Getting Rid Of The Umbrella


I am A Lesbian, I am NOT “a” Queer, I am NOT questioning and I gotta’ tell ya that I don’t like my identity being diminished as if it’s part of this larger Les/Bi/Queer/Questioning? thing.image

I don’t say: “Hi!, I’m Les/Bi/Queer/Questioning, wanna dance? Seriously? What a crock of BULLSHIT.

It’s difficult enough to embrace one’s identity as a “suspect” class [It’s a legal term look it up, it concerns discrimination] or as a sexual minority, I’ll be damned if the identity I have been proud of for years is going to be hijacked watered down by a group of lazy asses who refuse to do the work in establishing their own "identity."

There is NOTHING Queer about me, I am educated, articulate, politically astute. I have worked hard to gain recognition and respect as a lesbian. I embrace and am knowledgeable of the lesbian movement throughout history and it’s offensive to me when I see others attempting to negate my hard work in an effort to usurp my gains and take them for themselves.

Am I a lesbian separatist? In so much that I will shake stragglers alooose from my coat tails, then the answer is: Yes.

Look if the new groups of younger lesbians can’t accept that they are indeed homosexual and need to water down their lesbian identity by polluting it with claims of new sexual orientations, well that is their prerogative. However in the real and offline world, that shit doesn’t fly far as THEY WILL SOON FIND OUT.

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Lesberatti’s Best Films of 2011

I choose Films that are not about 15 year olds coming of age with their 1st "Girl" crush. I came of age many moons ago and frankly I wish everyone on the internet would mature a few years already, seriously come on now.
While I hate the list of "The Best Of" for the most part there is one exception: Movies. Here is my list of movies that I particularly enjoyed in 2011.

7. Sarah - An Independent offering that is currently playing on YouTube with a longer version available as a digital download from www. Saratthefilm.com
The Movie features Vogue model and real life lesbian Jessica Clark [Of the upcoming: A Perfect Ending] as "Lexus"an MBA student who meets and falls for Sarah [Julissa Burmudez] an HIV infected former escort. I like this film because it reflects intelligence compassion and empathy.
6. The King's Speech
Colin Firth as a George VI striving to overcome a nervous stammer which threatens his ability to pull the British people together after brother Edward swaps sovereignty for Mrs Simpson and Hitler begins the march across Europe. His hiring of an Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey Rush), turns this personal battle into an absorbing and quietly moving story of friendship.
5. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Tom Cruise leads the IMF Team on another high flying death defying adventure of Global proportions helped by cast members Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner. Not the most intellectual of cinematic endeavors but certainly one of the most fun...Besides I got mad respect for artists that REALLY perform their own stunts.

4. Elena Undone
First of all Mad Props go to beautiful and sultry Necar Zadegan, an Iranian actress for doing a lesbian love scene and Tracie Dinwiddie for elevating the concept of "Futch" to New Heights. Any shortcomings in the script are easily overlooked by the magnetism between these two actors.
3. Viola di Mare
Sea Purple makes the list not because it IS a another lesbian film and even though it doesn't surpass Room in Room because I have had my fill of watching sexual stratification on the screen, the movie is still worth watching because overall it is emotionally moving and it is so beautifully filmed: Almost like a painting on celluloid.
2, Room In Rome
Alba (Elena Anaya) seduces a stranger (Natasha,played by Natasha Yarovenko) in a provokingly sexual manner while evoking allusions to artistic and literary masterpieces that envelope the hotel room they inhabit.
I can't sing the praises of this movie enough, it is one of my all time favorites. But be forewarned this is a cerebral character study and NOT intended to be viewed by those who are unable conceptualize or fully grasp the metaphorical significance of the literary allusions in the movie.
See some of the less inclined have referred to Room In Rome as a "Hot Mess", not so much because it was a bad movie but because they are....How Do You Say.?...Not Very Intelligent. Yes I'm: Talking To You Ms 'Hot Mess" Reviewer.
1. The Artist - The amazing film about a woman's rise to stardom during the fall of her Icon. Yes the movie is really about him but Berenice Bejo makes it her own with her loving performance as the sparkly and effervescent Peppy Miller. No there is no heterosexual sex act, no unwarranted violence either, just good clean movie going fun featuring Uggie the movie's wonder dog.
Of all of the things that modern movies make me dislike: Gratuitous Sex, Gratuitous violence, Dialogue that lacks emotional depth, I can say that with the exception of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Violence) and Viola di Mar (violence against women and sexual stratification) that my year's best films have one thing in common: Strong Female leads and sex that was integral to the movie's storyline, not just for the sake of showing "Boobs." That is what I look for in movies.

Oh NOW It’s Playing Everywhere

The thing about living in a city where movies are released in first is, you have to wait for the rest of the nation to catch up. In the movie there are these AWESOME movie posters of "Peppy Miller" [Berenice Bejo] as she rises in stardom, it would be great if those were also marketed.

Most Lesbian Sites Go On and On about stuff that is of questionable artistic value [They must be getting paid to do so], Conversely I attempt to have a discerning eye and am reluctant to promote any old crap just because it has the word “Lesbian” or any of its derivatives attached to it.

This is my 2nd posting of this article because over the Holidays it may have been overlooked.
The Artist is EVERYTHING the Critics are Raving About AND A WHOLE LOT MORE.
Hands down and unequivocally The Artist is THE Movie of 2011 [And I have seen nearly every movie this year!].


Yes a lesbian blog can sing the praises of a movie targeted to heterosexual audiences that embraces all of the qualities of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Unlike the sex and violence, or “hokey” dance movies that permeates nearly every visual medium we encounter the Artist was the opposite and was storytelling at its best.

There is NO audible dialogue in the movie and the imagemusic you hear is because during silent movies there used to be an orchestra that played in accompaniment with the movie. Any words that were spoken were displayed on black “Dialogue” cards.

The Artist succeeded in making me cry [That’s right I Cried!] Wanna Make Something Of it?
Movies are meant to manipulate your emotions, it is the intention of filmmakers to make you: Laugh, Cry, become Frightened, Angry or Sad. That was the challenge that Michael Havanicius faced directing The Artist: A modern day movie using elements not used in over 80 years to achieve and he succeeded. Silent films didn’t have synchronized recorded sound. Therefore without audible dialogue, feelings/emotions had to be transmitted through muted gestures, exaggerated pantomime and title cards.

Full Movie Synopsis [Warning: Spoilers included]

OMG! I LOOOooooove Karmin!

This Duo is So Much FUN! Amy and Nick are both Classically trained musicians who gained Fame on You Tube months ago [That’s when I first saw them perform] before Ellen Degeneres helped launch them to stardom and now they have a recoding contract [I wonder how much of a cut Ellen is getting?].

Anywho, this babe is the New Gwen Stefani, Look Out Gwen, you've got some serious competition! You Too Katy Perry.

Karmin: Crash Your Party

Carbon Copy

Firework (Katy Perry Cover ) Live

I have Have Such A Dirty Mind

6 Months Ago: 

Is this Eve Salvail’s sister or new love interest at Paris Fashion Week? 

Well this Mystery Woman  certainly has the body of a love interest (If you know what I mean ;o). Eve’s status reads "Divorced" so if this is the new love then it seems like Ms. Salvail and I have similar tastes and share a passion for buxom women. 

 Eve and ? Shopping in Paris:



Eve Salvail: The Original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Jean Paul Gaultier - After The Show - Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall 2011 | FashionTV - FTV.

Eve Salvail in white dress 00:41 to 00:43 and again 1:30 to 1:43 wearing the black coat ovcer the dress on the left side of the screen.

If it’s released in color WOW!

The Artist In Color

That's Right I Said It: A C*ck Worshiping Lesbian Website Heads into 2012 with Full On Racism!

And if you're offended well like Teabaggers, I also invoke my right to freedom of self expression and besides I was offended when I read this skewed article. Leave it to the junior members of the Ku Klux Klan that make up 98% of After Ellen’s readership to proudly wave their flag of Racism in the latest:

After Ellen.com's

Shag, Marry or Dump: The Human Beings of "Community"




Annie Edison

image image image

It’s safe to assume that I don’t like giving this ass-wipe of a so called (No Longer) Lesbian website publicity, but then I am slapped in the face with its unrelenting Bullsh*t.

In the latest Poll to appear on After Ellen our unwitting contestants consist of:...

 More after The Jump

Making Room for Noomi


The "Prometheus" cast is starting to fill out with acclaimed actors including Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba. But for many, it all starts with Noomi Rapace, the leading lady in Ridley Scott's hotly anticipated return to the science fiction genre.

You remember that in my Blog Post from August 14th 2011 I was one of the first bloggers to report on Noomi Rapace [The Original Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo] being cast in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel as brilliant scientist Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.




UPDATE: New Photos and Full Movie SPOILER Alert!

I did a rare thing Christmas Weekend 2011, I paid $10.00 for a MATINEE [CAN you BELIEVE IT?!} and actually saw another movie in the theater as opposed to watching them online. Okay if you can read recaps and snap caps and sub caps then this is the movie that allows you everything you need.

I saw The Artist about: A silent film depicting the demise of one actor and the rise of another  during the silent film age.

Hands down and unequivocally The Artist is THE Movie of 2011 [And I have seen nearly every movie this year!].

Yes a lesbian blog can sing the praises of a movie targeted to heterosexual audiences that embraces all of the qualities of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Unlike the sex and violence, or “hokey” dance movies that permeates nearly every visual medium we encounter the Artist  was the opposite and was storytelling at its best.

There is NO audible dialogue in the movie and the music you hear is because during silent movies there used to be an orchestra that played in accompaniment with the movie. Any words that were spoken were displayed on black “Dialogue” cards.

The Artist succeeded in making me cry [That’s right I Cried!] Wanna Make Something Of it? 
Movies are meant to manipulate your emotions, it is the intention of filmmakers to make you: Laugh, Cry, become Frightened, Angry or Sad. That was the  challenge that Michael Havanicius faced directing The Artist: A modern day movie using elements not used in over 80 years to achieve and he succeeded. Silent films didn’t have synchronized recorded sound. Therefore without audible dialogue, feelings/emotions had to be  transmitted through muted gestures, exaggerated pantomime and title cards.

Full Movie Synopsis [Warning: MAJOR Spoilers included] More After The Jump...

If You Are So Inclined

Embracing the aura of Inclusiveness:

Align Center





Emilia "Var Minut" Acoustic Live Version

Emilia Rydberg (born 5 January 1978, Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish pop music and soul singer, mostly known for her hit, "Big Big World". Emilia was discovered in 1996 by Lars Anderson, son of ABBA's manager, Stig Anderson.

Tomboy [2011]



Laure is moving into a new neighborhood with her little sister Jeanne. Because she is in need of new friends and does not know anybody, Laure decides to dress and act as a boy. She becomes close to Lisa, who does not know her new best friend is not a boy.
Coming to theatres on November 25, 2011
Starring: Zoé Héran, Malonn Lévana, Jeanne Disson, Sophie Cattani
, Mathieu Demy




Your Mission If You Choose To Accept it…….

Is to watch Mission Impossible 4. YES It’s Good! Yes It’s a Global Adventure, Yes Cruise performs his own stunts and guess what? Beautiful Paula Patton does also.

2011 Paula Patton


It's fair to say that MI4 DOES pull out all the tricks of the Action/Adventure film. I however was really only interested in the stunts performed at the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai. It's the world's tallest building after all. Unfortunately the scenes at the Burj Kahlifa don't occur until almost an hour into the movie, prior to that we have to go through Cruise escaping a Russian prison set to the turn of an old standard, Cruise esacping from a hospital after the Kremlin is destroyed in a terrorist attack.
The IMAX version of the movie provides the best viewing, I was really into the desert scenes and southeast Asian scenes.

Here's the thing...many sites are going to give reviews and thi isn;t a movie review blog. Alo there is no watchable version on the internet so no links worth posting. If you aren't willing to spend the money to see this film on IMAX, I suggest finding the kargest screen possible.

Scene: The Screen Dance

Actually I am less infatuated with Berenice Bejo as I am MORE infatuated with the character she plays: Peppy Miller. I mean if I am going to have an imaginary girlfriend I want one as positive and ebullient as Peppy Miller! Life is hard enough, who wouldn’t want this ray of sunshine.

It’s that aura of innocence, not burdened by the stresses of modern day life, nor does Peppy seem jaded.

I remember when I was younger, I would turn to PBS on the old analog television only to have the sh*t scared outta me by a silent movie like Nosferatu [Are you kidding me?]

In this scene silent film star George Valentin [Jean Dujardin] spots someone practicing dance steps half covered by a screen. He starts to dance mimicking the other dancer before he instructs the stagehands to remove the screen where he sees it’s Peppy [Bejo] he was dancing with.

A New Spin On A Time Honored Tradition

It’s a time-honored tradition at Navy homecomings – one lucky sailor is chosen to be first off the ship for the long-awaited kiss with a loved one.
Today, for the first time, the happily reunited couple was gay.

The dock landing ship Oak Hill has been gone for nearly three months, training with military allies in Central America.
As the homecoming drew near, the crew and ship’s family readiness group sold $1 raffle tickets for the first kiss. Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta bought 50 - which is actually fewer than many people buy, she said, so she was surprised Monday to find out she’d won.
Her girlfriend of two years, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell, was waiting when she crossed the brow.
They kissed. The crowd cheered. And with that, another vestige of the policy that forced gays to serve in secrecy vanished.
By Corinne Reilly
The Virginian-Pilot
© December 21, 2011

And So It Goes…..Yep There’s A Lesbian Connection After All [At Least on Film].

I have been trying to identify what Berenice Bejo’s ethnic mix [racial makeup] is.  See that’s what us Mixed folk like to do.  It’s gives us a sense of completeness by identifying different components of our “self.” Besides many of my readers know what a ‘Super Sleuth” I can be, from uncovering Traci Dinwiddie’s girlfriend, to revealing Portia di Rossi’s affair with Ellen Degeneres while Ellen was still with Alexandra Hedison to now narrowing down Berenice Bejo’s racial background [Actually I am rapidly losing interest in this because…] It’s really irrelevant since her race is a minor and incidental part of her ethnic and national identity and I believe that I’ve uncovered a Lesbian connection my readers can create subtext with.  Bejo’s first screen appearance in the short films "Toast" (1993) and "Speaker or Lesbian" (1996).
Determining Bejo’s racial make-up up was an interesting exercise for a moment.

The Results: Here is my conclusion, which is based on a COMPLETELY UNSCIENTIFIC surface analysis of photos I get a sense that Bejo may have South American and Tunisian background [North African].
Why? Well I have met many women from Tunisia and of course they weren’t as beautiful as Bejo but there were similarities in facial features. Oh and don’t start with the: “You’re a Racist” nonsense because if you knew the real definition of the word, then you’d know that merely identifying  a race or an ethnicity doesn’t make one a racist. Besides “White” people identify their ethnic background all of the time: “I’m Italian,” “I’m Polish”… blah, blah, blah.  …While African Americans want you to deny every racial component of your background except “black.” That’s why Tiger Woods was given such a hard time when he acknowledged the Asian component of his identity. 
The Funny Side Of Race with Katrina Law [Mira: Spartacus Blood and Sand/Spartacus/Vengeance
MORE Berenice Bejo
So Does This Revelation Make Berenice a “Sistah?” No it doesn’t.
Click here to find out more!

Bérénice Bejo, Sofia Vergara Nominated for Golden Globe Awards!.....

The Interview + Exclusive Scenes

So What?! If other lesbian oriented sites that go on and on about non lesbian “sub-text” I can go on and on about this beautiful, gorgeous, insanely hot woman!

Nothing new in this interview that she hasn’t already said in French. Just want to look, so I decided to bring you an exclusive featurete of this marvelous little film.

Look even if I wore my Lesbian Lenses, well there’s nothing there as far as imagining subtext. But hey you get enough of that, how many lesbian sites do you visit that are about the artistic value of a product?

I can only hope that one day Lesbian film evolves to the point that ambitious divergence like this can be endeavored.

The Artist Featurete:

To remove ads enlarge video screen to full size.

Maybe It’s For The Better……

Chaz Bono Splits From Fiancé

Chaz Bono has split from longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia, ending their engagement, according to TMZ.
"They leave this relationship with great love, respect and affection toward one another," Howard Bragman, Bono's spokesperson, tells the website. "No further amplification will be forthcoming and they ask that you respect their privacy at this time."
The relationship between the two was chronicled in the documentary Becoming Chaz and its sequel Being Chaz, which showed Bono proposing to Elia. 

The Look – A Lesson In Race

Here’s the thing. Biracial and Mixed Race individuals regardless of ethnic content take image great pride in the concept of “Identity.”

For Instance model  Helena Christensen is a Peruvian/Dutch mix. Yet when someone says they are “Biracial” it is automatically assumed that it’s a Black/White Pairing Therefore this posting will focus on such.

when African Americans look for representation of their-self in the media, well it’s the same for us as Biracial individuals. We also look for representations of ourselves in the media. 

This is why it’s particularly unnerving when the multiplicity of our racial and ethnic identity are more or less diminished by groups who consider having a modicum of African Blood making a person solely "black."

This is an out-dated Jeffersonian way of thinking and was intended to maintain an archaic social structure that established by slavery. A structure that bestowed rights and privileges upon those who were thought to be of Caucasian descent.

OMG! I am SOOOO Happy!!!!!

The  movie HAS NOT Opened Yet! YaY! No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Goes to show how you can’t believe everything you read online.  I had posted that the movie opened November 25, 2011.  I read that online. It is opening December 25! So I have 2 movies to definitely see: The Artist and Mission Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol).



Star Quality

HOW Cute Is Berenice Bejo? With Those Sweet Freckles and despite the fairness of her complexion, it is evident that Bejo is of color. She has that Christy Turlington "Ambiguous-Race" thing going on:

Bi-racial ,model Christy Turlington: See What I Mean? I am also mixed race, I can most definitely tell when others are also mixed race.
Turlington Bejo
image vlcsnap-2011-12-18-19h53m00s169
I don’t know exactly what her racial make-up is.  Bejo was born in Argentina. Argentine [a.k.a Argentinean] is an ethnicity and not a race. Her father is Argentine, the ethnicity of her mother? Some say French, again French is an ethnicity and not a racial designation.
Berenice Bejo is definitely of color as you can see from her appearance in the short film: Adam’s Apple. Bejo plays a subway rider.


Resolution for 2012

This seems attainable:


Thanks Lezlion

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Berenice Bejo on her silent role in 'The Artist' OMFG She BEAUTIFUL!


The Artist is Definitely One Of My NEW Classics

The premise is age old and is the story of the demise of one actor while his discovery rises in Fame and Fortune. You’ve seen a variation of this theme in the movie: A Star Is Born. It’s refreshing that this is a silent movie [No spoken Dialogue].  Maybe if the L Word had been a silent TV show, it’d still be on the air. Today’s screenwriter is pretty lousy, I mean when Fan Fiction winds up on the L Word, prompting Chaiken top admit that she use other people’s work [mine] without crediting them, of giving remuneration, well that’s pretty low.

At the end of “The Artist,” rising star Peppy Miller finally receives the fame and recognition she deserves. And now the same can be said for the actress who plays her, Bérénice Bejo.

On Thursday, Bejo earned the Golden Globe nomination for best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture for her portrayal in “The Artist.” She also nabbed a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for the same movie and category the day before.

The Artist” follows a silent film actor, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), from the peak of his success in 1927 to his sudden fall to oblivion with the arrival of the talkies and the rise of his young co-star and eventual love interest, Miller.


The movie, which is a silent black-and-white film, has received lots of praise, and has become a favorite among critics this awards season.

Bejo said that she was quite surprised and proud about the nomination. The Argentine-born French actress said that, like her character, she has been on a similar journey in the film industry, which helped in approaching the role.

“I can definitely relate to Peppy because I actually started as an extra in movies,” she told CNN.

Critics have lauded the film for not only its warmth but for also being a brilliant homage to silent films. Bejo said that she performed the role as she would have in any movie, and that the silence is more obvious to viewers.

“The difference and the challenge is more for the audience, for us it was quite easy,” she said. “The body language comes out more, you definitely look more at the actors. Because you can’t hear them, you watch them more.”

In fact, Bejo said that had “The Artist” been a talking movie, she doesn’t think that her character would have been any different because of how expressive Miller is as a person.

She also said that she enjoyed working with John Goodman - who, she said, “has a beautiful face” - and that she considers Dujardin her brother.

And since her husband, Michel Hazanavicius, wrote and directed the movie, Bejo added that she was able to understand his vision and play out her part better.

“It made it so much easier,” Bejo said. “I just wanted to please him and he made me feel really good and confident. This movie is all about love and making something special. It’s really a love letter to Hollywood and to the American people.”

The actress said she is currently wrapping up filming for the French movie, “Populaire.”

Berenice Bejo in Adam’s Apple: A Short Film:


An Impossible Beauty Rises Above Family Trauma

Theron in the Movie: Young Adult
Charlize Theron has said many times that she will never marry, I never suspected that she was lesbian so I didn’t understand why until I read how she survived on of the most traumatic experiences a young child could ever have:

Obama’s Family Portrait 2011 + Michelle Obama in Rachel Roy

Newt Gingrich says that unlike Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama has failed to unite TeaPunknicans and Democrats, however Newt fails to add that this Ku Klux Klan of a Congress would NEVER abide to requests that  a man of color makes.  Hell you’ve seen what they’ve done to one of their own: Herman Cain.  Just a bunch of red-necked backwoods racists supported by like minded slow witted dullards. If he gets re-elected it will be because intelligent people realize that he truly is the lesser of Two Evils.  He’s NOT Evil at all, sh*t he doesn’t even have the balls to b*tch slap the Repugnicans into compliance.  Every few months they threaten a Government Shutdown, really? And he is unable to go Urban on their Punk Asses? Maybe I should run for Prez, we need an angry Dyke as Commander in Chief!

The First Family 2011

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Sasha and Malia Obama pose for the 2011 family portrait photographed by White House photographer Pete Souza.  Below Michelle Obama is wearing a Rachel Roy rose and tweed dress and jacket by Azzedine Alaïa at Fort Bragg yesterday.  Malia is wearing an Osier Dress from Anthropologie and Michelle is wearing  Byron Lars above.



Journalistic Responsibility

Hi Regular Readers and Others: 

In a re-post from 12.12.2011 that appears below, I wrote how the writers and producers of a certain Crime drama are intentionally misleading American Dullards into believing that one day the main characters will “one-day” consummate their long standing non existent lesbian attraction to each other.

The characters' closeness has prompted much speculation (and a drinking game) about their sexuality. The show's makers say it isn't a lesbian relationship, but will anyone believe them?

July 03, 2011|By T.L. Stanley, Special to the Los Angeles Times
The first season of TNT's crime drama "Rizzoli & Isles" featured an episode with the title "I Kissed a Girl." Its stars, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, played on a softball team, shared some intimate dinners, drank wine over candlelight and hopped into the same bed for girl talk.
Series creator Janet Tamaro described Harmon's Rizzoli and Alexander's Isles as a "power couple" — the center of a buddy drama, one that broke cable ratings records in its debut run and returns for its second season July 11. But the women are not together, as in together.
This is not a gay show. 

Even this dumb beast knows:


Today I am alerted that another blog is giving a response intended to give the opposite impression of my all too true assertion. Yawn..this is getting so damn redundant I am get the sinking feeling that someone may want to intentionally cause conflict. I am older than most of the fans of that show. I haven’t seen my teens or 20’s in DECADES, I’ve been an out Lesbian for DECADES. I KNOW what constitutes Homosexual behavior and what doesn’t. 

The REAL Deal:

Return of the L.A.dy

The new Dior film features Marion as a young Hollywood movie-star, frolicking pool-side for a Dior TV commercial.

The fifth installment of the Lady Dior films was inspired by a 1973 short film by famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon that starred model Lauren Hutton.



Urban Credibility

If you are striving to become an Urban Hipster Dyke, this is the blog to read it’s culturally aware and a bit irreverent. Look all the I Miss the L Word and Dana is cute if you’re 14, but every respectable dyke has heard of DiDo and every savvy-culturally aware Urban Lesbian has heard of Yousou N’Dour.

Technorati Tags: ,,

Repost: from 12.13.2011

According to Google my Blogs Keep Disappearing because I am not using Picasa or another Google approved photo hosting site. Before Blogger was consumed by Google in a feeding frenzy, I never had issues with disappearing posts and not using a non Google approved photo hosting site. So I am reposting a blog that originally APPEARED: 12.12.2011
I have a few: For example I watch Rizzoli and Isles, sometimes I watch Glee online. There I’ve said it. Oh I am not so self righteous as not to indulge myself. Yet in an attempt to maintain veracity in the content of my character I won’t blatantly promote actresses who work against my best interests.
Yes Really

Sure Angie Harmon says she loves Lesbians and Gays, but then she steadfastly votes for politicians that base their entire careers on promoting hate and intolerance, that’s where I draw the line. I know the general age range of many people online, and I also know that while many of them strive to be glib and smart assed, well they are nothing more than impudent little children in my book. So no I won’t add to the ongoing confusion by making Jane and Maura music videos, or writing Jane and Maura fan fiction.

See they’re not playing lesbian characters, so they will never get it on…EVER. No matter how many events they attend together, no matter how many times Maura pretends to be Jane's "Life Partner" [usually done in a ruse to mislead some obnoxious dude], nothing will ever happen. Their respective heterosexual love "interests" will be safely kept continents away to allow writers to pander to young males and feeble minded "Baby Dykes."


It's a well known fact that, apart from Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise is the only living actor who did all the stunts in his career by himself! This is why I watch Tom Cruise movies, that and the lovely lady co-stars of course.
The actor has been snapped perched precariously on a box at the very top of the 829m (2,723ft) Burj Khalifa in Dubai dressed in a grey T-shirt and jeans.  

REPOST: Don’t Pass This Up!

You’ve seen the banner ads on Lesberatti, but if you click The Gilt Man ad when it appears, you can explore some really great fashions and yes clothes are “lesbian” compatible, in both women’s and men’s styles.

It’s Happened Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tyranny of Google Has Struck Again.  Now there is only one post appearing.  This blog usually has 5 posts displayed BUT FOR SOME REASON THEY HAVE BEEN ARCHIVED. The vanished posts can be accessed by clicking “Older Posts” at the bottom of the Blog's Page.

The Google Monster
"The Googster"

I didn’t do anything to cause this and as I have previously written, it is virtually if not literally impossible to get answers from Google as to why my posts suddenly disappear.  The staff consists of clueless volunteers and I am not in the mood to repeat the same question over and over and over. I haven't chnaged servers yet because I am writing a novelette. I wish Google would stop buying up the internet because it's clearly too much for them to handle.



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