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For months I have commented that marriage equality is inevitable because there is http://www.theglobalobservatory.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/gay-marriage_2-300x287.jpgthis thing: It’s called “The Constitution” and in it is a provision that No State enact laws that do not recognize laws of another state. It’s referred to as Fair Faith and Credit or something like that {I’m not an attorney}, Generally it concerns interstate commerce, but it’s relevance here concerns  all those states trying to amend their constitutions to ban same sex marriage. 
There cannot be states that allow same sex marriage and others that prohibit it. That’s why I couldn’t understand why all those lesbian sites were “Losing It” every-time there was a setback.

Has Lip Service “Chaikened” itself out of a THIRD Season?

We ALL remember those days of inconsistent story-arcs on the L Word, come on http://www.afterellen.com/sites/www.afterellen.com/files/images/12709blog_TLW.jpgadmit it. I bet that you probably said on several occasions: "Maybe next season will be better," but it never got better did it?   In fact it got so bad that the series resorted to cruising the web looking for derivative works to take.

Viewers were left at the end of each season wondering if The L Word would be renewed.  In the beginning the renewals came before the season finale, but as the show declined the renewals came later and later.  Until Ilene Chaiken had to figuratively beg for a final season.


I knew it the moment I saw her. Of course many years have passed and I am too old to flit off to New York or Paris or wherever she may be. Such a flight of fancy was a one time thing that was solely reserved for my youthful infatuation with Gia Carangi.  However the moment I saw Arizona Muse I could sense a vibe.  My GayDar NEVER fails me, except in real life LMAO, just joking. It NEVER fails me.
Arizona Muse
Is Dating

Freja Beha Erichson

I know everyone already knew this, but me. See I had posted a pic of Arizona Muse the other day and thought: “Hmm she’s cute she can be one of my model crushes.” In fact lately I’ve been so busy writing and working on this blog’s design they’ve probably have moved on from each other. Or, maybe they are still together?

Raven Symone

The internet is A-Flitter over the Raven Symone is a Lesbian Rumor.  Raven says that her sexual orientation s her business. Translation: Yes I am a lesbian.  Oh come on you know as well as I that unless you have Tom Cruise or John Travolta money that you can’t really bring the hammer of silence down on the whistle blowers.


Move over Queen Latifah, at least Raven is kinda-sorta out of the closet.

Peeps, where’s there’s smoke………

People also need to stop raggin’ on the Enquirer for leaking the story, why are they bellyaching over the Whitney Houston open-casket photo? It’s was a member of Houston’s circle that leaked that photo. Get angry with the Houston Family or STFU.

Back to Raven, I knew that there was “Something” about her that was appealing, and it wasn’t just her cleavage:



LIFE On The Cheap

If you are familiar with my TechGyrl Blog, then you know that I always gripe that I’m not wealthy. I live Life: “On The Cheap” and in case you don’t know what I am referring to well it includes: Shopping at COSTCO, not using a landline for telephone service [Instead I use a “Not-So” Smartphone, instead] not having cable and you can be assured that I still watch everything that needs viewing.

That way any monies left-over can be spent at my discretion that may include splurging on something of high monetary value (relatively speaking of course) or saving.

I don’t spend a lot on technology, in fact my version of Dreamweaver states that it is the property of Macromedia [Adobe now owns Dreamweaver). My reasoning as to why I don’t purchase every bell and whistle is:

1. Much of the new software can be prohibitively expensive.
2. Technology changes too frequently.
3. I am doing fine with what I have now.
My most recent re-Discovery is Paint.net:

Here are some of the things I’ve done after only two days of learning the program:
c12Carangi_500b(1) GiaCarangi73(1)
Fbv51qad4gho1_500 Gia_CLOUDS_01

I first used Paint.net years ago when it was a simple alternative to Microsoft’s Paint and granted while the current version isn’t as fast as PhotoShop, Paint.NET is a great raster image program. If you've ever struggled to find Photoshop's hidden gems or can't get familiar with GIMP's unusual UI, spend a little time researching and downloading Plugins, and you'll become a Paint.NET convert.

Paint.NET is simply the best image manipulating, painting and drawing program you can get for the price. It is extremely intuitive also. Snap it up before Microsoft realizes what they're missing out on, buys it back, and starts charging the big bucks for it.

Plugins are not limited to adding new effects, but also cover lots of functionality areas, like loading and saving Photoshop files, RAW camera images, DDS files or filters. Some of the plugins are adapted from different other image editing softwares like Photoshop or
, but they add a big plus of functionality to the software.

Daddy’s Little Girl………

http://s3.amazonaws.com/auteurs_production/images/cast_member/21002/original.jpgJennifer Chambers Lynch is the daughter of award winning director David Lynch [Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks]. When your father is a famous movie director, it is expected that his children will enter the business.  It is also expected that they will display the same legendary directorial talents that brought the father acclaim.
So what caused Jennifer Chambers Lynch to disappear from the public eye for nearly 18 years? She made the movie: Boxing Helena.

If you steal, steal from the bestJennifer C. Lynch has only directed three films in her entire career, but her debut feature: Boxing Helena was mired in such controversy and legalities including Madonna backing out of the lead role and then Kim Basinger  who agreed to starring backing out of the title role—eventually leading to Basinger being the subject of an adverse jury verdict for over $8.1 million dollars against her, causing Basinger to enter bankruptcy that it virtually forced her into self imposed exile.

Weekend Movie UNAVAILABLE Sorry Ladies

Memorial Day Weekend 2012
Status: UNAVAILABLE: I had posted the movie, but it was removed twice. The Opening scene with the dancer contained very explicit Lyrics, so maybe that's why it was removed. However I will not jeopardize having my registration banned so I Hope you got to see the movie during the brief time that it was available.

Colin Powell Has No Problem With Gay Marriage

I guess that he only had a problem with Gays and Lesbians serving in the military. images Remember when Powell served from 2001 to 2005 as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under both H.W. Bush and Clinton? He wasn’t for anything relating to Human Rights in the context of “serving in the military.” For years I found his position troubling. Yes I am aware that Colin Powell had to adhere to what his superior dictated ion order to keep his job.   I do not take his change  in position as anything more than supporting the president and that’s just fine, it’s just not special, because Powell was a key player in Don't Ask Don't Tell, it was his recommendation.

Powell revised his opinions in early 2010 and favored a repeal of the legislation. As a moderate he is gravitating towards what is becoming a moderate opinion. "I think most Americans increasingly understand that times have changed," Powell said. No they really haven’t change, maybe because people are starting to listen to most Americans since the  conservatives have gone so far off of the deep end that they are alienating.

Powell has a long standing history as a moderate Republican; he supports a woman's right to choose.


A Message To former child actor Kirk Cameron


Kirk Cameron Outs Himself As A Homophobe

Kirk, grow up! Homosexuality is not “unnatural” and “destructive” to civilization. Civilizations would have crumbled centuries ago if homosexuality was “destructive” to humankind. Gay men and women are a beautiful, innate aspect of our world, our government, our military, our industries, et al.


Do YOU Take Issue With White Women Adopting Black Babies?, I Say…….

Get OVER It!  and to the new mothers, CONGRATULATIONS!!


Charlize Theron and Jackson

Sandra Bullock and Louie

Sandra Bullock and Louie


Congratulations to Jillian Michaels and partner Heidi Rhoades! Jillian has just adopted 2-year-old Lukensia from Haiti and Rhoades birthed Phoenix on May 3.


And The Winner Is…..Arsenio Hall

Forgive me, I had a busy week and took most of the weekend off to reinvigorate myself and tweak my blog’s interface.

Beautiful Dayana Mendoza keeps it real and says that given the way she was treated on The Celebrity Apprentice, she wants Arsenio Hall to win. 

“Ultimately, it wasn't just about who raised the most money. Arsenio was http://media.onsugar.com/files/2011/04/14/2/1546/15462711/e1/dayana-mendoza-feet-4.jpgundefeated throughout the season as a project manager, while Clay wasn't. And (not that Trump is taking this into account, but ...) one could argue that Arsenio has more to gain from winning "The Celebrity Apprentice" -- potentially restarting his late-night career, for one.”

I predicted that Arsenio was going to win The Celebrity Apprentice weeks ago [ Click HERE Prediction at bottom of post], but not for the reason of jumpstarting his late night career. 

Hall had to win: My perspective is that Donald Trump was forced to play the “Race Card,” if he wanted to undo all of the damage that Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey ODay did with their racist nonsense. 

One of O’Day’s clueless supporters got into a Tweet Fight with me, no seriously.   So I inquired how could he not see the racial bias on the show [Hell I had been writing and Tweeting about that for weeks, well that and Lisa Lampanelli’s latent [alleged?] homosexual desire for Dayana Mendoza/residual ACOA issues.

Five Years Gone: Zanele Muholi's Artwork Stolen, Hate Crime Suspected

By sarahnakano on May 18th, 2012 | 12:21 pm

Could you imagine five years of your artwork gone, stolen in one moment?
Zanele Muholi fights against South African queerphobia and violence through photography and visual activism. She documents the presence of a community which is nearly invisible in the media—the black lesbian community. 

Since her break-out solo exhibition in Johannesburg, 2004, "Visual Sexuality: Only Half the Picture," Muholi has been praised for a prolific stream of work and activism. Muholi explains that she "challenges racialized silence about queer visual cultures," and in response to those who call her work "immoral," she says, "In art immortality cannot exist. Art is always sacred."

(Zanele Muholi)
Sacred, indeed. On April 20th, 20 of Muholi's external hard drives, containing five years of photos, video footage, etc were stolen from her flat in Vredehoek, Cape Town. The stolen footage documented the funerals of homophobic-induced hate crimes and the lives of queer people all across South Africa, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and more. 

Rihanna Does Whatever She Wants With Her Va-Jay-Jay, so why is that a Problem?

Rihanna's late night lesbian frolic

What’s a girl to do while taking a break in land of the bikinis, Brazil! Rihanna chose to get frisky with a female ‘friend’ in the pool of course.




LAST Dance

R.I.P Donna Summer

Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012)[1] was an American singer/songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of the 1970s. She had a mezzo-soprano vocal range, and was a five-time Grammy Award winner. Summer was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums reach number one on the US Billboard chart, and she also charted four number-one singles in the United States within a thirteen-month period. On May 17, 2012, Summer died after a long battle with cancer. Wiki

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LOST “Girls”

Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Rosia Mamet are real-life children of elite wealthy powerful parents [e.g. artist/photographer, news commentator, rock star, dramatist] who enjoy creative play in the HBO sandbox. WTF?!

I have read some criticisms of the HBO comedy series: Girls. For Example:

On the Womanist Musings blog, the author offers a detailed critique of the show’s trivialities and lack of diversity, pointing out that the first black person shown is a homeless man. 

The show was similarly condemned in the Twitterverse. 
“Thanks to HBO’s Girls I now don’t have to travel to NYC to know what it’s like. It’s just all white people,” tweeted one.  Another lamented that the title should have been “White Girl Problems.” Another tweeted “HBO’s Girls, summarized for you to save you the trouble: White girls, money, whining. There now; that’s what all the fuss is about.” 

BEAT Master

Florence “Florrie” Arnold playing drums and Channeling Gia’s Bad Boi essence, 2008. What can I say? The Girl Got Skillz.

For More Information visit: http://florrie.com/

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It’s Gonna’ Be Good - Video Restored

 “A Perfect Ending” the new film from director Nicole Conn.

vlcsnap-00006 vlcsnap-00005


Her Again?

My fascination with Gia Carangi started over 28 years ago, so it should be expected that whenever there is a lull in what the next topic will be, I will always return to my favorite subject: Models [More specifically my all time favorite model]. Some people write about GLEE, some write about Tina Fey, I write about a LEGEND.

When you don't have one of the requirements in modeling [Like height: Gia was 5'7"], then you must be the best of the best in all the other departments- measurements, how you walk, how you pose, your energy and intensity and Gia had ALL of that. In addition Gia didn't need a lot of makeup.

I've previously written that Gia Carangi influenced me in many ways. So what was it about this 5'7" woman that was so memorable to me?

I felt a connection with Gia the moment I first saw her photographs. At the time I didn't realize that Gia was "Family" [Gay} but in retrospect that's exactly what the connection was, it was so strong it called me to New York. 
I remember telling a photographer that I wanted to meet Gia and he responded: “Not gonna' happen, she’s really stuck up.” [He misinterpreted Gia's drug induced behavior as vanity], but the reality was that Gia wasn’t even in  New York when I got there. Like many, I had no idea about her troubles and assumed she was still modeling somewhere and she was in Europe.

Seems like when you are granted such iconic qualities, you are destined to live a short life. It’s not that Gia died at an early age that made her memorable, it was her beauty, a beauty that cannot be shown in aged uploaded photos. 

NOT Again

Seriously I get so damn tired of writing about racism. But how can I NOT write about it when there are so many blogs and websites that attract readers that DON’T mention racism, but promote racists! For example I saw a lesbian blog promoting bigot Aubrey O’Day, from The Celebrity Apprentice and SOME readers of those sites are the same individuals who wrote the comments in this article.

Race is a part of life and as I wrote in my piece about Hipster Racism, the 21st century thing to do is too act clueless about the offensive dimensions of race as if that exonerates racist activity.

What the hell is wrong with white {and those who identify as “white”'] American teenagers? Nothing brings about a good old racist discussion than casting a film adaptation of a beloved book.  So went the bru-ha-ha with Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in The Hunger Games, and now fans are up in arms over the casting of Finnick in the second installment, Catching Fire.


Another Racist Shi*storm Brews Over Casting Hunger Games’ Finnick

Central casting has taken wallops from both sides over their various ethnic interpretations of characters from Suzanne Collins' dystopian trilogy as they're being converted to the big screen (note: very, very successfully). To be fair, this is complicated particularly because the futuristic setting suggests that the general population is mixed-race; many characters are described as having "dusky" or "olive" skin, and we've even published a comprehensive character-by-character racial breakdown to clear up the confusion.

Gotta' Luv Lakshmi!



Hooray! YAY!

Lisa Lampanelli once said that Dayana Mendoza was: “Dead From The Neck Up” because Dayana criticized her to her face. But the person who was really dead from the neck up  was Lisa for thinking that she could behave like a racist crazy woman and not get fired! 

Trump didn’t need Marlee Matlin or John Rich to recommend who should be fired because all he hade to o was watch the previous week’s episode, which I am sure he did.

It’s funny how some women (i use this term loosely in regards to Lisa) will hate on other prettier women for no good reason. 

Seriously Lisa you have SO Many issues that I strongly feel hat Dayana’s beauty was the least of your problems.

Good to see Lisa fired. Even if Dayana didn't come up with the bulk of the ideas at least she did not act like an unstable raving lunatic.


Florrie, is an English singer-songwriter, drummer and model. Closely associated with the Xenomania production house, since joining as their in-house drummer in 2008 she has played live and on record for popular artists such as Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys.

Call 911:
And She Plays A Mean Drum

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Episodes Restored!

Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace in the upcoming Alien Prequel: Prometheus.


Shag-A-Thon and Buying “It”

My latest reflections on Series 2 Episode 3 of Lip Service should not be construed as a Re-Cap, Snap-Cap or Hub-Cap, there are enough of those online. 

Instead Let’s Get To The GOOD-Stuff!
Thank You Lip Service for making up the lack of lady lovin’ in the first 2 episodes by giving us a Triple Play in episode 3!


Yeah I know that Sam is devastated by losing her lover, but here’s the thing: TOO much time has passed for me too be emotionally impacted by her loss. 

Virtually from the start of Sam and Cat's relationship, the latter was messing around with Frankie. So even though Cat initially wanted Sam, it didn’t take long at all for her feelings to return to Frankie. It's been 17 months since Series One ended. That's too much time. The producers messed up if they thought that viewers would hold on to their sympathy for Sam.

vlcsnap-00020 Apparently Sam’s emotional breakdown was the result of her finally deducing the reality of Cat and Frankie. I wonder how that could’ve been a surprise.  There is a saying that in life we basically already know everything we need to know. That meam that if we we pay attention to our instincts we will never be misled. It is when we try to convince ourselves that what we know isn’t true that problems arise. Sam couldn’t have been so clue-less.  After all Sam is a detective. Her job entails finding out the facts and believe me, love isn’t that blind.

GAO Effect

http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Grace-Gao-.tiff.jpgShe's from Jiang Su province in China and started modeling less than a year ago. I think she is beautiful - reminiscent of actress Shu Qi or a more conventional Feifei. More importantly though is this “Pan-Ethnic” vibe I am getting.

I love when a model is able to transform easily from one ethnicity to another Ashton Kutcher, Pop Chips Videowithout such effects that can be construed as racist.

For example: Former model Ashton Kucher made a commercial that was described as racist because he appeared as a Southeast Indian {complete with darker  complexion]. So why was his commercial considered racist?

Sum it up to the legacy of white supremacy. America’s continuing legacy of racism and bigotry means that individuals of Western European descent have basically painted themselves into a corner so that even a commercial as allegedly innocent and benign as an ad for potato chips can spark such controversy. Well judge for yourself:Video Restored

Weekend SEXY

No movie This Weekend so enjoy: The Sexy:

Joan Smalls
Karlie Kloss


OR….Why I don’t the entire 2nd season of Lip Service will focus on everyone dealing with Cat’s death.

This is the powerful conclusion to last’s week’s episode of Lip Service. It was sad..It was Gloomy and there were so many dynamics as I have mentioned before. Abandonment, Rejection, Betrayal.

To the Chica in Guadalajara

You should send me money too so I don’t have to run advertisements. After All you read my site EVERY Damn Day. Sorry I Don’t  Have a Weekend Crush But You Never Seem To Mind.

Así que pagarme también!

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She wants BUNNY!

Modern Family Ep 21


Everything’s Dirty

Okay, so I am really not into writing recaps. Everyone else is doing it so…well do you really want to read yet another regurgitation of the same episode? I didn’t think so.
Naah I’d rather just jump to the good stuff.
I didn’t see Mad Men April 29th.  I watched it Monday evening, I had almost forgotten to watch it and I must say: Great Goddess it’s just getting better and better.
So what was so good about this week’s episode?
There was the usual Peggy, Rita stuff. Roger being the perennial jerk but wait! Who’s this? Megan;s mother.

So who’s  Megan’s mom?

JuliaOrmand_Jessica Pare
(Megan’s mother adeptly and sexily played by Julia Ormond)

 Yep Megan’s mother is sexpot Marie Calvet and is just what I needed to see, they couldn't have picked a better candidate to play the mother of Megan Draper and gosh just speak French to me and I am “Virtually” yours. Je dis la vérité, ai-je raison Helen?

Absolute Perfection

She was around 18 in this photo

My Favorite Pic




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I have learned that my family are NOT the people who raised me, not the mother who birthed me  or raised me. My family consists of the people who love and care about me, who are there when needed, who don't steal from me or manipulate. My family is intelligent and trustworthy.

So to particular people in a particular city [You KNOW who you are], I have NOTHING for you. GOT It? NOTHING, go steal elsewhere. You’re pretty good at that.

In Case You Wondered Why I Watched The Celebrity Apprentice…….

Dayana was marginalized right from the start, but it got worse after they got rid of Patricia Velasquez.

Everybody Lies. Dayana Mendoza may have wanted to go to college IF she didn't win Miss Universe 2008, but she WENT to the Pageant, the Pageant Did NOT come to her. She knows that she is beautiful and at least sh doesn't lie by saying that she lived in the Amazon like Aubrey o'Day did.
I watched until Dayana Mendoza was fired and I am still pissed at Lisa Lampanelli.  I want you to see how Dayana was treated. The first clip is relatively mild but you can clearly see that Lampanelli [Who was the project manager for this task] didn’t want to give Dayana anything to do [In the end the execs LOVED Dayana’s design but she was still brought to the “bored-room” [pun intended] for elimination.

So what if Dayana wanted to be onstage! I’d rather look at Mendoza than Lampanelli.




Don’t Tell me That She Is Not A BOMBSHELL





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