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Judging by the Guest star in this episode, we know which way Jane's flag blows.



And This Is Why They WON!

Pentatonix winners of 2011’s the Sing Off.




The Premier of: Pretty Little Liars  January 2, 1012

The others have already slept with their partners so now it's Maya and Emily's turn this season.  It would be lame if they didn't hook up.

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Play To Your Strengths

When I first heard that Julia Roberts was going to come out with a movie about Snow White at the same time that Charlize’s movie, Snow White and the Huntsman I thought: “Well that’s just fine, but it’s clear that Charlize Theron is the fairest of them both.  Frankly it’s fine to use a well of ideas in Hollywood, but why do they have to use the same idea at the same time? If there are going to be 2 evil queens, then space them out more than a few months apart.  Same with remakes and if Hollywood is intent on making remakes of foreign movies made from 2009-2010, at least wait a few years as not to insult admirers of the original.  Ahh but such is a perfect world.

Oscar winner Julia Roberts stars as an evil Queen who steals control of a kingdom, in a magical adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance and betrayal that is set to capture the imagination of audiences around the world.
Anyway, Julia Roberts may not be a “Slap YO Mama In The Face” Beauty like Chalize but she compensates by playing to her strength as an actress and she does comedy quite effectively.

In the movie Mirror Mirror, Roberts is a financially stressed ruler seeking to marry a wealthy prince until Snow White comes along and complicates it all.
Mirror Mirror also stars actress Lily Collins as an exiled princess who enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright.

The film also stars Armie Hammer as the object of their affection, Prince Andrew Alcott, and Nathan Lane as the hapless and bungling servant to the Queen.

This actually looks fun, I am not a Kristin Steward fan (she has the personality of dishwater), in fact the girl who plays Snow in Mirror Mirror should have been cast in SWATH, that would have been a better aesthetic match.
Julia Roberts
Charlize Theron
image image

As far as staying true to the story, clearly Theron looks the part as an Evil Queen whose reign of Beauty is threatened by youth. This is exactly why Robert’s character deflects or otherwise pokes fun at her physical shortcomings. Same story, two different approaches and both work.
Lily Collins
Charlize Theron
See what I mean? These two are far more compatible in a Disney-esque sort of way.  That is the iconic imagery I grew up with.

On Becoming a 12 Million Dollar 21st Century Hollywood "Ho" Part 1

UPDATE: 2nd Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Announced. Also photos from the 1st sex tape restored.

These economically challenging times necessitate that women (young and older) utilize their goddess given talents in unique ways, in order to remain financially solvent.

So what measures can we take to ensure financial stability during unstable times? What Characteristics does one need that is a virtual guarantee of monetary liquidity?

Well Parentage is important because a successful 12 Million Dollar Hollywood “HO” usually is the offspring of the penultimate publicity seeker, a mother or father who is  essentially clueless and inappropriate, carelessly spewing comments that an educated person knows are off-limits, the equivalent of throwing an awkward bomb into a conversation. Comments like: "I hate an Indian giver. It's a gift, you know." Tell that to Judge Judy.


Lesberatti’s Muvies2 Page is not a resource where you can find a new movie every week.  I’m creating a space for movies that I consider the New Classics and since I enjoy movies with strong female leads, I created a page for them.  Consider the Movie Page a place to go and watch or re-watch movies that to me are “Classics”
If there is a movie that I feel my readers will enjoy, but it isn’t worthy of permanent placement on the “Muvies2” page then I will temporarily place the movie poster in the right sidebar, where you can click the movie to go to the movie site.  If a movie is permanently going to be on the “Muvies2” Page, it the movie’s poster will be placed on the homepage and it will also be on the Muvies2 Page.

This is DEFINITELY going into the Vault when it’s released:

A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission.

15 Years and counting….

image When I have an  online or media Celebrity crush it’s a Long Term (Albeit One Sided) Relationships. 

Granted, I've never been a fanatic.  I don't collect photos and Idolize them, I don't stalk and I definitely don't contact. I appreciate talent and Beauty.  For instance I was a fan of Gloria Estefan for years and have only stopped following her music a couple of years ago. Helena Christensen is proof that it only gets better in your 40s.

In 1996 I first saw Helena Christensen  in the Chris Isaak music video "Wicked Game", and I've image never forgotten the Green Eyed beauty, despite not having followed her modeling career very much.

Still, I've never lost my "Crush on Christensen, " No Fly by night short term 2 Day “Crushes” for me. Once it works for me I‘m hooked. What can I say? Everyone has a “Type”.

Ahh If Only I Could..If Only She Would:

Indulge Me Please

You know the universe works in strange ways….I had previously written that Gia Carangi was a very famous model during the 80’s and yes, being an attractive young woman who was already modeling [Albeit on a much smaller scale] I was inspired.

So armed with my copy of the absolute essential resource: Madison Avenue Handbook ... A Guide to the Fashion and Print Industries which included ad agencies, fashion firms, modeling agencies. The book itself is a bible of information complete with addresses and telephone numbers.

I hit the pavement seeking my fame and indexwallpaper fortune as a model. I am not one now but I did get to see the  life and experience in a small way.  I met my own "Jane" (A makeup artist and OMG she was a blond also), life imitates art imitating life.  I did some work but. It was virtually over before it began.

I am thankful for that because the early eighties were still a time of reckless abandon in the industry, yes there were parties, the drugs flowed freely:  Speedballs [coke and heroin] and no one was there to tell you not to try something that could be detrimental.  For example, there was Anna and I don't even know if she's alive now but unless she went into recovery I doubt it.  Remember, just like in the movie for models it truly was a time of "Heroin Chic". Not all models did it (I didn't, then again I wasn't famous and didn't have the pressures the steadily working had).)
Ultimately I chose a different route in life (an academic one), and navigating life as an “ordinary” person is difficult enough, because life's challenges will catch up with you regardless. I am fortunate my challenges in life were not drug or alcohol induced. 

Besides despite the proliferation of models of various ethnicities, in the 1980’s that wasn’t the case, there weren’t many opportunities particularly for models who were “multiethnic.” It was always either/or and I don’t know how many times I was told that my look was “too exotic,” but that wasn’t disheartening because it was really significant to me that a big time modeling agency took the time to direct me to a smaller agency. I mean that doesn’t happen in 2011, it really doesn’t.  
Despite being appreciative I was still confused by what the representative or whoever that guy was at that agency meant by "Too Exotic". I wasn’t certain if that meant I looked “black” because the African American community wanted to know “what are you?”  Did it mean that I looked Hispanic? Oh Gosh how I wished that it meant that I looked Pacific Islander (It didn’t, but that would have been cool). 
Today there are so many more opportunities available with the specialization agencies like Older Models, Plus Sized models, Ugly models etc but also much more competition (Especially the “Ugly” models because it has to be a “Special” type of ugly (You know the type that isn’t particularly attractive but you are sexually drawn to the person).  Each year America’s Next Top Model comes to my area.  Sometimes I think about going just to see the models (Not to audition).  


I was contemplating writing an article on how “Satan-a” Er..I mean Santana deserved to be outted on Glee when I came across this article:

Harvard considers asking applicants about LGBT status

Perfect! Now I can address  both issues: I still contend that Santana did deserve to be outted as a result of her cruel and downright hateful actions towards her classmates each season [more on that later]\. 

As far as Harvard considering asking students about the status of their sexual orientation: I understand that some students may be hesitant to out themselves in the college application process. I don’t feel it’s necessary and is a violation of privacy. The first year of College is the beginning of self discovery, given  the responses I have seen regarding the outing of Santana, it is clear that some people are so far in the closet that one would have to send in an expedition to find them. Later I will explain my “flip-flopping.”

Goin’ With The Flo”w”: A Special Thanksgiving Treat

Isn’t this a beautiful photo? Who knew she has a great sense of humor to boot!

You all know that my virtual crushes began when I was a mere child with the actress Raquel Welch.

Impossible Women

Tom Cruise knows how to appeal to my sensibilities, so maybe that’s why I love the Mission Impossible franchise so much, although I must admit that I really only started watching when Thandie Newton appeared in MI II. Leaping off of tall buildings + hot women = Yeah Babbby and have it all done by Bad Robot (Cloverfield) Productions. I don’t particularly a fan of Tom Cruise, I go for the special effects, girls, and gadgets.

Consider the Mission Impossible leading ladies as the “21 Century Bond Girls.” I will definitely be waiting for MI IV and as usual I will see it in the theater on the big screen. 

There are only a handful of actresses I will pay to see a movie for if they are fortunate enough to have scored a leading role in a  Mission Impossible movie.

Paula Patton, hell I didn’t even pay to see Jumping The Broom. Her lead in MI IV has catapulted her to superstardom. In I believe that this movie is going to be good because it incorporates some similar characteristics that were evident in Mission Impossible II that starred Thandie Newton.

Paula Patton in MI 4
MI IV Trailer:

Michelle Monahan in MI3 Played the wife of Ethan Hunt [Cruise] and oh yeah SHE saves him.


Yep they are STILL around

As dumb as those nitwits on Jersey shore but cuter and there is “Girl on Girl” stuff goin’ on also.

Even Florina validates what I have written on this blog for months:  “Bisexuals use the same sex for pleasure but choose the opposite sex for life partners.” See I “told” you all that I’m not Bi-Phobic” and now you have proof. So what’s with Flo calling the other girl a homophobe and that she does women because she may settle down with a woman (What a LIAR…Hello), Florina even admitted earlier in the episode that her mother knows that she  (Flo) is physically attracted to women but is going to marry a man and have children with a man! 
How deceptive is that? Is that what they do?: Marry men or otherwise claim a bisexual identity because they are in a new movie or  on a popular television series (In which case you will NEVER any real evidence). isn't that right Megan "Mrs. Brian Austin Green" Fox?

I don't watch this show regularly so I don't pay close attention, but I do remember Florina as every season they have someone like her on.
I also don't believe the other woman was being a Homophobe, maybe that person was wrong to insist that Flo choose "women or men", because what she should have told Florina is that she should be honest, simple basic honesty. What is so wrong with a woman telling another woman that she is married but is sexually available? This is why women raised in Europe appeal to me so much. I met a woman from Spain. She was married and told me so, she also told me that her husband didn't mind her sleeping with women.  There...DONE.

Gia Carangi Born January 29,1960 Died November 18 1986

Gia: Starring Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell

The Real Jane (Sandy Litner)  and Gia

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Now This Is What I’m Talkin’ Bout…….



Living Doll

When I was younger Gia Carangi was the “It” Girl in modeling. At the time I didn’t know she was a lesbian.  Neither was I aware of Gia’s Immensely successful but incredibly troubled image life plagued by Heroin addiction.  In fact I didn’t learn about it until the early 1990’ when I read her biography.

Gia Marie Carangi is considered the very first “Super Model.”

Gia Marie Carangi (January 29, 1960, Philadelphia, PA – November 18, 1986, Philadelphia, PA) was an American fashion model during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Carangi, who was of Italian, Welsh and Irish ancestry, was widely considered the first "Supermodel". Cindy Crawford, who also appeared on the covers of several fashion publications during Gia's time, was referred to as "Baby Gia", due to her resemblance to Gia Carangi

Gia Marie Carangi
Cindy “Baby Gia” Crawford
gia image
Carangi was also the first to present unusual poses, facial expressions and gestures. She is credited by image many at the upper echelons of fashion to have created a new style of modeling, emulated by models since then to the present, especially the models only known by one  name. "Gia" made that particularly cool.

So for all of the young lesbians out there, Angelina’s movie" "Gia" was based on a REAL person.  Sometimes when people watch representations on the screen we tend not to think that much of what we see is based on REALITY.


vlcsnap-2011-11-15-23h48m00s62 The new Duran Duran music video Girl Panic is a mockumentary that features
Naomi (Hit You In The Head With A Cellphone) Campbell

Helena (Hard Looking) Christensen 

Cindy (Baby Gia) Crawford, among other familiar faces (like Giselle Bunchen). 

Oh Yeah the 1990s was the Shizny for the SUPERMODEL and the new batch are really nothing more than Milqtoast.

Supermodel and acclaimed photographer Helena Christensen plays “Roger” the vlcsnap-2011-11-15-23h46m34s238 Drummer looking rough but sexy.  Ahhh who the F*@! doesn’t love a supermodel from the 90’s? To me the the most attractive women to be in their 40's anyway.

Lost Hope

As expected Hope Solo was eliminated from Tuesday’s episode of ABC Dancing With The Stars.

Here’s something that I found HIGHLY suspicious.
I never vote on these reality competitions.  After last year’s Debacle where the #1 Ballroom Dancer in the World was eliminated in the 2nd episode of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX after 2 episodes.
However after watching Hope Solo being unfairly criticized week after week.  After watching her being made fun of because she was not perceived as feminine, I decided to vote Monday evening.

Now voting is supposed to last for 2 hours after the show ends. That would mean that since the show ended at 10PM. voting should last until12AM. I made 2 calls. The first call was made at 10:15 because the phone lines for Hope and Max were busy for 15 minutes. 

At 11:20 PM I decided to make a second call in order to give this couple another vote, but instead of hearing the message: Thanks for voting for Hope and Max I heard this:

"Thank you for calling Dancing With The Stars, Voting is now closed in your time zone." 

Get Outta My Way



The Business of Beauty



Watch HERE



I LOVE This Movie

Alles Wird Gut (Everything Will Be Fine).

It’s really a very cute romantic comedy from 1998, directed by Angela Maccarone and starring Chantal de Freitas and Kati Studemann.
de Freitas plays “Kim” and advertising executive and Studemann is Nabou who was recently dumped by her blue hair, punk rocker girlfriend “Katja”. Nabou wants to reconcile and takes a job in Katja’s building as a maid for Kim. 

This working arrangement blossoms into a mutual attraction that is threatened because Kim’s boyfriend wants to marry her and Katja realizes she wants Nabou back. Not available in English (My copy doesn’t even have subtitles, thank the goddess Ich Spreche Deustch [Sp].

The film also explores the difficulty of: “Living In A Fishbowl,” a phenomenon experienced by many “Afro” Germans (Living where one is perceived as a foreigner in a country they were born in).  This is evident when Nabou is grocery shopping and the Deli clerk tells her that “She Speaks Good German.”  Or when Nabou is working at a newsstand and a German woman asks for a popular candy treat: A “N*gger Kiss.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that myself.

Yeah Baby

The Propellerheads feat: Ms. Shirley Bassey

ABOUT: Shirley Bassey 

Dame Shirley Bassey, DBE (born 8 January 1937), is a Welsh singer. She found fame in the late 1950s and was "one of the most popular female vocalists in Britain during the last half of the 20th century". In the US, in particular, she is best known for recording the theme songs to the James Bond films Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and Moonraker (1979), and is a UNESCO Artist for Peace.
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We NEED Alan Grayson! Visit Site HERE

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The Hetero-Sexualization of Lisbeth Salander and the “NON”-Myth of Bisexuality


On Friday November 11, 2011 I saw on another website the cover of an Entertainment magazine with a photo of Roony Mara who had her arms and legs wrapped around Daniel Craig in a promotion for the upcoming film: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [The Above picture is not the photo in question].

Already I am ssoo over this movie because I am tired of every promotional image I see for this movie having the character; Lisbeth Salander all over the male character.  I find this troubling because it reinforces what I’ve written in this blog for MONTHS: 

“Bisexuals Only Use The Same Sex For Pleasure [and not Long Term Relationships].” Albeit in this movie Lisbeth Salander nay be using both sexes.

Nonetheless she is repeatedly depicted with the male as the primary focal point, so uinless they already have a sequel planned this depiction is what we get: "Same sex interaction for purely male arousal). How about the fact that Lisbeth AVENGES her female lover's rape? I hope we get to  see that, hmm maybe it's in the 2nd movie.

The Bisexuality "NON" Myth

Preface: I have never been "hurt" romantically by a Bisexual woman, nonetheless I find the inability to define themselves clearly deceptive.

I don’t believe Bisexuality is a Myth. But it does mean that heterosexuals seek homosexuals for sexual pleasure yet have significant others or life partners of the opposite sex and it’s ALWAYS meant that.

Therefore it’s invalid to try to create an environment (The bisexual movement) where Bisexuality is viewed as anything more than someone who’s in a heterosexual relationship sleeping with a person of the same sex either behind their straight lover’s back or with the straight lover’s knowledge. Back in the day it was called Swinging and it's fine if that's one's preference .  

The problem I have is that it is all too convenient for bisexuals to jump on the LGT bandwagon to demand the rights that lesbians, gays, and trans people have struggled and (at times were killed) for years to achieve, when bisexuals already have those rights under the ruse of heterosexuality they cling to.

I endeavored to prove my assumption that Bisexuals only sleep partners of the same sex, but have life partners who are heterosexual. 

First: there is the reality that every bisexual woman you see on TV and in real life is partnered with a male (The exception being Amber Heard who went from being Lesbian to Bisexual (Just in time for the release i=of The Rum Diary). I seriously doubt Heard's claim is a legitimate claim  and if it is then Taysa Van Ree (Amber's partner) is the ONLY lesbian I ever heard of who is knowingly in a relationship with a bisexuall woman.

Second: it seems that bisexuals always complain about being persecuted but never clearly define themselves or their true intentions.

On dating websites bisexuals use the label "Lesbian" because as one told me:  "I don't want men getting freaky with me." To me this is misleading and selfish at minimum. Why use a lesbian identity? To take advantage of the emotional connection lesbians achieve that's why.

I visited many social networking sites that cater to bisexuals.  

In one forum I read a rather lengthy piece that attempted to rationalize why Bisexuals always choose life partners of the opposite  sex and the excuse went something like this:

“Because Same Sex Marriage isn’t legal in all states, Bisexuals can’t get married to the same sex if they happen to live in one of those states.”

Oh so I guess that means that all those Gay Men and Lesbians who aren’t legally married to their homosexual life partner, should dump their partner of 25 years or more if they happen to live in a state where marriage equality doesn’t exist (YET) and marry someone of the opposite sex  if they want to be married. This is a joke right?

Really? Is this the type of Bullsh*t they expect me or any other intelligent individual to believe?  That’s as bad as a person who gives birth calling their self a man in my book. About a month ago I posted this question on You Tube and in some forums:

“Can you name one bisexual person who has a “Life Partner” of the same sex? [Amber Heard doesn't count because she only came out as bisexual once the Rum Diary was released].

I am still waiting for an answer. You can post your answer in the comments area, but I honestly doubt that anyone will.

Electronic Cigarettes Get FDA Warning:

FDA Acts Against Electronic Cigarette Companies.

I AM IN A MORAL QUANDRY. The Monetization program I am currently using gives faster payouts but the advertisers are not very good.

If you are not a smoker DO NOT try Red Dragon eCigarrets.  These electronic Cigarettes contain NICOTINE and NICOTINE is the MOST Addictive substance on Earth (it’s more addictive than Heroin and Morphine). I know this because I was a smoker for 18 years. thankfully I was able to quit many years ago with the help of the Lesbian Health Organization The Mautner Project.

I hate that these are the ads are authorized by the program I am a member of. If my readership were higher I could use a different advertising program. Until then Do NOT Smoke Electronic Cigarettes.



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Hollywood Tonight: Michael Jackson

With a Jessica Clark Look-A-Like just for Mary Jane Guzman.

Comedy: Is Today’s Generation The Dumbest Generation Ever?

Louis  makes The Argument: YES!

I Blame George W. Bush because he made being intelligent a bad thing to many by referring to it as: "Intellctual Elitism."

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From Director Shamim Sarif

Editor's Note: Ladies and Gentle Womyn, I want to see this happen! Sheetal Sheth is already on board to work on the series if it gets made.
I Can't Think Straight - the series

Dear Friends
I am excited to announce that, as of today, 11/11/11, we are starting fundraising for I Can't Think Straight web series. We want to bring you a high quality series with all the characters you love without compromising the vision and values that you loved from the movie.
After the overwhelming response we had from the survey, we have decided to go ahead with the fundraising directly from our new website www.ICantThinkStraight.tv
You will find various sponsorship packages available. For a sponsorship of $ 25 dollars and above you will receive the finished I Can't Think Straight series free of charge plus a variety of goodies after the web series goes into production.
If we do not reach our target to produce the show then all funds will be returned to you. 
You have been incredibly supportive so far and now we'd like your support to make the web series a reality through direct sponsorship and also by sharing your excitement for the I Can't Think Straight web series with your friends and anyone you feel might be interested in supporting the show. 
Your financial sponsorship will be appreciated and is key but we'd also like to hear from you at the Enlightenment Community page on our new web site. This will be a relaxed, fun area where you can meet other fans and interact with them, so sign up now.
For those of you who kindly volunteered to become Enlightenment Ambassadors, we have created a VIP access area for our Enlightenment Ambassador Community where you can meet and share your ideas for making this fundraising a success. If you are still interested in becoming an Ambassador, to view the various sponsorship packages and find out more, and join our site community please go to:

Together we can make it happen.
Many thanks for your continued support
Hanan, Shamim, Sue and the Enlightenment Team

Really? Not Until NEXT Summer?

I’m at the age where I no longer feel like I’m immortal, so I don’t like to wait around for things that Hollywood has to offer, especially when it’s Gorgeous Charlize Theron (Oh and that Twilight Chick…Just Joking) Kristen Stewart [?]:

Snow White and the Huntsman Official Trailer:

Found At Fero’s

A YinYueTai version is also available. The first version released a month ago was also directed by Yan Yan Mak, and is labeled as the Jia Baoyu Theme Song.
It seems like we can spot Taiwanese actress, who played Diego on Zero Chou’s Drifting Flowers, in this version of the music video.

There is also a YinYueTai version of this video available.

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Fighting The Googron

It’s a Behemoth and now I finally get why Steve Jobs disliked Google as much as he did. In fact in time I will be transferring the domains:

To another web hosting service. Have No Fear beautiful Ones, these blogs will just revert to their former blogger Urls: http://hypervision.blogspot.com and http://techgyrl.blogspot.com will ensure the blogs continue to exist but it is strongly recommended and you will be instructed to go to the new site location once it is established.
Google is indeed a monopoly that needs to be reigned in. Below I will write that Google provides the best contextual search around but to what end? It is stifling competition: The very essence of free enterprise.


The Blogger interface is not friendly to meta tag insertion and I swear that it seems as if everyone but me who is associated with Google is 20 years old or younger. 

Therefore using their help forums (Google does not provide live customer service) results in my writing the same question over and over (Until the reader can figure out what the problem I am referring to).

Lisa’s Love

Lisa Rani Ray Looks Really Well and in Good Spirits With Her NEW Friend



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Smelly Cat

Smelly Smelly


How often do they launder those Cheerleader Uniforms? All I can think is STANKY Coochie. What is it about cheerleaders that riles my wrath so much? Well for one thing the chick that plays Santana looks 37 (way too old to be a cheerleader).

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Sonam Kapoor for Vogue India November 2011

Sonam Kapoor covers Vogue India November 2011.  Sonam is wearing Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 collection.


Ladies Start Your “Va J-J”

Lost Girl


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Before Marion Cotillard there was….

In the 1970’s Genvieve Bujold was what Marion Cotillard is to many movie goers today: A beautiful woman with a sexy French accent. Though not born or raised in France actress Genvieve Bujold, was born in Quebec in 1942.


International recognition came in 1969, when she starred as Anne Boleyn in Charles Jarrott's film Anne of the Thousand Days, opposite Richard Burton (If you don’t know Burton was on Hollywood's “A” List a major movie star).  Bujold went on to star in American and Canadian movies and Television shows.  

Fuck Yeah Beauty is Diverse

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Sessilee Lopez for Flair October 2011

For me she’s the ONLY one who makes the Real L Word worth watching






At least RoMy also knows how to do makeup so she doesn’t have to release another sex tape. Yep that was a lead into my next post on how to become a $12 Million Dollar 21st Century Whore in Hollywood.


Weekend Movie

After I watch 11.11.11 I will decide whether or not to add it to the Movie Vault.  I will also be creating a poll so you can vote on movies that should be added to the vault (Muvies2 page).


Watch HERE


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My FOUR Favorite Girls

Sophia Vergara [Notice how Sophia’s hair is slowly reverting to it’s natural blond] and Jennifer Tilly [Sexy Violet from the movie BOUND]:
Modern Family Ep 7
Jennifer Tilly will be 53 or 54 Next February, so don’t start on that “Eew She’s Old Crap” because to me Tilly will forever be:
Violet In the movie  BOUND

Secret Agent Gal

The radio staggers against the backspace!

The Thing and Self Incrimination

No not the 2011 movie remake (which I saw and mildly amused by), no I am talking about the other “thing” meaning that I  didn’t know which thing I was going to write about today.

1. Paranormal Activity 3 scared the bejeeziz out of me this Halloween weekend.
2. Chaz Bono’s most welcome departure from Dancing With The Stars (I can’t get over his latest complaint: “When a man tries to use the show to lose weight, he’s ridiculed).
a. Did Chaz complete his reassignment surgery? Is he now completely male? If so please let me know.
b. Most people work out in Gyms to lose weight or get in shape and otherwise train BEFORE going on national television is a dance competition, DWTS is NOT the Biggest Loser and wasn’t Chaz on one of those shows in the Past? I vaguely remember so. If he was his weight returned big time.  Bottom line: What has Hollywood become?
3. Anywho the target is now on Nancy Grace’s back as she had the lowest score from the recent show (which I didn’t watch) Let’s hope that Hope will return next week.
4. Gettting Away With Murder.

Now this caught my eye as there seems to be a License to Kill for Certain Groups, who do so without recriminations.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

(CNN) -- Attorneys representing Casey Anthony invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination 60 times during a deposition given in a civil suit against her, according to a transcript of the proceedings.
In addition, Anthony's attorney Charles Greene asserted he would also invoke the Fifth Amendment on her behalf if questioning delved into the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.
Anthony, who was acquitted in July of murder charges in Caylee's death, is being sued in civil court by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez.


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