It Was In Her Eyes

As I patiently wait for the [huge and hard as a rock knot] swelling on my head to subside...

I watched a traler: for the movie: The Tall Man [Below] and I swore the actor who played the mother was a Native American actor that I've been a fan of for years [Irene Bedard above], but when I looked at the credits lo  and behold it was [Mrs. Justin Timberlake] Jessica Biel, who like Bedard is also native American [at least part] and in this trailer it certainly  shows through in her bone structure. You can see it in her eyes.

I wish Biel would embrace the Native American aspect of her identity more instead of always going for the typical "white girl" movie role, not because I think that she isn't suited for such roles as she certainly adapted well to the role of daughter Mary Camden on the television series 7th Heaven.   However I believe that Biel is in a unique poisition to portray Native American Characters that transcend the stereotypical expectations that  Hollywood seems tethered to. Let's face it: Because Biel looks more white [or her "native-ness" is more diluted] than Irene Bedard, Biel has a better chance in bypassing the long existing racist assumptions of Hollywood that for example still casts African Americans as maids. Isn't that right Viola Davis?

Nonetheless Justin certainly scored a  babe and one certainly sees Biel's multiethnicity in: The Tall Man

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A Necessary Post – Will Pistorius RUN?


I wasn’t going to post today, as I sat down at my computer to read today’s headlines. See when I heard the crack after my head hit the floor, I could have sworn from the sound that I had split my skull open. Well I’m still alive, but I am pretty banged and bruised.Bi kịch thảm thương của bồ 'Người không chân'

Still when I saw the headline that Oscar Pistorious was granted unrestricted privileges to leave South Africa, I thought: How effin’ stupid is the magistrate.

I cannot be the only person on earth that believes that once Pistorius is able to board a flight out of S.A. that he may go on the lam, to a country where it would be nearly impossible to extradite to face charges concerning Reeva Steenkamp’s murder.

I mean the South Afican Government should stop the charade nd tell Steenkamp’s family that they really have NO intention of locking up Pistorius and intend on granting him every opportunity to go into hiding. I have NEVER heard of anyone being indicted on charges of FIRST Degree murder being allowed to travel globally before their trial. It’s bad enough that the prosecution has mucked things up as much as they have, but this?

A South African judge has eased the bail restrictions on Oscar Pistorius, who murdered his girlfriend, paving the way for the Olympic sprinter to leave the country and compete in competitions or go into hiding.

Judge Bert Bam says the international athlete known as "Blade Runner" must provide authorities with his travel plans at least a week before he leaves the country. He must also return his passport to the court within 24 hours of returning to South Africa.

Yeah sure, like that’s going to happen. Fugitives don’t obey laws, that's why they are Fugitives..

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the court Thursday that he plans to serve Pistorius with an indictment on June 4.

No trial date has yet been set...Nor may one ever be set. Are the prosecutor's serious? Do they have a clue? I'm the one with the cranial trauma so why are these idiots acting as they have a head injury?

Justice Postponed?

Murder victim Reeva Steenkamp.


I’ll even go so far as  to predict that there may not be a trial ever. What person, who’s led the life that Pistorius had is going to voluntariy give that up for a future that could possibly take away everything that defines them? Including his prosthetic legs.

Oscar doesn’t ned the money despite his claims, the Pistorius’ are living quite large.
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Blogging from Tablet

I've sustained seriouss head trauma. Updating from my tablet
Posted via BlogPost


I haven't been around because I had a serious accident and am still recovering.

Is Smash Tuning Up For A Swan Song?

NBC Announces 'Smash' Saturday Burn-Off, Shuffles 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' Finales & Moves 'Ready for Love' Into Post-Voice Tuesday Slot


Bye, bye Smash! I hope Josh Safran is never hired as a showrunner for any show ever again.

Saturdays are for me usually reserved for cathcing the prefvious week’s reruns of Law and Order SVU and Chicago Fire. Smash is being moved to the weekend doesn’t bode well for the show continuing.

Smash lost my interest in Season 2 and why can be summed up in 2 Words: Kathryn McPhee.

McPhee should never have been cast as the lead in the series or the fake Broadway Musical Bombshell.


Megan Hilty should have been cast as the lead in SMASH


Megan Hilty as Ivy clearly had the superior Broadway trained pipes. Most of season one was spent focusing on the lackluster dynamics between Derek and Catherine and it was not interesting.

Season 2 introduced us to the character of Jimmy a drugged out actor singer composer and Speilberg  et al are still shoving McPhee down our throats like Ilene Chaiken used to force Bette Porter on us. No she wasn’t beautiful or hot and she was an insecure jealous bitch (Jennifer Beals I mean).

So here we have another promising show going by the wayside, much like the Playboy Club and all because writers and producers SUCK.

See Hollywood or the entertainment industry is a closed industry. That means that you are more likely to have you  work stolen, than be offered a legitimate opportunity. This is why I need to know who Lena Dunham sucked to get 2 seasons of Girls produced, when her work is reminiscent of my freshman playwright projects in college.

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They’re Almost Gone..THEY’RE BACCCKKKKKK! And So Am I…

March 11th was my birthday so instead of writing for the entertainment of readers who don’t wish me well anyway, I decided to take some much appreciated (by me) “Me Time.”

I decided not to write because I am under enough scrutiny: If not by certain Bloggers who indict me for having advertisements on my blog while raking in the big bucks themselves and simultaneously whining that they don’t ask for contributions.

To readers who accuse me of “Sour Grapes” (?)

You reach an age where you wonder: Is this worth it? Is it worth commenting on tired and redundant popular culture that’s never going to evolve beyond emotional adolescence?

There are no "”Girls” in my world, I’m serious. Everyone I personally know is well over 30. They are women. We don’t think in the context of “Girls Liking Girls” and frankly I get tired of reading about girls. It would seem as if nowadays adult lesbians are nothing more than a spectre.

That’s a shame and quite confusing because I’ve always been what I define as an “In Betweener” too young to partake of the financial advantages that seniors used to get Pre Paul Ryan led obstruction of President Obama) and too old to date young women without social imputation (Although ironically I seem to attract younger and younger women. Well I know what that’s about).

Before you mutter: "If you don't like the show then don't watch it" -  I give EVERY Show at least one season to prove itself. Some shows I give more than a season if I find somethiong worthwhile as in the case "Maya"(Bianca Lawson) on Pretty Little Liars and . The 2nd season of Girls has ended and I am finished with this show.

On The Topic of HBO's Girls:


A Close Second

Cirque du Soleil

I saw the new Cirque Du Soleil movie Worlds Away that was directed by James Cameron.

This movie was magical. I’ve always wanted to live in the land of Cirque Du Soleil, ever since they first came to my city in 1992. Wow that long ago.

World’s away delivers a a telling commentary of magical dreams juxtaposed with fearful nightmares., octopi and firedancers.


Magical, touching, unforgettable show. It fills my heart with joy and enchantment giving the viewer give a chance to be part of a magical world - the world of Cirque du Soleil.  Magical, the only word that relates to the feeling of benevolence I derived from charatcers like this:



I saw Worlds Away in Imax and that alone is worth the watch, a movie screen that is nearly 10 stories tall.

The very first movie I saw on an Imax screen was the Blue Planet, at the Smithsoneum Museum of Air and Space in Washington D.C.

Towards the end, the lovers reunite in a forest and look up at trees nearly ten stories  tall withj performer

In fact Imax movies are one of my favorite 3rd date destinations

This isn’t the “Worlds Away” movie, This is Alegria: The Complete Show!

Après avoir été enchantés par Saltimbanco et émerveillés par Cortéo, nous ressortons du spectacle Alégria avec un manque certain (de magie, de féérie) et une vague impression de déjà vu. Certes les artistes sont excellents, beaucoup de prouesses physiques (un bémol avec les contorsionnistes chinoises : comment le Cirque du Soleil peut-il cautionner le traitement infligé aux jeunes chinois afin d'arriver à ces performances...?), belle musique et chanteuse excellente, mais... c'est tout.

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Charlotte Does It Well

The very fuirst time that I saw CharlotteCharlotte Church Church, she was on the Oprah Wimfrey show and about 12 years old. She was singing Ave Maria and was the original Jackie Evancho.

Well I thought that Charlotte had the voice of an Angel (if they existed that is), when in all reality she's just a classically trained opera singer. Jackie Evancho is another Opera singer in training. These young women didn't just burst onto the public arena, their parents saw a natural talent and nurtured it, just like all loving parents should.


Well Charlotte spent years performing religious music because it's hard to break out of character once one is crowned as having the voice of an angel but she has branched out and here is one of her earlier secular performances.

Charlotte Church will never neglect the beautiful instrument that enhances fans of the classical genre.

And her latest: Charlotte Church performing new single Glitterbombed from her forthcoming EP 'TWO'

Performing Nerve  for the line of best fit

Intense. I think she finally found her heart and souL.



And here is american Jackie Evancho on America’s Got talent (Her debut)



  • WTF has happened to her? Oh, our little miss Church has done and growed up! WAY up!

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  • We Know He Did It..

    There is no reason for Oscar Pistorius to claim that he mistook Reeva Steenkamp for a burglar because he must  have known she was in his home and therefore should have identified the person in the bathroom first. The media seems to be romanticizing the fact that Reeva: "Died in Pistorius' arms."

     Sh*t he shot her! There's was no scenario when he just came upon her dying as a result of being attacked by a stranger. Oscar didn't take her in his arms as some sort of hero. Of course he tried to revive her, he KNEW he single handedly destroyed everything he had worked for

    Hugo Chavez death:

    Thousands march with coffin
    Thousands of people lined the streets to see the coffin and pay their respects
    Thousands of people have come out onto the streets of Venezuela's capital Caracas to pay tribute to President Hugo Chavez, who died on Tuesday.
    Mr Chavez's coffin spent more than six hours in a procession to the Military Academy, where he will lie in state.
    The government has announced seven days of mourning for the president, who died aged 58 after 14 years in the post.
    Mr Chavez, a controversial figure and staunch critic of the US, was seriously ill with cancer for more than a year.
    A self-proclaimed revolutionary, he inspired a left-wing revival across Latin America.


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