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I am a horror fan. I've been one since I was a child watching that severed hand arising from the ooze at the beginning of the Chiller Horror Movie on Saturday nights. Yep that was scary stuff indeed. Could be that my childhood fascination with horror was derived from a dysfunctional upbringing. However that's a story for another time.

I got turned on to Asian horror when my friend sent me a copy of the movie the diabolical and skilfully directed: Odishon [Audfition- 1999] directed by Takashi Miike. A piece of filmmaking that goes even further than the films of Italy's master of the macabre Dario Argento. 


  WATCH Audition Movie

So naturally my curiosity was piqued and I went searching and found and even earlier movie titled 301/302 which was directed by and is a Korean horror movie offers a feminist twist in that it centers on two female protagonists living next door to each other in a high-rise apartment building. The title refers to their respective apartment numbers. The story opens as one of the women, a compulsive cook, is being questioned about the mysterious disappearance of her neighbor, the other woman, a traumatized writer suffering from anorexia nervosa. 

In the movie Compulsion, in order to give perspective on Amy's emotional state, you should know that Amy is pretending to have a cooking show in her home kitchen (complete with an imaginary live audience). 

See What I Mean?

When I watched last week’s episode of Mistresses [US} I was quick to pick up on Alex’s reaction to seeing her girlfriend (I'm using the present tense because we already know what's going to happen) as well as her subsequent behavior towards Joss.

Okay I admit that it’s not rocket science that odds are that Joss will be the one who gets her heart broken when Alex realizes she wants Sallie back.

But first can we address that insufferable soundtrack? You know what I am alluding to, because it’s the same music we heard on Desperate Housewives and even Gray’s Anatimy when it has scenes with light humor. Is there only ONE orchestra in Hollywood and does it provide music for every single show on ABC?

Alex Wants ALL or Nothing At All

Please Enlarge player if you are unable to see the video.


All those episodes of That 70’s Show that I endured just to see Laura Prepon and lament that she should be playing a lesbian.

 Well HELLO! Thank you universe for granting my wish,  even though I firstg had to put up with that crap sitcom written by Chelsea Handler first.

 Orange Is The New Black has joined a summer of  memorable of lesbian media that includes Movies like: Passion and Compulsion and TV shows such as: The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars.


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When Passion Leads To Compulsion…..


I am not certain when this will be released but it’s quite interesting, that Hollywood seems to be jumping on the lesbian bandwagon. Yeah, do you remember Heather Graham from the movie Grey Matters?

 Now Heather stars as Amy: A vivacious and beautiful gourmet chef who is obsessed with cooking, overeats as a bulimic and uses food as a tool to dominate, be desired and control intimacy.

Growing up Amy was infatuated with her neighbor Saffron (Carrie-Anne Moss The Matrix), a former child star who is now a sad, tragic and lonely introvert she spends most of her time alone until the day she crosses paths with Amy. At first Amy can't believe her luck at having her childhood idol living right next door, and at first the two women even sense an ethereal connection that bonds them.

 Later, as their true colors begin to emerge, both Amy and Saffron discover just how toxic their chemistry may be. when their individual obsessions begin to unravel.

Judging from the preview I do not get the impression that this mjovie will be as sophisticated as DePalma’s Passion. But I enjoy the comedic stylins of Heather Graham and the lesbian subplot is always welcome.

Best Lesbian TV and Movie Summer Ever?

Hello All! I am back! Did you miss me?


Is the Summer of 2013 turning out to be the best summer ever in the context of Lesbian representation on television and film? Granted I could quibble with the fact that with the exception of: Orange Is The New Black, the other television shows with Lesbian characers seem to gave been writen by teens for teens. I stand corrected. These shows seem to have been written by young adults for teens. In fact the Fosters and Pretty Little Liars are marketed towards teens.

But that’s Okay, because  I’ve learned after six years of being disappointed by The L Word, not to make waves as this is about as good as television will ever get.

I want to explore my love/hate relationship with Joss on show; Mistresses and the uneasy feeling that I get.


It’s bad enough that Joss is a "cookie-cutter" replica of Caitlin from Cashmere Mafia and I understand that Joss is exploring her SEXUAL IDENTITY, but  um wtf happened to that guy she was doing? There’s little continuity at this point. See I am losing perspective as to the amount of time passing. It seems like Savi has been waiting for over a month with her “Who’s The Baby’s Daddy” Drama.

 Not to mention that Joss moved out and reconciled with Savi, but viewers don’t know what precipitated the reconciliation.  Also why is a savvy successful real estate agent such as: Joss always acting like she doesn’t have a clue about romance to the degree that she needs guidance from a heterosexual male to decide to be in a relationship with a lesbian? Good Grief! Besides Joss will probably end up with him anyway. Can this be anymore predictable?

 Don’t give me the: “Love Is Love” argument either, because the science of compatibility lies in understanding the importance of shared interests, cultural norms and values. There are things that a heterosxual male would usually be unfamiliar with in the context of a Lesbian lifestyle.

 More importantly: I am uneasy with Alex’s reaction to Joss’ announcement that the two women become partners. I got the feeling that Alex started having second thoughts about her ex Sallie the moment she and Joss ran into Alex’s ex and her new girlfriend named “Story” - “Like A Bedtime Story” Hello! is that an great name or what?

 Maybe I am still projecting memories from the original Mistresses, but I felt that Alex used the “I want more” excuse thinking that Joss being the free spirit she pretends to be, wouldn’t want to go any further, leaving Alex free to pursue her ex. 

 I mean isn’t that what we lesbians sometimes do?  We can be VERY complex. That’s why being lesbian is such a challenge, we’re ALWAYS thinking.

Next Post: Lesbians in this summer’s movies

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Understanding Race

I watched Dark Girls on OWN…I was saddened by a couple of things. First: It is very focused on the heterosexual realm

Second: The hurt that many of the interviewees displayed at the reaction to their color.

The important thing I found in this program, are things that I already know but hopefully the readers can garner a greater understanding of why darker celebrities are always voted down or ignored on lesbian popular culture sites.

http://www.nysut.org/~/media/Images/NYSUT/NYSUT%20United/2012/February%202012/nu2012_darkgirls.jpgGrowing Up: My peers would call me “Red Bone” because my mother is white. That was completely offensive to me. I am not so light skinned that I can pass. However I am not dark skinned either.




Link is FIXED!:


Most people with lighter complexions live in a world where they are not accepted by whites or darker complected African Americans.

Like the young girl in the video, I also don’t like being called “Black.” My color isn’t black by any means and I don’t care that the KuKluxKlan would identify me as black. That’s the problem with some people of color.

They allow others to establish their sense of self and identity.

One of the biggest challenges people of color face is the internalized racism that we inflict on ourselves.

This is a good program exploring the many dimensions of Racism.

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The New Black…

I’m sure that you’ve heard that expression “The New Black….”


It refers to:

An expression used to indicate the sudden popularity or versatility of an idea at the expense of the popularity of a second idea.

However in this case it also refers to this:

This is gonna be great! Kind of reminds me of a jacked Dead Boss. Funny with a serious edge.

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For Five Looong Weeks….

I watched Mistresses in anticipation of the long await shower scene between Alex and Jocelyn. Granted I knew not to expect any interaction between the two women to be explicit, because the show is on network television.

Well as you see for yourself the show did not disappoint by showing a same sex love scene that has gone farther than any other show on network television with gay or lesbian characters. Apologies for the unwanted pixilation in the video and other anachronisms.

 Hey! Do you remember Caitlin and Alicia  from Cashmere Mafia? Remember Darren Starr the cowardly creator of that show with his lies of what viewers could expect from the two as their romance progressed?

Remember how the now retired Editor in Chief of AfterEllen Sarah Warn claimed to have the “inside track” with Starr and weekly would give fans of the show BS about the Duo, until I personally wrote to her and explained how what she was promoting were nothing more than blatant LIES concerning the two women [that Caitlin and Alicia were going to move beyond just kissing in the street] because the teleplay pointed to the storyarc being eliminated, which it inevitably was along with the show being cancelled. Do you remember the apology Warn wrote? Pfft

Now I have written it many time before that the online lesbian community seems very segregated, characters of color seem to ALWAYS be voted down in online polls, so naturally being a woman of color , Alicia was not widely anticipated to continue in this affair. So what happened to Caitlin and Alicia? Darren Starr decided to kill the story starting with this:

Now we have Jocelyn safely partnered with a white woman, [Shannyn Sossamon] except tht this couple is doomed to fail. The series is called mistresses and that means that Alex is either going back to her ex or maybe take a Mistress and….Aw who the hell  knows what’s going to happen! Rest assured that Jocelyn will returned to the unenlightened  Penis.

Well Alex baby {Shannyn] You’re Still the Hottie and I am available.


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