s about LESIANS, and more importantly they are lesbians of color who are German! Yes the world is ethnically diverse and director Angelina Maccarone explores the challenges biracial lesbians face in a country that considers them foreigners [despite being born IN Germany].

German with English Subtitles

HERE [Note you either the divx web-player plugin available HERE] Also register at the site or it won’t let you watch the movie unless you download and install their codec [the Viaudix plugin]. To bypass this, follow this instruction: 1. After you install the divx web player [Right Click “HERE” and Save the movie link] 2. Register at the movie site and Login into the movie site. 3. Then enter enter the url of the movie into the address bar, you will be brought to the movie’s page.

Chantal de Freitas Kati Studemann
_MG_6634 KLS

 With every story comes a back-story:

Alles Wird Gut was  released in 1998, however the subtitled versions weren’t available to mass markets, only to GLBT film festivals.  To make matters worse, I couldn’t get my hands on any copy unless I purchased it from Orlanda publishing in Germany, which I did. I then had a “watch party” and placed an ad in the local gay newspaper instead of using my Facebook account, because I got scared because I didn’t want to have a: “Netherlands Incident” where too many women would show up and limited the attendees.
Anyway, the film was in German and I translated for the audience [Despite the fact that I’m not fluent in German] I think I could literally translate about 35% of the dialogue correctly, everyone had a good time anyway. Even if you don’t like reading subtitles the movie is pretty self explanatory.


47% Song - Lesbian Duo Bria&Chrissy


There isn’t much in the context of live action footage of Gia Carangi {Gia Documentary excepted} that doesn’t show her as under the influenced of Heroin, which can lead an observer to downplay her natural good looks.  

However, in the vidlet "Impossible Beauty:The Only Girl In The World" not only do we see Gia was Tomb Raider BEFORE Angelina Jolie was even born! She was prettier as well.

A longer version of this video  is coming.

Found This On Feromoon

I guess I could have been enterprising and have found this video myself, but that site often is spot on with their choices that I trust their tastes.


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NO Hate



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On Second Thought…..

After having watched the original version of the 2012 movie Love Crime, I now believe that the American remake “Passion” starring: Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace, will be quite interesting.

Whenever there’s an American remake of a foreign film that is still current, I like to see the original first. In the back of my mind I’ve already judged the American remake to be inferior.  To date I’ve not been wrong in my assumptions [Notably: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Let Me In].

However, I suspect that with Brian DePalma being involved with the movie Passion, we may very well see a top notch thriller, worthy of accolades.

For one thing: Brian DePalma is the MASTER of the Thriller Genre having directed such classics as:

Scarface, Mission Impossible, Carlito’s Way
Dressed to Kill, Sisters, Obsession, Body Double

Not to mention that the locations where Passion was filmed retain a European quality by being filmed in Germany. Unlike many Americans, I DON’T Hate Europe,

In addition Noomi Rapace! For me she’s the actress of the moment and Rapace makes an excellent choice as the “Isabelle” character.  
Oh and the twist was awesome in the original. At first I was skeptical when the younger older dynamic was removed because that was integral to the premise.  It will be interesting to see if McAdams pulls off her role as the manipulative, ruthless and emotionally sadistic coworker. I predict that Rapace will daringly and successfully step into character and deliver a quality performance as she has in every movie I've seen her in to date [Yes, EVEN Prometheus]. 

Actually I expected her to be the power broker but instead Rachel Mcadams is, which makes sense as Noomi is an Academy Award nominated actress proving that she can handle the emotional complexity of her character. 

Rachel McAdams: I don’t think I am a huge fan of her unless I know exactly what’s she’s appeared in her name only ring a faint bell of recognition.

I found one shortcoming with the original movie: Love Crime. I am not fluent in French, so I read the subtitles, at times my mind wandered and when I refocused something crucial had occurred.

DePalma's Signature Touch:

“The Reveal” or placement of key, revelatory information in a story, is an important element in all DePalma movies and Passion certainly has its share of reveals that will explain everything in case you get lost in the movie’s twists and turns.

Really Webmaster? Really?

Sum it up to the folly of youth but I swear that the internet is infiltrated by individuals who really missed out on the socialization process.

I remember during the final season of the L Word, I became enamored with photographer/actor Alexandra Hedison who played Dylan Moreland [paramour to heiress Helena Peabody] and searched online for information about her. I came across some fan pages and one site in particular was very insightful and had tons of photos that Alex had taken herself [including that infamous photo taken at the July 4th pool party with Ellen Degeneres balancing Portia Derossi on her shoulders in the pool. By December of that same year on Christmas Eve, Ellen evicted Hedison from the home they shared and moved Portia in].

I bring that up because that fan site had everything, but eventually it closed down. Eventually I found another site that later became the Official Website of Alexandra Hedison.

The proprietor of that site behaved as if she was in a personal relationship with Hedison. I had read that Alex is a filmmaker and this individual stated that she had the film, so I inquired if I could see it and she told me “No” offering a particularly odd reason.  Perplexed I wondered why a filmmaker would make a film that they didn’t want anyone to see.

Then there was that chick who virtually stalked Karina Lombard, bragging that she had Karina’s phone number and that I couldn’t have it [Even though I didn’t ask for it or even want it].

Now there’s the weirdo with Gia Carangi. I am aware that since Angelina Jolie portrayed Gia, many young women who weren’t alive during her time have discovered the life of America’s first supermodel. However I never thought 026_ZGiaStBARTS that a “journalist” who is a lesbian would freak the hell out merely because I liked her site and wanted to exchange links.

The woman of my dreams 1980:
 Gia in St. Barts photo by: Harry King]

The webmaster at giacarangi.xxx had a blog connected to that domain. I liked the blog, so I sent her the HTML for my banner and created a banner to her site.  I inquired if we could exchange links, as I had done with Amy’s "Gia Carangi” Lens.

New Post Is Coming

Beloved Readers,  I will be writing a new post.  My latest Gia rant is coming to an end, but I need to address one last topic first.




Reactions from multiple news sources:

The least we can do is remember all the lesbian lives that were lost on 9.11.2001

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Hard To Tell

In the movie Gia, it was depicted that Carangi would arrive for shoots high and barely conscious. Nonetheless the photographers posed her limp body and photographed her anyway. I can't help but to become so sad every time I see a photo of Gia with her eyes closed.

Gia Carangi by Denis Piel

I have a serious issue with the way Gia was used by the industry. That's why it's taken so long for me to post the photos below, even though they are well known to many.

Where’s the Controversy in Saving Lives?



Sandy Wasn’t The Only One

In the movie Gia, viewers  were led to believe that the late supermodel Gia Carangi was solely http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9sfpvi7NJ1r3e5muo1_500.jpgfixated on makeup artist and object of her affections, Sandy Linter. But there were others. Gia had a crush on one of the other models at the Wilhelmina agency.  Her name was Juli Foster, and she was one of the agency’s top girls. So did they hook up? No Juli is heterosexual and contrary to the legend of Gia as a bad-ass, at least in the beginning many in the industry viewed her  as someone who was “harmless”  as in the context that she wasn’t looking to score, but looking for affection and love.

[Gia Carangi (standing) with  Juli Foster (seated) Vogue Magazine].

Gia would lament to her male friends [That she also enlisted as assistants to meet women] that they were lucky because they could be with someone like Juli. Gia wasn’t plugged into the lesbian scene, her world was that of the fashionistas. 
 Although Gia did nothing to hide her attraction to Foster, there was no romantic connection.

Juli Foster exhibited the same presence that Carangi displayed in her photos. The two women even resembled each other. They would have made a cute couple if Juli were gay.

Of course Gia would develop a crush on Juli Foster...

Juli Foster Gia Carangi
juli_foster_smi_0003 381981870
They did many shoots together.
The most notable photo together was an artistic one for Bazaar Italia in 1978 that featured the two women nude.

Gia_w_WomanNude To call Gia  bisexual, does a disservice to the woman she was and the women she loved.   

BAD A$$ Model

Melissa Satta.Melissa Satta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My favorite kind of model, their Urban Style, the free spirited and rebellious attitude, as well as their beauty, and artistic tendencies/sensibility. They become "It" girls instantly. These women rock the bohemian chic look and  I love it.

Melissa Stasiuk [below] definitely has a freja vibe but also looks so much like the original iconic Bad-A$$ model, our girl: Gia Carangi.

Here is the resemblance to Gia Carangi [Below]

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Tell Her To STFU…….

Monica Mehta is assuredly a conservative, but more annoying is the fact that she is rude and seemingly clueless to the realities that people living below the poverty  line face on a daily bass. Watch as she gets her A$$ handed to her by the show’s facilitator.


Then Read about Romney’s welfare collecting, Mexican family history.

;article image

 GOP presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan are fond of attacking 'social entitlements,' but their campaign has failed to mention that Mitt Romney's father George Romney was on "welfare relief" when he first arrived in the U.S., according to an interview with Romney's mother Lenore recorded in 1962.
George Romney was running for governor in Michigan in 1962, so this interview was part of Lenore's effort to help him get elected, which he was (video below).


Happy Freakin’ Friday!


From My Twitter Stream

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Made For Each Other

This is where they first discovered that they are made for one another [At least cinematically].



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