Sex and Violence and Humor

Femme Fatales is being promoted as a female-centric film noir version of The Twilight Zone, drawing influences from pulp fiction stories and graphic novels, with lots of T&A. It comes to us from the overstimulated minds of Mark A. Altman and Steven Kriozere, which seems weird at first because both of these guys have respectable day jobs in network television. But it starts to make sense when you realize they also have a bit of experience with the ol' slap and tickle. So far I am “into it” as much as Camille was “into” Lacey in Episode One.

Altman and Kriozere work as producers on Castle, the ABC detective romp starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Kanic. But Altman has a background in low-budget horror and made his geek bones by writing and producing the 1998 fanboy flick Free Enterprise. Altman also publishes Femme Fatales magazine, from which this new series gets its name. Kriozere has a pedigree in weekly television that includes NCIS as well as genre series like Team Knight Rider and the Pamela Anderson show V.I.P., which was also better than it needed to be.

Each episode of Femme Fatales (Fridays, 11 p.m. ET/10 p.m. CT) will be hosted by the "mysterious and enigmatic" Lilith, played by Tanit Phoenix. I've never heard of Phoenix, but the Femme Fatales press release tells me she's "an international model best known for her roles in Death Race 2 and Lost Boys: The Thirst." I suppose I'll have to take their word on that.

I guess this could be good. In principle, there's nothing wrong with softcore. Like any other often-reviled artistic genre (e.g., disco, musical theater, romantic comedy), softcore has its good and bad. Its success lays in how it's handled. So far, the producers are saying all the right things. They reference awesome flicks such as Bound, Dead Calm and Red Rock West. They promise Femme Fatales will feature women who "find extraordinary ways of coping with their problems, channeling their survival instincts and bringing out their inner guile." Hey, sounds great. But then there's the clip above.

Based on this little preview, the connection to true film noir looks to be tenuous at best. It appears the actresses understand the hair and costumes pretty well, but aren't acquainted with the concept of the femme fatale or her role in noir, which isn't too surprising. And it seems the femmes' promised extraordinary coping skills are actually extraordinary coupling skills. I'm betting there's no manipulating or conning that doesn't involve a tastefully lit, overheated roll in the hay. Which is fine. That's what this is really all about and everyone knows it.

Being a nerd, I love Free Enterprise and I'm a fan of Castle, despite itself. That show's writing is often hacky and precious, but it can be quite clever and fun. Plus, its cast is so good that it usually works. And V.I.P. was much the same, though with a lesser cast. Perhaps Altman and Kriozere will be able to bring some of the tongue-in-cheek enjoyment of their past work to this experiment in erotica.

Naomi Campbell to sue over 'racist' chocolate ad?

Written by digital spy | 29 May 2011

With added comment by Fem_Antingone

Naomi Campbell has sparked a race row after threatening to sue Cadbury over an advertising campaign for their new chocolate.http://fr.toonpool.com/user/4094/files/naomi_cambell_809345.jpg

The 41-year-old supermodel is said to be considering "every option available" after the food company launched "insulting and hurtful" commercials for their new 'Bliss' bar, which contain the tagline: "Move over Naomi, there's a new diva in town".

According to The Independent, Campbell argued that Cadbury had specifically selected her to promote their chocolate in order to play on the racial connotations presented.

She stated: "I am shocked. It's upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me, but for all black women and black people. I do not find any humor in this. It is insulting and hurtful."

Campaign group Operation Black Vote has already given its backing to Campbell and urged for a boycott of Cadbury products.

Simon Wooley of the OBV said: "[The] only recourse black people have is not to buy its chocolate... Racism in the playground starts with black children being called 'chocolate bar'. (I actually think it starts with referring to one’s self as “black” Why? Because “black” is not a race).

"At best, this is insensitive, and at worst it demonstrates Cadbury's utter disregard for causing offence. Its lack of apology just adds insult to injury. The Eurocentric joke is not funny to black people."

In response, a spokesperson for Cadbury insisted: "[The advert is] a light-hearted take on the social pretensions of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss... We would never produce any type of marketing we felt might cause any offence to any section of society."

Um Nooo, at best it IS racial in connotation, Cadbury did not choose a white supermodel model with Blond hair and Blue Eyes to represent a competitor for a Chocolate bar.  I mean the only people who believe that bullshit are the racists who deny that racism exists.

They added: "[The advert is] no longer in circulation... We have no plans to repeat the campaign."

Campbell recently urged the fashion industry to incorporate more black models into their campaigns.

Last month, Campbell opened a pop-up charity shop in London's Westfield shopping centre.

Simona de Silvestro Crashes During Indy Practice

This real time footage of the crash provides Simona de Silvestro, who is competing in the Indianapolis 500. with a scary moment.




Egypt reopens border with Gaza: My Opinion

Hundreds of people -- including this Palestinian boy's family -- are due to cross the border from Gaza to Egypt on Saturday.

UPDATE: I previously wrote that I expect backlash, and the reason is people make hasty reactions as opposed to discussing what misconceptions there are. If my position seems radial to a person who is Jewish, then it behooves them to explain their views as that is the only way a mutual understanding and compromise can be achieved.


More than 600 Palestinians passed Saturday through the Rafah border, which had been subject to frequent closures by Egypt after Hamas, an Islamic militant group, took control of Gaza in June 2007.

The closure of the border had been part of an embargo policy by Egypt and Israel aimed at cutting off Hamas, though it simultaneously created an economic hardship in Gaza by limiting shipments of goods in and out of the country.

Egypt opted to reopen the border to offer relief to the people of Gaza, said Ambassador Menha Bakhoum of the country's foreign ministry.

I am glad that there will be peace loving Palestinians who will now have a way out of Palestine. I am over 40 and my view of the Palestinian plight have certainly changed over the years.

As a child I grew up under the assumption of poor Israel persecuted since Biblical times, then the whole Holocaust tragedy.

I mean surely these were the chosen  people if they survived such persecution right?

As a teenager I began to ask: if Israelis were the “chosen people” then what were they chosen for? As a “recovering Catholic” I am not religious.

From my 20’s to Today, I have seen the mutual destruction that both Israel and Palestine have inflicted on one another. Israel usually bombed Palestinians when they were caught throwing rocks at Israeli Tanks. I also see the humanitarian actions of Israel towards the children affected by war whether or not the child is Palestinian. I see Israel’s Progressive Human Rights Policies.

Then came the suicide bombers and then Hamas, and now we have a game changer.

Many people feel that they cannot even speak of Israel without being labeled "Anti-Semitic" Are They Freaking Serious?

As much as I love progressive Jewish women?

As much as I adore Jewish lesbians who are progressive and empathetic, as much a I lust for Moran Atias?


Moran Atias

Please spare me, still I will not be muted from expressing my belief that  I do not condone Israeli occupation of Palestine.  If Jews roamed the desert for 40 years as Biblically claimed, then they have no right to return to a land they voluntarily left only to forcefully displace the people they found living there], and when President's Obama’s recent calls for Israeli/Palestinian peace are laughed at and called: “A Fantasy,” Well that is the epitome of arrogance.

I’m NOT Mel Gibson, so I do not believe that Jews started every war on earth.  Nonetheless don’t expect this blog to be bought by any media conglomerate.

Weekend Movies Have Moved

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If you do not want the public to scrutinize your life, you will lead an unassuming existence.  If you want  your privacy, you won't put your relationships on display. 

greta garbo 8 Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo (1905-1990) was a movie star who is attributed the term: “I want to be alone,” when she actually sais “'I want to be let alone,”  After she decided to stop acting, and for the most part the media left her alone only occasionally publishing glimpses of the reclusive Garbo.

However today public personalities like Maria Shriver, Britny Spear and even that perennial know nothing news hound Sarah Palin want to maintain the benefits of being a celebrity with the the right to privacy afforded to us ordinary folk.

I’m a post modernist feminist, I understand that we have come a long way while still being subjected to attempted domination by males.  Therefore I am not going to carry the: “Poor Maria Was A Victim” Banner.

The question that is on everyone’s mind is:


What did Maria Shriver really know About Mildred Baena and when did she know it?


Yes I KNOW that the media asserts that Maria was blindsided by her husband’s revelation of fathering a child with another woman, but was she really?

Here are facts that I’ve gleaned from reports:

1. They were both pregnant at virtually the same time.  Baena gave birth only days before Shriver did.

2. Baena continued working for Shriver while pregnant.

3. Maria was having dinner with Oprah and her gal pal Gayle when news came that TMZ was going to reveal the affair.

So why did Maria Shriver wait until TMZ was going to break the story if she knew of Arnold’s indiscretion since last January? If the story hadn’t been broken would Shriver still be playing this charade? In a way I think so.

Many people are now blaming Baena.  However I  don’t, she is a single mother trying to, as we say in the city: “Get Hers.”

Say YES- Will Liechtenstein: Say ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Partnerships?


Written by ionglobaltrends | 26 May 2011
Posted in Feromoon

The people of Liechtenstein should vote "yes" in the June 2011 referendum on whether their parliament should proceed to legalize same-sex partnerships, Human Rights Watch said today.

"The parliament has already taken the right steps to ensure that everyone in Liechtenstein, regardless of sexual orientation, is entitled to the protection of the law," said Boris Dittrich, advocacy director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Rights Program at Human Rights Watch. "Now the citizens of Liechtenstein have an opportunity to endorse this move against discrimination."

If the majority of voters say "yes" in the referendum scheduled to take place on June 17 through 19, lesbian and gay couples will be entitled by law to most of the same rights as married heterosexual couples, except in a few areas, such as second-parent adoption, artificial insemination, and surrogacy. A "no" vote will leave same-sex partnerships outside of the protection of the law.

"A 'yes' vote not only recognizes the reality that there is absolutely no reason that lesbians and gay men should not be entitled to protection of the law for their intimate relationships, but is also consistent with European efforts to modernize family law," Dittrich said.

A registered partnership bill was unanimously adopted by the Liechtenstein Parliament (Landtag) on March 16. The bill was due to become law on September 1. However, under Liechtenstein law a bill can be prevented from becoming law if the people block it through a referendum, which must be held within three months of the adoption of the bill. Such a referendum requires a petition signed by a minimum of 1,000 registered voters. On April 21 a group called "Vox Populi" presented 1,208 signatures to the government, effectively demanding a referendum. The government announced the referendum dates on April 26. The result will be binding.

Liechtenstein is a member of the Council of Europe (CoE). Seven out of its 47 member countries grant same-sex couples equal access to marriage - the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Another 13 members have passed legislation permitting same-sex couples to register their relationships - Andorra, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. These include Liechtenstein's neighbors, Switzerland and Austria.

As recently as November 2010, the European Court of Human Rights affirmed that the stable relationship of a cohabiting same-sex couple falls within the notion of "family life," as protected in article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. The Court recognized that over the past decade, there has been a rapid evolution of social attitudes toward same-sex couples in many member countries, including affording them legal recognition.

Member states of the Council of Europe should not continue to leave the family lives of same-sex couples without legal protection, Human Rights Watch said. The Liechtenstein government's decision to recognize their rights to legal protection and to make legal provision for registered partnerships is in keeping with the country's human rights obligations.

"The people of Liechtenstein should not isolate their country from Western Europe or their LGBT citizens from the rest of society," Dittrich said. "The fundamental right not to be discriminated against should be observed in Liechtenstein, and same-sex partnerships should be recognized by law. The people of Liechtenstein should vote 'yes' in the referendum."


Cee Lo The Troll

Kelsey Rey is HOT and Talented and Cee Lo  is a turtle masquerading as a human being. Kelsey chose Cee Lo to be her coach on The Voice and was summarily eliminated By Cee Lo during the qualifying competition for the live show.

Christina Aguilera also wanted Kelsey to join her team and if you are familiar with the rumours about why Christina’s marriage ended then you know what her “team” is about. Just ask the other 2 lesbians already chosen by Christina.

Hell Christina couldn’t subdue her attraction: [Kelsey] “You are Cuuuuuuttee.”

I think that Kelsey Rey will make it despite Cee Lo The TROLL



World's youngest female president is a Muslim:Atifete Jahiaga; Kosovo's First Female President

Written by Huffington Post | 25 May 2011

Kosovo's parliament has elected Atifete Jahjaga as its new president, the first woman to head the state.

The 35-year-old received 80 votes, with no votes against, in Thursday's parliament session.
Jahjaga was a compromise candidate in a U.S.-brokered deal between Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, businessman Behgjet Pacolli and the head of the opposition Democratic League of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa.
The Kosovo Constitutional Court had ruled that Pacolli's February election win had breached the constitution because an opposition boycott left fewer lawmakers in the parliament for the vote then required by law. The opposition threatened to repeat the boycott if Pacolli ran again.
Jahjaga, the deputy head of Kosovo's police, has no political background and had never run for office before.
"I never thought that I could reach such a high political position," Jahjaga told the assembly minutes after being sworn in. "But I have always been ready to serve my country."
Kosovo and Serbia are locked in EU-sponsored talks aimed at resolving their disputes, although Belgrade has vowed never to recognize the independence of its former province.
"We can't change the past, so we must build the future," Jahjaga said. "The dialogue will be successful"
Suzana Novoberdaliu, another female candidate, was also nominated to meet a legal requirement of having at least two candidates for the vote to count. Novoberdaliu got 10 votes, while 10 were inadmissible.

Huffington Post

It’s about time....

If you are feeling the effects of a poor economy, or are low income, there is no reason to be left out of the wealth of gadgets available to your wealthier counterparts.

Sure IPhone is offering it’s 3g verion for $49.95 as is Windows Phone, but you will still be saddled with a hefty cell phone bill if you're not careful.

Tracfone to the rescue!

I’ve used Tracfone for over two years I currently own an LG420g camera phone with Double minutes for the life of the phone automatically included. I purchased the LG 500g QWERTY Which is For Sale on TracFone.com, I should recive it by the end of the week! I’m so excited! :o)

LG500G | Tracfone | GSM

Tracfone full qwerty lg500g Accessories:Tracfone LG500g Covers and Accessories
Dimensions:4.49 x 2.32 x 0.51 in
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Technology: GSM
Form Factor: Candybar QWERTY
Bluetooth: v1
USB: MicroUSB v2.0
WiFi: No
Camera: Yes , 1.3 megapixels
Data: Yes
Signal Strength: Excellent
Audio Quality: Excellent
Durability: Excellent
Battery Life: about 8hrs Talk Time, up to 600 hours stand by
Storage: External micro SD card (not included)
LG500g Accessories
Extra Features: Supports Java apps, Full HTML browser, MP3 player, SD card slot for storage (card not included), video camera, Bluetooth,
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Finally a full QWERTY phone for Tracfone users. It has been quite a while since we have seen a decent phone offered to Tracfone users, now we have two! The
LG800g for those with a disposition for touchscreens and the LG500g for the texters.
Phone Look and Feel
LG500C (Also known as the LG c105/c100) has a Blackberry look feel to it with approximately the same dimensions. The large 2.2 inch (50.80 mm) screen looks great. Of course, the QWERTY keyboard is what really makes this phone shine as the keys are spaced perfectly for easy texting and web browsing. The hard keys are very responsive and easy to press. Rounded corners and slim design make it easy to grip and store. Navigational key placement is quite familiar and very easy to use. All in all, a nicely designed interface.
Find Out if the LG500G is available in your Area
Depite the super low price, the LG500g come brimming with features that up until now were only a dream to Tracfone users. This includes built in MP3 player, good digital camera, video recorder, full HTML browswer, JAVA apps capability and lots more. This phone seriously cannot be beat for $29 and other than the
LG800g, there are no other phone in the Tracfone line up that even hold a candle to this one.
The Tracfone LG500G gives the modern cell phone user everything you need that was previously off limits to Tracfone users. You can finally check email, install apps, listen to music, download ringtones, transfer files and text like a pro. An excellent little handset for under $30, so if you are a Tracfone user in dire need of an upgrade, the LG500g is the one to get!

LG 500G Features:

  • Includes Double Minutes for Life FREE

    This means that every paid Airtime Minute you add to this phone will be doubled. For example, Add a 60 minute Airtime Card and get 120 minutes.***

  • Fully QWERTY Keyboard
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  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
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  • MP3 Player (cable and microSD Card not included)
  • APP Capable
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  • Hands-Free Speaker
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  • Downloadable ringtones & more using Airtime
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Prima Ballerina Assoluta

Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias, DBE (18 May 1919 – 21 February 1991), was an English ballerina of the 20th century.[1] She is widely regarded as one of the greatest classical ballet dancers of all time. She spent her entire career as a dancer with the Royal Ballet, eventually being appointed Prima Ballerina Assoluta of the company by HM Queen Elizabeth II.


In the 1940s, she and Robert Helpmann formed a very successful dance partnership, and they toured together for several years. In the 1950s, she danced regularly with Michael Somes (they had first danced together in 1938, when they created Constant Lambert's Horoscope). In 1958 they appeared together in the first British televised version of The Nutcracker.

Fonteyn began her greatest artistic partnership at a time when many (including the head of the Royal Ballet, Ninette de Valois) thought she was about to retire. In 1961 Rudolf Nureyev defected to the West, and on 21 February 1962, he and Fonteyn first performed together in Giselle. She was 42 and he was 24. Their performance was a great success; during the curtain calls Nureyev dropped to his knees and kissed Fonteyn's hand. They created an on-and-offstage partnership that lasted until her 1979 retirement, and were lifelong friends. Fonteyn and Nureyev became known for inspiring repeated frenzied curtain calls and bouquet tosses.

Ashton choreographed Marguerite and Armand for them, which no other couple danced until the 21st century. They debuted Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet, although MacMillan had conceived the ballet for Lynn Seymour and Christopher Gable. Fonteyn and Nureyev appeared together in the filmed versions of MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, and the Le Corsaire Pas de Deux.

Fonteyn was awarded a DBE (made a dame) in 1956 at the age of 37.

She was chancellor of the University of Durham from 1981 to 1990. The main hall in Dunelm House, the Student Union building, is named the Fonteyn Ballroom in her honour. Also, the foyer to the Great Hall of University College, Durham in Durham Castle is named after Dame Margot Fonteyn.

She was mentioned by Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan.

It’s only a matter of time before the greatness of Gillian Murphy (Principle Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre) shines throug into notable history.




SHUT THE FUCK UP!.and.Give Back The Money MotherF*cker

Harold Camping speaks! The 89-year-old Nostradamus from Northern California, who spent millions of his followers' dollars to get out the word that the world was ending on Saturday, has been noticeably silent since that day came and went rather unremarkably. But he's at last ready to talk — and oy, what a weekend. Here's video of Robert Fitzpatrick who spent all of his money, NOT on strippers but on this crazy shit, being accosted by an angry mob in Times Square.  LISTEN DIMWITS! I know that you have “faith” but I question faith in what? Religion is man made, so unless  there’s another George W. Bush inspired Katrina, well that’s all we can expect.

Times square may, 21 2011 6:05. None of the people talking were me.

Appearing at his front door, sfgate.com reports, Camping told the crowd of journalists and angry followers that "it has been a really tough weekend."

[T]here was Camping, "flabbergasted" in Alameda, wearing tan slacks, a tucked-in polo shirt and a light jacket. [...]

"I'm looking for answers," Camping said, adding that meant frequent prayer and consultations with friends. It would have been way to unbearable to have the world end after Gawker posted that photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger's dick anyway. We were granted from total ,obliteration a reprieve, Hmmm, maybe there is a “god[ess]” after all.

"I have nothing else to say," Harold said, closing the door to his home. "I'll be back to work Monday and will say more then."

Harold you are right, you have NOTHING to say, take your old ass to bed. It’s OVER.

It’s easy for Harold to stay silent! What about poor Robert Fitzpatrick, the former MTA employee in the video above, who spent his savings on doomsday subway ads and billboards (I am a feminist, but if ever a guy needed to get “laid” it’s Robert). . Downside: No apocalypse. Upside: Jersey Boys is half-off at the TKTS booth!

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Again? Really?

WE are still here aren’t we? There was no apocalypse was there? NO Zombies that had to be fought off either (I really would have been caught short supplied if there had been). I hope that if I reach the age of 95 I don’t start behaving like an ass. OLDER People are  NOT “stupid” or “crazy” (Alzheimer patients aren’t either, but are still excepted), so why do some act like they are stupid and crazy? At this point one is well advised to do something with their money that would benefit humanity not terrorize it with proclamations that don’t come true.

This Sunday (05.22.2011) morning, I am confronted yet again with an article concerning the pathological penis, so I asked a male colleague what exactly is wrong with men that they can’t seem to get their shit together.  He responded that not every guy is a hound dog and cited President Obama as an example of moral virtue.

I responded that even a president isn’t immune from behaving like a prick (however I am sure that Michelle keeps Barack in line, after all who wants to  be bitch slapped by those arms?).

His response was typically male: “Just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean that you have to hate men.”

Hmm I don’t recall uttering that I hated men, but suffice it to write that I am not a fan of the penis.  Maybe it’s because it’s “out there” swinging in all it’s Knock Wurst sausage glory. leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

If you clicked one of the photos in the other article you saw Arnie’s sausage.

I mean sure all Clitoris' essentially look the same, (Ahh such is the burden of being a mammal) but it’s not like the clitoris is “BAM” all in your face as soon as she drops her drawers, mostly it’s discreetly tucked away.

So I ran off a litany of male celebs and politicians of recent who have tried to fuck their way into the annals of assholedom.  My colleague's response was to give no response at all and not to acknowledge that men seem to have some sort of problem with possessing a penis. He decided that silence and avoiding the topic was the best approach.

Since men are unable to remain monogamous then the entire idea of heterosexual marriage needs redefinition. Because this is yet another example of why heterosexuals are not solely worthy of the legal benefit of marriage. (Marriage = One Man, One Woman=My Ass)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has TWO OTHER love children claims Jane Seymour (How the hell does she know?)

By Caroline Graham

Last updated at 10:52 PM on 21st May 2011

Actress Jane Seymour has claimed Arnold Schwarzenegger has at least two more illegitimate children that he has kept secret from the world.

The astonishing allegations come after former Californian governor Schwarzenegger’s marriage to Maria Shriver collapsed when it was revealed that he had a son, Joseph, following an affair with his housekeeper Mildred Baena 14 years ago.

Seymour, who moves in the same Malibu circles as Schwarzenegger and his estranged wife, said: ‘I was not remotely surprised by their separation.

Love cheat: Arnie and his wife Maria hold hands in 2006 before the break-up

Love cheat: Arnie and his wife Maria hold hands in 2006 before the break-up

'He was obviously jumping the gun before everyone else told the world the news. And from what I gather there will be lots of information coming people’s way.

‘I heard about two more children. I met someone who knows him well.’

Seymour, 60, made her astonishing claims in an interview with CNN.

Former housekeeper Mildred Baena with son Joseph, now 14

Former housekeeper Mildred Baena with son Joseph, now 14

Her outburst follows news that not only did Ms Shriver not know her husband was Joseph’s father, but the child did not know either.

The New York Post reported that Ms Baena never told her 13-year-old son, or her family, but told Schwarzenegger the boy was his.

  • This still doesn’t make Tiger's divorce look like a bargain! Schwarzenegger split set to cost Arnold $400m as Shriver hires A-list lawyer (Elin got $700m)
  • 'Disgusting and irresponsible': Sarah Palin blasts love cheat Arnold Schwarzenegger (Like Palin should blast anyone when she can’t even instill the importance of safe sex in her own children (Aren’t conservatives amusing with their delusional hypocrisy?) 
  • Will sex scandal terminate Arnie's career? Schwarzenegger puts acting comeback on hold to focus on 'personal matters'.

As long as people will pay. to se his movies, Arnie will have a career.

It is believed Schwarzenegger and Shriver did not have a prenuptial agreement so she could walk away with half of his estimated £250million fortune (approximately $500m). Shriver has hired one of Hollywood’s toughest divorce lawyers.

NBC has also reported that at least one other woman has approached Schwarzenegger’s lawyers demanding a DNA test and claiming he is the father of her eight-year-old child.


LIVE From New York! Watch The RAPTURE


If this really happens then I am royally fuked.  I have not contacted any loved one. Most of them I am estranged from  anyway, and I spoke to my ex two days ago.  Ooh I hope it’s a Zombie Apocalypse.  I saw all six episodes of the Walking Dead.

Watch live streaming video from nyc at livestream.com

LMAO only 2 minutes left I think.

Arnold’s downfall was not a result of his fame or power

Don’t believe the fucking hype, especially from these self identified “experts.”
The Myth Of Wealth Leading To Infidelity.
Arnold did not take his liaison with the mother of his love child, because his wealth and power made him feel invincible.  Arnold cheated because the woman was available, close in proximity and was willing.  Most people if they are inclined to cheat whether or not they are wealthy will go after someone who is easily accessible,  It’s as simple as that.
Don’t believe anything else, life is not that complex.
Often “experts” will ramble on with “Blah Blah, much of nothing.
I’m a grown woman and a lesbian and that still did not prevent two of my older sister’s boyfriends from making a pass at me when I was a teenager.
I am not wealthy and they certainly were not wealthy nor were they powerful.  Also their advances towards me did not influence my burgeoning lesbianism, but it did negatively influence my relationship with my older and dumber sister when she chose not to believe me.
The phenomenon of guys and gals behaving badly crosses all socio economic and gender boundaries.
The only identifying correlation is the presence of Opportunity.
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Weekend Movie

The Tunnel is a 2011 thriller about a woman reporter who ventures into a restricted subway tunnels with her 3 assistants in research a story.  Soon they discover that they are not the only ones in the tunnel. Sort of like The Blair Witch Project meets The Descent meets .REC.

An investigation into a government cover-up leads to a network of abandoned train tunnels deep beneath the heart of Sydney. As a journalist and her crew hunt for the story it quickly becomes clear the story is hunting them.

Attack of the Pathological Penis

This is the maiden post for Feminist Antigone, and I decided that I am essentially through with being an online babysitter for the pubescent baby dykes that regularly visited URBAN Sapphic but didn’t do much of anything else, so I am not going to pander to baby bitches  by posting boring stuff available on every other lesbian website and I sure as hell will post what I damn well please, beginning with:

The Encyclopedia of Everything Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Done complete with a full frontal photo of the infamous dick Schwazenegger cannot control.

While you busy contemplating what an awful human being Arnold Schwarzenegger is for fathering a child out of wedlock and lying to his wife about it for 14 years, let's not forget all the other horrible things about America's favorite gay-porn-modeling, serial lady-groping, Nazi politician/statutory rapist.

Taken in context, Schwarzenegger's secret family on the side—the one he admitted to, at least—is one of his more charming attributes. Here's a brief survey of the foul swamp of rumor and reporting that has dogged him for decades and that he was somehow able to overcome and suppress on the way to two terms as governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger The Nazi
An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has DoneWell, his father was a Nazi. Arnold just liked Nazis. Though Arnold described his Austrian father Gustav Schwarzenegger in the 1970s as a "local police chief" in who "led a very regular life," Gustav was in fact a member of the Nazi Party who served in the Sturmabteilungen, or brownshirts—the party's paramilitary force. He later served in the German Army after war broke out, according to the Los Angeles Times, "in theaters of the war where atrocities were committed by the army." (There's no evidence that Gustav himself participated in any of those atrocities.)

But you can't pick your father, right? No, you can't. But you can pick your friends, and Schwarzenegger counted disgraced former Nazi and Austrian leader Kurt Waldheim as one long after Waldheim's past became known. At his wedding reception in 1986, of all places—months after allegations that Waldheim had served in German intelligence and had been aware of war crimes committed by the German Army in Greece had surfaced—Schwarzenegger raised a toast to his friend dismissing the "recent Nazi stuff" and saying "I love him and Maria does too, and so thank you, Kurt." He later went to Austria to visit Waldheim and sat next to him at a political event there in 1998. Schwarzenegger would eventually disavow Waldheim during his gubernatorial run, saying in 2003 through a spokesman that if he'd known about Waldheim's Nazi past—which he did, since he talked about the "Nazi stuff"—he wouldn't have offered the wedding toast.

So he liked one little Nazi. What's the harm in that? He also liked another big Nazi, if Spy magazine's monumental 1992 takedown is to be believed: "In the 1970s, he enjoyed playing and giving away copies of Hitler's speeches."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Was a Gay Porn Model

An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has DoneThis isn't strictly horrible unless you later present yourself, as Schwarzenegger did, as a paragon of wholesome, masculine, Republican uprightness and veto two gay marriage bills. In 1977, he sat for an interview and 22-page nude photo spread for the gay magazine After Dark. (The issue Schwarzenegger modeled for also featured Ginger Rogers and Diana Ross. Click on the photo at right for the NSFW version.)

He also sat for Robert Mapplethorpe, and was given to more up-close-and-personal modeling: Spy reported that in 1975 he enjoyed a weekend visit to the estate of Spanish millionaire and gay playboy Paco Arce Gomez. Arce, a photographer himself, snapped some private photos of Schwarzenegger, including one where a stack of Playgirl magazines could be spotted in the background. Schwarzenegger's biographer Wendy Leigh told Radar that Schwarzenegger also sought out the affections of wealthy gay British patron John Dixey, a "well-known aficionado of muscle boys" who "was very, very kind to Arnold" in the late 1960s. "You have to understand," Leigh told Radar, "before Arnold came on the scene, it was common currency that bodybuilders were less than macho—it was absolutely given and accepted that they supported themselves by catering to the tastes of wealthy gay men." That's a sentiment Schwarzenegger seemed to echo in a 1977 interview with the hardcore porn rag Oui: "I have absolutely no hang-ups about the fag business."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Enjoys Group Sex

An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Done

In that same Oui interview, Schwarzenegger told the story of the time a "black girl" showed up naked at Gold's Gym in Venice and got gang-banged by him and his pals: "Bodybuilders party a lot, and once, in Gold's—the gym in Venice, California, where all the top guys train—there was a black girl who came out naked. Everybody jumped on her and took her upstairs, where we all got together. [N]ot everybody, just the guys who can fuck in front of other guys. Not everybody can do that. Some think that they don't have a big-enough cock, so they can't get a hard-on." On a more admirable note, in the same interview, Schwarzenegger indicated that his need for instant, anonymous sex transcends any body issues: "I can look at a chick who's a little out of shape and if she turns me on, I won't hesitate to date her. If she's a good fuck, she can weigh 150 pounds, I don't care." That may explain a few things about his latest baby mama.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is also Statutory Rapist

An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Done

Gigi Goyette, the melodically named former actress who was identified in multiple outlets as having carried on an affair with Schwarzenegger for roughly a decade in the 1990s and after, says she first met—and had sex with—Schwarzenegger when she was a 16-year-old actress in Little House on the Prairie. Schwarzenegger was 28 at the time; the couple later reconnected for their long-term affair. If the first assignation took place in California, where both parties lived at the time, then it was a crime: The age of consent in California is and was 18.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets High on Drugs and Steroids

An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has DoneSchwarzenegger has candidly acknowledged smoking marijuana. He kind of had to, since there's film of him doing it. He also told Oui in 1977 that he's into "grass and hash" because "I do what I feel like doing." All of which explains why he told Playboy in 1987 that he'd never taken recreational drugs, ever: "Never in my entire life." Schwarzenegger definitely felt like doing steroids in the '70s, for which he has offered no apologies: "I have no regrets about it, because at that time, it was something new that came on the market." It's unclear whether the propensity for long-term anabolic steroid use to damage heart tissue played any role in the surgery Schwarzenegger underwent in 1997 to replace three of his heart valves with replacements from a pig.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Nipple-Tweaking, Ass-Grabbing, Anus-Licking Maniac

An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has DoneThe stories are legend. In 2000, according to Premiere, after British journalist Anne Richardson interviewed him, he "tweaked her nipple" in an attempt to determine whether her breasts were real. During the filming of Terminator 2 in 1991, he abruptly lifted his co-star Linda Hamilton—who was dating director James Cameron at the time—on to his lap during a limo ride with Cameron in the car "and began fondling her breasts through the very thin top she was wearing." In 1975, according to the Los Angeles Times, he sneaked up behind a 19-year-old girl sitting on a workout bench, "reached under her T-shirt and touched her bare left breast." In 1980, he saw an acquaintance on the street, called her over to his car, and "grabbed and squeezed" her breast. On the set of T2, he asked a female crew member, "Have you ever had a man slide his tongue in your [anus]?" In the late 1980s, he told a waitress, "I want you to go in the bathroom, stick your finger in your [vagina], and bring it out to me." None of this counted as cheating on Shriver, however. According to Spy, Schwarzenegger plays Clinton rules: "It's not cheating. It's only a “plo”-job."

[Photo of Schwarzenegger in 1977, top, via Getty Images]

Change is inevitable

It was bound to happen, I am bored with URBAN Sapphic the entertainment blog. I am glad I never registered this site as URBAN Sapphic because it’s easier to change the format when I choose to.


I am tired of the same 23 to 90 something or more visitors coming to URBAN Sapphic to gleefully enjoy everything I post (including today’s current movies for FREE) yet most of you never (if ever) give feedback or post comments of even follow this blog.

So I’m done. What will this blog become next? I haven’t decided but I do know that I will enjoy not posting items that still leaves URBAN Sapphic the Blog unappreciated. Cee Low Green Says:



Go Away Little Girl:The Ultimate Sapphic Sex List

There are all of these “Hot Lists” coming out: Auto-Straddle’s Hot List, After Ellen’s Hot 100 and that’s cool in a lukewarm safe for the kiddies kind of way.

However despite the occasional inclusion of Helen Mirren, NONE of those sites appear geared to adult women. I am talking SEX, not cheerleaders, not Sub Text and not always bare shoulders only shots, just Raw Unadulterated Sex Appeal.
Many of the honorees are either Lesbian, played a lesbian character, appeared in a same sex scene or alluded to lesbianism in such a manner that just the thought revs your engine. If they haven’t done any of those things or if I have no idea of who they are then their Sex Appeal is so strong that the wetness and lust they evoke is enough. One doesn’t always need to be nude to be considered sexy, still it doesn't hurt.

#1 Sofia Vergara- I love 44 year old Sofia Vergara as a brunette, but some of my readers may prefer Blonds and Sofia is a natural blond who dyes her hair brunette for the television series Modern Family. Besides, the only subtext I enjoy is when Gloria alludes to kissing another woman as she did in the episode where she took Claire’s youngest daughter to the mall.


#2 Taysa Van Ree- For Quite some time, I’ve adored the look that Johnny Depp developed for himself and since I was unsuccessful in pulling off the look myself, I squealed with glee when I discovered Taysa Van Ree easily pulled of a Depp doppelganger.


Taysa’s artistic, she’s hot and completely says: “Do You Want to.....?” Yes I do my dear. Shhh don’t tell:

#3 Freja Beha Erichsen- First came Helena Christensen that Sexy Danish model and current Bali Bras spokesperson, but alas Helena isn’t lesbian so her if*ck quotient is very low, despite her exotic looks:

Enter Freja:vlcsnap-00024 She’s Lesbian looks exotic and is one of today’s hottest models.

With Girlfriend (?)

Young Helena Christensen
#4 Shay Mitchell- The Prettiest Liar is also the sultriest and sexiest one. Alas Shay may be too young for me.

#5 Nadia Hatta There’s only one Taiwanese, Indian, Hainan, and Arabic multi-national bombshell who can convincingly play the role of an African American lesbian prisoner with a panther tattoo to the point of bringing her audience to tears. Such is the mark of a true actress and an artist with no fears—Nadia Hatta, ladies. Did I mention that being Ethnically ambiguous is the new sexy?


Editor’s Note: As I prowl the internet seeking African American Lesbian celebrities I was deluged with black lesbian porn sites and hard pressed to discovery any individual outside of the usual suspects the most out of which is that over hyped chick from the SyFy Channel. Until African Americans deal effectively with their internalized homophobia the pickings will be very slim as I am not inclined to list someone merely because they are African American and also a lesbian or Queen Latifah. This is after all the Sexy List.

#6 Paula Patton – Now in the comedy Jumping The Broom, Patton played a lesbian teacher in the movie: Precious.


#7 Rebecca Leigh Hard Body lesbian fitness model Rebecca Leigh’s body is a wonderland, I wonder is she’ll......

#8 Christina Hendricks – She may not be Sapphically inclined but Christina and her “Girls” want to reach gay women and she does that most effectively.

#9 Amanda Moore-

#10 Sexy Older Women - they may not be lesbian but I wouldn’t turn them down is they wanted to try.
Carmen Dell Orifice.
I saw some 1950s modeling shots of Dell'Orefice taken by famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon, and the photos were glorious.
With her shock of perfectly-groomed white hair and cut-glass cheekbones, Dell'Orefice is often referred to as "the world's oldest working model." She made a catwalk appearance in Jean Paul Gaultier's first Hermès show in 2004 and John Galliano's Dior haute couture show in 2000.



Honorable Mention:
The Goddess-Warning NSFW VIEW

Finally- The Butches. Though not well known they certainly look like they’d know what to do.




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