That’s RIGHT I wrote it: Trouble Maker EXPOSED.

This is the woman…that infamous troublemaker, with the brunette hair and white facial features that started ohmaryjane (Her YouTube and Twitter screen name) or [Mary Guzman from Phoenix, Arizona?] psychological decline:
Jessica Clark shame on you for having Brunette hair and white facial features: Do you realize the angst you have caused me? I mean sheesh, with all that is going on in AZ,
[Mary Guzman from Phoenix, Arizona?] should focus on the harassment of undocumented Arizonans by I.C.E and La Migra:

1st Dorothy Snarker indicts me for writing too much about popular culture,

and now…

2: This damn fool ohmaryjane indicts me for writing too much about women with Brunette hair and white facial features in popular culture! I guess there’s no satisfying the emotionally disturbed.

According to ohmaryjane’s harassing comments, this is the woman that I “secretly” masturbate to while wishing for her facial features.  Umm masturbation is a private issue and while it’s NO secret I certainly wouldn’t do it “publicly” like the women in the video below, besides I could think of so many other things to “jill-off” to regarding Jessica
Clark and her “white facial features” would be at the bottom of the list LMFAO ohwhatafuckingidiot, sorry I mean @ohmaryjane.

Hello, my name is: “Brunette with White Facial Features.”
Warning: EXPLICIT:
Masturbation Video performed by women with “white”  facial Features” LOL who aren’t as Gorgeous as Jessica Clark.  To be fair I do see why this Brunette with “white” facial features caused @ohmaryjane to flip out. She couldn’t rationalize her over whelming all consuming attraction. Hell there aren’t many whites with these facial features that look this damn hot and are also a real life lesbian.

So while I am content with having a fantasy girlfriend, that dimwit’s frontal lobe couldn’t process that it was only that: Another of my online fantasies that would have run it’s course in due time.
But now…eh, NOT so much..Oh don’t look so smug Ms. Clark.
ONLY a Dumb Ass Thinks that I don’t post images of women or color (or maybe she can only tell if the model looks “Khoisan” or “Khoesan”. That’s really racially offensive and a one dimensional slap in the face considering my graduate school studies on Trade and Investment in sub-Saharan Africa (Received an A+! Booya for the Masters Degree effort).

Oooh Idiots REALLY piss me off, I can’t tell you how much. I guess I’m gonna’ have to change the banner from “Feminist Antigone” to the Disclaimer that is right below it because at this point I have HAD It with stupid teens reading this BLOG, becoming offended and attempting to challenge me, as if they possess sufficient intellectual capacity and integrity. The internet is NOT only for 13 to 25 year olds you know, Now I have to act like a curmudgeonly older woman because I really don’t feel like I should be a online babysitter when there are so many sites that cater to that and you idiots know where they are so go be assholes there goddamnit.
I don’t want to make Feminist Antigone a private blog because…..well Google really does pay, and I like money.

Rosario and Zoe and Jessica

The NEW “Sexi”
Rosario Dawson
Birth Place: New York, New York, U.S.A. Date of Birth: May 9, 1979. Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, Irish and Native American .
(Zoe Saldana) Birth Name: Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario.

Birth Place: New York City, U.S.A.. Date of Birth: June 19, 1978. Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Multi Ethnicity is the NEW Sexy. Hate me I don’t care, but it’s no longer fashionable to deny the multiplicity of one’s ethnicity just to satisfy ONE racial Group.

What this means is that the age old Jeffersonian Dogma that One Drop of African Blood makes a person “black” is NOT true. In fact it’s NEVER been true. It was merely a tool used by European Slave owners to fortify their privileged status as whites.

Unfortunately many African Americans still abide by this rule as we have seen with in my troubles with that Know Nothing @ohmaryjane.  OMG my ex wife’s mother [my former mother in law] was the same way:  “You know one drop of black blood makes you black” [Um NO it doesn’t and it doesn’t make you black either “unrelated-mom”. 

What I didn’t understand at the time was why she denied her father who was Hispanic, I mean she looked Hispanic, but I guess being Hispanic wasn’t her life experience. Then one day it became as clear as crystal.  Her Latin Father abandoned her African American mother who raised the child alone. This was coupled with an intense resentment towards her father and lead her to deny her Latino half.  I didn’t appreciate this woman’s attempts to force me to carry her identity issue. In divorce one parent leaves, that’s the way it is, so it's the parent’s responsibility to ensure the child affected by divorce grows up with a connected sense of identity not a disjointed one.

I understand why there are some African Americans who cling to this dated notion. See when a group experiences Cultural Dislocation, they naturally gravitate towards anything that reinforces their identity and sense of self.  The problem that this attitude holds for biracial or multi ethnic individuals is that we are expected to deny our true identities so that the aggrieved are satiated. When we don’t we are accused of lusting after brunettes with “white facial features” or worse “Self Hate”. But the real  self haters are those individuals who feel that no one would be attracted to them unless they looked like a Jessica Clark. The problem isn’t me being attracted to any particular type, the real problems lay in issues that one has with individuals who don’t look like them.

With the exception of model Jessica Clark (star of the upcoming film: A Perfect Ending), the women I post who are mixed with African usually have “black."
facial features as with Dawson and Saldana.

I embrace the multiplicity of my ethnicity and am very proud to claim a African/German and Wingapo Native/AnerIndian lineage. So Fuck Yeah! I love me some exotic women, mixed facial features are fucking HOT and I wouldn’t settle for anything less.  

It’s NO secret that’s my preference (considering that I have a Latin surname also).

Nadia’s World:


Nadia Hatta: There’s only one Taiwanese, Indian, Hainan, and Arabic multi-national bombshell who can convincingly play the role of an African American lesbian prisoner with a panther tattoo to the point of bringing her audience to tears. Such is the mark of a true actress and an artist with no fears—Nadia Hatta, ladies. Did I mention that being Ethnically ambiguous is the new sexy?
African America’s “Dirty Little Secret.”

As whites experience less anxiety or discomfort when in the presence of mixed race individuals who have African ethnicity, “Blacks” experience MORE discomfort and anxiety as a result of their perception that the race is being “Diluted."

I can’t count the times I was asked “What are you” by an African image American, as if to put me on the defensive like it would lead me to say: “Why I’m black of course.”

That proclamation, however never happened once.  Not during my childhood or during my teen, or adult years. 

Especially not when African American lesbians tried to get in my panties because I looked so “Exotic.”

Now that is NOT to say that Caucasian lesbians didn’t want to do the same things for the same reasons, they just hid it better and didn’t expect me to deny any portion of my real identity like @ohmaryjane does, but her behavior is typical of an an individual who has experienced a profound sense of cultural dislocation and lack of identity. Particularly in  her claims that I “secretly” post images of mixed race women on my Blogs (If it’s on a blog then how “secret” can it be?).

This sensitivity also plays into the fact that when black teens commit mass robberies or ”Flash Robberies”, no one is expected to point that out without being called racist or when a white all female college step group wins a national stepping contest thy are denied first place status and have to share 1st Place with the African American group that came in 2nd out of fear of “Hurting the feelings” of the remaining African American Step groups and to avoid allegations of “stealing” black culture. Yes I know history and this is a burden  that Caucasians are known for acculturation. It dates all the way back to the War of Versailles and even earlier to Lord Jeffery Amherst infecting native people with smallpox to steal their land. Yeah it’s their legacy, and it’s a shameful legacy.

As a woman of color I’ve experienced racism, I’ve experienced denial based on the color of my skin and I have conveniently used an African American identity when trying to make a point, but when people who are insecure in their identities try to make me insecure about mine the gloves come off and I post the truth. The key to wanting to connect with a multiethnic/multiracial woman is NOT to indict her of lusting after women who look white, but to engage her by displaying an interest in her and respecting her sense of self and identity, that’s how one meets the Jessica Clarks of the world, if that’s your goal. It’s not like I haven’t been rejected by darker women merely because of my color, so I hardly expect there to be an assumption that i think a certain race is better merely because of melanin content.

@ohmaryjane’s problem is the fact that I’m NOT her parent, I am NOT beholden to show her compassion or understanding, or to forgive her transgressions. Like any insolent child @ohmaryjane is steadily cruisin for an inevitable bruising as some mixed race teen is gonna’ beat the shit out of her.

Why this Blog isn’t for the young or insecure

UPDATE: I warned the little brat and now Mary Jane Guzman has hidden her profile and is racing across the internet to erase her words. She just wrote that I'm not important to her, when it's clear that I am very important to her as she is scared witless and hiding. Disabled her profile, and there's no way to contact her except through 1 YouTube channel. Seems pretty cowardly if you ask me.  I am as nice to you as you deserve and ANY child who challenges a woman with dumb ass comments for days is asking to be bitch slapped back to reality.
main_cyberbullying This is only a portion of what some teenage ass wipe a.k.a @ohmaryjane wrote to me:

”Inbox me. I know you”mastabate” to Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rose  Rollins, Jessica Clark,lolololol. While posting brunettes with white features on your blogs. Are you tired? I am not,lolololol."

 So if I’m posting photos of brunettes [“with” Sic] white features on my Blogs then WTF? I don’t even understand that crazy shit.
@ohmaryjane is clearly racist against whites and mixed race individuals like myself. She fucked with the wrong dyke when she targeted me.

I tried to be patient with this child and attempted to explore her motivations but she ignored my repeated requests to write  like a woman. So I had to post her harassing bullshit so her peers could se what a fool she is and that mortified her into silence.

In addition @ohmaryjane is a follower of that online daycare: The Beaver Bunch [last bastion for terminally adolescent, inexperienced and undereducated].  I wouldn’t be surprised if she is also a member of those other two online daycare centers, you know the ones that post all those “recaps” of fictitious story arcs with the nonexistent lesbian subtext, while indicting me for writing “way too much”.
I handled my business though as I posted her comments on her favorite sites so EVERYONE can see how immature @ohmaryjane really is. It’s all good.

If You Contribute to Beaver Bunch on You Tube, Then You BETTER Advise your childish followers like: Mary Jane Guzman a.k.a @ohmaryjane and others who may be inclined to take a similar approach, that it's NOT wise to harass people they don't know online with childish bullshit.  

It only highlights their stupidity while illustrating how children don’t have what it takes to interact with adults and should stay in school and NOT mess with a grown woman who is old enough to be your parent if not grandparent (I shudder at the thougth).

Now Playing: Columbiana

“Columbiana” Starring Zoe Saldana look for poster on right and click to watch movie link.

The last time I saw a woman of color leading in her own action film, was Angela Basset in the scifi movie Strange Days now I can say that Zoe Saldana has also done one. She’s been hot for sometime now starring in film after film and now her newest venture “Columbiana” will be her first solo role in an assassin/revenge film.

Angela Basset in Strange Days.  Look Familiar?

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Baby Come To Me


Jennifer Tilly attends the 2011 World Poker Tour Celebrity Tournament…

 Professional poker player Jennifer Tilly attends Charity Poker Extravaganza Benefiting Chrysalis on July 30, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage). a World Series of Poker Event bracelet winner? How fucking Sexy CAN She Be?



Tilly is currently the voice of Bonnie on FOX Television’s": The Family Guy


I have had the HOTS for Jennifer Tilly since, like: FOREVER.  http://www.homunculus.com/articles/tillyjennifer/tillyaol960930a.jpgShit we’re almost the same age (she’s older) Tilly was born Jennifer E. Chan (1958) in Harbor City, Los Angeles, California. She is the second of four children of Harry Chan, a used car salesman, and Patricia (née Tilly), a schoolteacher and former stage actress. Her father was Chinese American and her mother was of Irish, Native-American and Finnish ancestry. Following her parents' divorce when she was five, she was raised by her mother and stepfather, John Ward, on rural Texada Island, British Columbia, Canada. Her mother divorced again when Tilly was a teenager, and moved to Victoria, where Tilly attended Belmont High School.

Jennifer Tilly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from Stephens College.

So when I saw her in BOUND as Violet (the seductress) I was like, FUCK Yeah!  Not to mention that this EurAsian beauty is a champion Poker Player in addition to having been 2 years shy of her 40th birthday when she appeared in quite possibly the hottest lesbian sex scene in cinematic history!

Just what I like: A Beautiful Mature Femme that knows how to take control!


One Half of the Gorgeous Tilly Sisters, Jennifer is sister to her equallyhttp://www.xmission.com/~waynew/images/tilly10.jpg beautiful younger sibling Meg Tilley, who was born Margaret E. Chan February 14 [Valentine’s Day], 1960 Long Beach, California, United States: Meg and Jennifer Tilly were both nominated for an Oscar, Jennifer for her role in Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway 1985...

Jennifer Tilley in her Hilarious Oscar Nominated Role!

Meg Tilly wins Globe in 1986 for her role in “Agnes of God” [1985].

Meg Tilly now lives in British Columbia. She has not appeared in a film since 1995 (although she did make an appearance in the TV series Caprica in late 2010), having decided to retire from acting in order to raise her children and write.


In 2011 she ventured into live theatre, appearing as Martha in: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Meg received rave reviews.

Jennifer and Meg Tilly Today:



An Incredible Girl




Emma Stone, YES. Fuck Jim Carey. He&#8217;s creepy, a guy and has that icky dangly thing. Screw the age diff. No man knows how to please a woman like another woman does.<br />Pfffffft<br />I&#8217;m drunk. I&#8217;m dreaming.<br />Whatever. 

Emma Stone? YES. Fuck Jim Carey. He’s creepy, a guy and has that icky dangly thing. Screw the age diff. No man knows how to please a woman like another woman does.

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It’s A Rare Thing

It’s a Rare Thing to see lesbians of color in an independent film.  It’s even rarer to see women as beautiful as Jessica Clark and Julissa Bemudez starring together. For those of us who can’t wait for Jessica Clark’s next role [as Paris] in director Nicole Conn’s: “A Perfect Ending” here is Jessica Clark and Julissa Bermudez in “Sarah.”

Rue Faubourg


She has one of the most unique looks I’ve ever written about.  Teenage males can’t help but seek out her Bali Bra commercials and pictures for prurient pleasures, and I can’t help but find this  44 year old Peruvian/Danish woman as sexy as hell. Helena Christensen in a short film.

Helena Christensen 4
Helena Christensen 4

Plus the video she appeared in as a young woman that made her famous worldwide. I love this video because while Chris Isaaak is fawning all over Helena Christensen, she looks most unaffected as if thinking: “Of Course You’ve Fallen In Love With Me…Who Wouldn’t?”

Helena Christensen 3
Helena Christensen 3


Oh Eva

Eva Mendez


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I’ll Give You MORE – Music Video

A Perfect Ending (2011) and Sara The Film [2010]

Jessica Clark as Lexus and Julissa Bermudez in Sara (The Film)

Lexus (Jessica Clark) is a Graduate Student who begins a relationship with Sarah (Julissa Bermudez) a prostitute, when their worlds are turned upside down with life changing news.

A Perfect Ending Jessica Clark plays an escort who explores life and self with harried housewife Barbara Niven.

The Berlin Affair [1985]

Set in 1938 Berlin, Louise Von Hollendorf is the wife of a Nazi diplomat who meets and falls in love with a certain Mitsuko Matsugae, an artist and the daughter of the Japanese ambassador to Germany. Louise's husband Heinz soon finds out and tries to break up the union between his wife and Mitsuko only to eventually fall in love with Mitsuko also, while outside parties who include art professor Joseph Benno, Mitsuko's lover, and Heinz's cousin Wolf, a Gestapo officer, figure in which threatens to destroy the love triangle for good.

Gudrun Landgrebe as louise von Hollendorf and Mio Takaki as Mitsuko Matsugae

In Your Face

I don’t know about this woman, you wouldn’t believe the online grief I’ve received about this model being black with white features.  I don’t know what her race is but I promised to post more photos o her because that’s how I roll, I already posted about how as long as African Americans choose to remain closeted I will not promote them. In additionI am NOT going to write about whether Queen Latifah is a lesbian because I’ve known about Latifah’s lesbianism for 20 years (yawn).

Now as far as some idiot with her panties in a  bunch over New Zealand model Jessica Clarke being black with white features, well she looks white to me.


and also biracial




Just Deal with It (Clearly She’s “?”, as if one couldn’t tell)

She’s reached SUPERMODEL Status:

Jessica Clarke

Modeling Agencies

London: Viva Models

New York: DNA Models

Paris: Viva Models

Auckland: Clyne Models

Racial and Ethnic Ambiguity is the NEW Sexy.


NOT My Responsibility

Recently I have been fortunate enough to be annoyed by someone who is upset that I find modelshttp://img.poptower.com/pic-44305/jessica-clark.jpg?d=600 and actresses who apparently have had plastic surgery attractive. I do not know whether or not these mixed race models have had surgery.

Therefore allow me to repeat this ONE MORE FUCKING TIME!

1. This is MY Blog

2. I Post items that I find interesting

3. If I find a particular person attractive I will post her photo.

4. I am not responsible for what models, celebrities and actors choose to do with their bodies or facial features. I am mixed race as are the models that I post about’ I am interested in individuals who share the same experience

Now I have already written in my previous Blogs about the influence that Western European Colonization had on establishing cultural norms, mores, and values globally . 
One of those norms was the Western Euorpean standard of beauty that is still somewhat influential in opur society.

So if you’re not educated enough to have a clue as to what I am referring then this blog is NOT for you, it is for ME. Therefore I am NOT going to be a goddamn babysitter for teens or anyone else who is unable to “Connect The DOTS” and see how everything ties in together. I am not in the mood to explain anything to a child who isn't going to remember what I told them and apply it to observable criteria.

Finally  to maryjane: I am NOT obsessed with Jessica Clark, she is merely the: “Flavor Of The Month.” 

I wonder do you know me because I cannot figure out why you are obsessed with who I find attractive, did I reject your crazy ass in the past?


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Stieg Larsson's partner plans to complete final Millennium novel

Eva Gabrielsson and Stieg Larsson
Stieg Larsson and his partner Eva Gabrielsson in 1990. Photograph: PA/Scanpix
Stieg Larsson's partner Eva Gabrielsson plans to finish the fourth novel he left uncompleted on his death. According to early details culled from Gabrielsson's memoir of her life with Larsson, Millennium, Stieg and Me, which is set for publication in France and Scandinavia next week, Larsson had written 200 pages of a fourth novel in his internationally successful Millennium series before he died. Gabrielsson wants to complete it because, she says, "Stieg and I often wrote together".
Larsson's partner has refused to reveal details of the partially completed novel's plot, but promised that its charismatic but damaged protagonist Lisbeth Salander "little by little frees herself from her ghosts and her enemies". And, she said, she will only finish the book when she gets undisputed rights to Larsson's work from his family, who inherited the author's assets when he died intestate.
Swedish journalist Larsson died in 2004, aged 50, before any of his three completed Millennium titles – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest – were published. The crime novels featuring crusading journalist Blomkvist and punk hacker Salander have gone on to become a publishing phenomenon, with approaching 50m copies sold worldwide. But Gabrielsson is involved in an extended dispute with the author's father and brother over the proceeds from the books because the couple remained unmarried, despite being together for more than 30 years, leaving her with no rights to his assets under Swedish law. Reports of an uncompleted fourth novel, left on Larsson's computer and in Gabrielsson's hands, have been circulating for several months.
Millennium, Stieg and Me chronicles how the couple met and their struggles together at Expo, the anti-fascist publication Larsson founded in 1995. Larsson and his staff "moved around constantly to escape the Nazis who were harassing them", Gabrielsson writes.
And in a criticism of the Larsson family's handling of the estate, she sounds off about the Millennium "industry and brand", saying: "I don't want to see coffee mugs and other 'Millennium' merchandise (Well if the American Remake is successful then that’s exactly what's going to occur); I want to see the 'real' Stieg respected." She has previously complained about the parasitic industry that has grown up around Larsson, describing the "mythology" as unbearable.
Given Gabrielsson's concerns over how Larsson's legacy is handled, she is unlikely to be impressed with news emerging of the forthcoming Hollywood version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, set to star Daniel Craig as Blomkvist and Rooney Mara as Salander. The latest issue of W Magazine reports that the new film departs "rather dramatically" from the book, including alterations to its two main protagonists (Blomkvist less promiscuous; Salander even more aggressive) and a "completely changed" ending, which the magazine does not reveal but votes "more interesting" than the original. The new film, which has already attracted controversy for recasting the role of Salander, taken in the Swedish film version by Noomi Rapace, with an American actress, is expected to be released late this year.
No matter where you went – on a train, plane, or just sitting in the park – that bright green and yellow book cover seemed to be everywhere. The original movies were a smash hit overseas and by now we all know that Golden Globe-winning director David Fincher is hard at work on the American remake where Lisbeth Salander, who teams up with journalist Mikael Blomkvist to solve a long gestating disappearance.

Well the detractors (of which I am one) have decried the remake. IMHO remakes shouldn’t be made on movies that were released less than 5 years ago, especially when it’s an American remake because there will always be indictments of how Hollywood ALWAYS ruins great movies. and truth be told it DOES.
Now many Americans are tired of being told that America sucks in movie remakes. Well then maybe Hollywood should  stop remaking great foreign ,movies. It’s pretty simple. Don’t want to receive criticism then don’t do the offensive action. It’s also the epitome of American Jingoism to believe that the remake of TGWTDT will be better merely because it was remade by an American. See folks this is distantly related to the previous post and although this article is not about race, it does highlight how certain entities in Hollywood feel they have eminent domain over everything that was created by someone else.

I thank the Goddess that Steig Larrsonj created the Millenium Trilogy years ago or else Dorothy Snocker would accuse him of writing entirely too many books.

But I digress, I am not into glitz and flash. Seeing Lisbeth Salander on a new motorcycle is not as important to me as seeing Lisbeth Salander as more feminized is disturbing. I mean http://steparmorer.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo3-15qio11.jpga mini tutu really?
In my post: Get Ready To Be Disappointed Big Time I wrote that the American remake will be created in such a way as to make the male character more relevant in a sexual context than he was in the original as in Lisbeth actively pursuing him? 
You KNOW That It's Going to be something to pander to white males 17 to 35, especially the nerdy ones.
Does the revelation by Eva Gabrielsson  to complete a 4th Millenium novel mean that we have to be assaulted by American remakes for 3 more movies? You DO know that the American remake of TGWTDT is just the beginning.

Understanding It All Pt 1

I NEVER Write Anything Racially Incendiary Without An Explanation.
I’m not particularly fond of “explanations” when they are offered by alleged contemporaries, hmm that’s very odd because I usually hunger for knowledge. The reason I am not particularly a fan of hearing explanations is because one’s view is almost always invariably influenced by their paradigmatic assumption.  HUH? A Paradigm is our view of the world, our paradigmatic assumption is how we make sense or order of the world we perceive based on our experiences, norms, mores and values.

In this Post Modernist World I exist in, I encounter individuals who claim not to “see” one’s color.  However that is NOT the key towards creating a Race-less society as such a thing   cannot exist. It is more important to acknowledge our differences and to embrace such differences as valid to an individual’s identity. I become annoyed when unspoken rules are applied to me and I am expected to tacitly agree to following such rules, that may have an assumption that if one witnesses under-representation of people of color (Lesbian) on certain websites then it will be accepted without question and more importantly, no attempt will be made to rectify the disparity.
In a Global context “People of Color” [A term used, primarily in the United States, to describe all people who are not white and a preferable term because it frames the subject postmodernismpositively and has the power to unite disparate racial and ethnic groups into a larger collective in solidarity with one another.] are the majority, however western European colonization has displaced many an indigenous people and the resulting structural stratification that was instituted through structural violence has created a world where one particular group still holds the majority of the cards when it comes to establishing cultural norms and values.

There are individuals of color who already have sublimated their identity to the dominant culture and will therefore disagrees with this blog post.  However whether or not we explicitly acknowledge it, our actions can be racially motivated.
http://www.espacelaurent.com/peopleofcolorDtail.jpgThere are rules that exist in the United States where if a person of color experiences something that is “suspect” (meaning that the actions they’ve experienced may have been racially motivated) then they aren’t to acknowledge that because the dominant group will indict them as using the Race Card. But in sublimating one’s identity we invalidate our “sense of self” and reinforce the dominant culture which may not be right in their belief’s and actions.

Origins of the Racial Divide:
This is why I don’t like explanations like the one I read concerning human morphology.  The argument was that North Africans are primarily of Caucasian descent.  This is problematic because of one glaring FACT: The OLDEST skeletal remains of a humanoid were found in SOUTH Africa NOT Europe (No I’m NOT being Afri-centric).  If one engages in primary research they can trace human development and emigration they will discover a northeastern migratory path which leads to Caucasus or Caucas which is a geopolitical region at the border of Europe and Asia.

It is home to the Caucasus Mountains, including Europe's highest mountain (Mount Elbrus). I mean that’s IT, period. As humans developed and migrated their facial featured adapted to climate and terrain changes of whatever region they happened to be in.  Of course this occurred over a time span of millions of years. This phenomena is more commonly known as: “EVOLUTION.”

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-bsBXRL81J0/TKx2Ov5idhI/AAAAAAAAAAM/Yd2C1q9y1Gw/S748/knowledge-is-power.gifThere...DONE. This has NEVER been scientifically proven to be untrue.

However white supremacists argue the absolute reverse, and I reiterate that  I am mixed race, therefore I am not bashing whites by any means. I am bashing the insecure and undereducated who cling to perceptions that rely on theories posited by Swedish Botanist Carl Linneus (Lineaus) also known as the father of modern taxonomy, wherein classification of plants were used by individuals as a basis for determining order where Europe was at the top of the list and descended to Africa located at the bottom. Thusly when applied to humans the darker one’s complexion the less status they would appear to have socially.

When I was a child I invoked the universe to let me see the world as it really is. Over the years my brain filled with so much knowledge that it often means forgoing a logical explanation in lieu of writing something simple like : “Fuck You.” Everyone understands a healthy “Fuck You.” or identifying the culprit by their race. Race will always exist and one should question why a person want to deny that fact.

UPDATE: The TWO Jessica’s and Do I Write About Popular Culture Too Much? If So Then Tell Me Why....

I wonder why sites like Autostraddle, AfterEllen, VelvetPark, Feromoon etc, or better yet an individual who not only posts on her two blogs, but is also a regular contributor to AfterEllen can exist as sites that are constantly updated with new media from popular culture.  It appears that some are posting ENTIRELY too much about popular culture!

Yet when “I” : A solitary person posts enough content to virtually equal their content, I am allegedly indicted that I am posting entirely too much about popular culture? In such an accusatory manner no less. 

What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to sit back and think: “Oh Yeah of course these white girls should get all the glory”, and “I’ll just be grateful if I am tossed a bone.” Yep, that’s the ticket, “I’ll just let the clueless white girls meet my needs.”
Well There’s a new site in town, a site that knows what multicultural means and doesn’t always put one specific racial group (Caucasian) at the forefront. Think about it: If I weren’t making an impact would how much I post be an issue? Of course they will never come to this site to post a counterargument.  That would be an acknowledgement they are afraid to make.
But First A Musical Interlude:

The new modeling company in London called Viva Model Management celebrated its opening by releasing pictures of their talent this is Jessica Clarke from New Zealand.

Ethnic ambiguity is the New sexy!

Model Jessica Clarke, New Zealand
http://images.nymag.com/fashion/models/jclarke/jclarke_profile.jpg http://www.morphthing.com/showimage/2/8d9f035d37d0eec7f9b2f4f37e336199/0/37699108/NAOMI-jpg--001-jpg--3-31-jpg--NoName.jpeg
and not.....Jessica Clark (no "e") from London:

Photo By Stephanie Mathis2 http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kye61b0FoJ1qaka3oo1_500.jpg
Really Universe? Oh Just Confuse Me Why Don’t Cha’ Too Many Jessica's and who’s the Blond?

It’s TIME To Take Our Country BACK!

Time to take it back from the moronic Teabaggers, From Greedy Republicans, From Manipulative Corporations.
MOST Importantly it’s time to take our country back from President Obama who has lied and sold us down the river time and time again, by Constantly Giving into the TEAPunikans!

Take A Stand October 6th 2011!

Lisbeth Salander

Lisbeth Salander from the Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson.
More precisely, the vidder used scenes from the first part of this trilogy" "Men who hate women".


Sofia le Darp plays Lisbeth’s girlfriend. Remember this scene? This dear readers is called a lesbian sex scene. don’t look for this in the U.S. remake.





At first I felt as if my “widdle feewings” were assaulted when I read Dorothy Snarker’s attack on the individual who indicted her for the relentless penis embracing the BULLSHIT that she regularly shoves down her readers throats under the guise of it being a new type of Lesbian progressive sexuality, like so much unwanted Forced Fellatio. Can’t help but assume that whomever Snarker was responding to struck a major nerve, so major as to warrant an entire weekend response (either directly or indirectly).
But when I went to AfterEllen I saw MORE whining by Heather Hogan and since I am not registered or at the other site with that site I knew that she wasn’t addressing me, unless she visits this blog, which I know they do [ISP tracking remember?].

So I read about what Hogan was whining about: She claims to have been a writer for many years and an observer of popular culture for even more years. Yet if these claims were true then why is Heather Hogan once again attempting to diminish the relevance of Lesbianism as  http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/images3/aubrey_oday_sauna_small.jpgidentity, by referring Lesbianism as “Fandom” as a “phenomena”? Doesn’t Hogan realize that by doing so that she is degrading the core of a Lesbian’s existence?
See Ms. Hogan for all those years that you were merely observing popular culture, I was LIVING popular culture, I was making a living in Popular Culture and then to further understand Popular Culture I went onto to obtain a Masters of Science Degree to dissect the psycho/social dynamics of popular culture and the impact of culture on one’s identity.

This is why I believe that “Heterosexuals” (As Hogan and Dorothy clearly appear to be at this point) should NOT write about why lesbians react so viscerally to imagery and symbols that support heterosexism. But if they do respond to complaints then I for one don’t want to read a rudimentary and sophomoric explanation regarding why lesbians embrace or reject Lesbian Iconoclasts from these ill informed writers who write so an 11 year old understands their bullshit. Oh and this was written and updated before 11PM.  Take note Ms. Snarker because NOT all writers are bound to strict 9 to 5 jobs.

So I have requested until I was Blue in the face as to why either of these stupid, stupid skanks refuse give a critical analysis that irrevocably disputes the age old assumption that sexuality is a “Core” issue in a woman’s identity and that our lesbian identity is OUR IDENTITY. Lesbianism is not a fad in the context of popular culture.  It is part and parcel of one’s “Core”. That it is NOT dictated by TV or Magazines  anymore than seeing heterosexuality icons can reverse a person’s “Gayness” or “Lesbianism”?
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NOT The Best

The Big Problem is that we know this..I mean that’s why we elected Barack Obama. President Obama is leaving it up to us once again.  Goddamit Man!


People's Protest: DC's Freedom Plaza on October 6th 2011


HUMAN Needs!

NOT Corporate Greed



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What Am I To Believe?

Almost In: Andrej Prejic Looks More Like How Frankie SHOULD Look on Lip Service, except he’s Male.

Almost Out: Ruta Gedmintas Saved Only Because She’s Female.
Andrej Prejic is messing with my Paradigm, he’s just too damn pretty and looks too much like every beautiful, blond and really, really hot dyke out there.
Oh and he’s messing with the heads of so called “straight” male teens on You Tube, who will attack a lesbian in a millisecond but justify their attraction to Prejic by claiming that he looks so female that fucking him would still allow a male to claim a heterosexual identify,  Sorry boys it doesn’t.

Dyke Watch

http://uniqueproductfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/unique.jpgI wear men’s watches, sometimes men’s sneakers and most of the time men’s jeans and khakis.  But I also wear makeup and jewelry and women’s tops and yes I am not a teen, I have breasts and I am not eager for my girls to hang about pendulously as I did when I was younger n so I now wear a bra, but I’ve upgraded to the more natural looking and fitting Ahh Bra. Another plus is that the bra can be worn alone like a halter top is you are in shape (I recommend using one with color).

I’m somewhat of a paradox. I hold feminist beliefs but will not defend a woman merely because she is female. I am of color but am intolerant of the high level of internalized homophobia in communities of color.

I am therefore a unique treasure able to see the world how as  believe it truly is.

Here are my newest picks in what I consider cool ,Dyke Fashion. Starting with The Watch:

The Swatch New Gent Black Rebel

I spotted a stylish surfer wearing this watch in the ocean this past weekend and have to say—the all black looked damn good with nothing but a couple of thin rope bracelets and a swim trunk. My favorite part is the all matte casement and the strap, which is impossibly soft and great for beating the heat. Plus, it’s lightweight and water-resistant. At $ 70, there’s no cheaper way to be the most dashing dude on the beach, whether you’re kicking back in Montauk or Malibu.

Available on Swatch.com

The Long and Short of It:

From Hipster Dyke

Riley Keough

This is a picture of the model Riley Keough at Terry Richardson’s studio.

Credit: Terry Richardson

You care because because girls (women) with boy haircuts and boy names seem like they know exactly what to do with you, and what it’ll be like and how they promise that they won’t tell anyone how many fingers they put in you.

I care because women with greaser haircuts are fucking scary because they look like they don’t take shit from anybody, and they’ll tell you exactly what she wants, how she wants it, and will be done with you once she gets  “it”.                       ‘


The Perfect Boot for Fall From Dyke Republic

I am in love with these boots! Half chukka, half work boot; 100% stylish. I really like the gray with orange accents, but I’m also digging the navy blue. Delicious..

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