Remembering Anna Nicole Smith

She was a mother who loved her children:

Anna  and son Danny and with Daughter Dannie Lynn
http://www.poesie-amour.com/IMG/ana0125.jpg http://blog.nj.com/entertainment_impact_celebrities/2008/03/large_anna1.jpg

She was the 20th Century’s Marilyn Monroe:


And…….[Anna with One Lucky Woman named Tracy]!

Lifetime Networks is airing its version of the life of  Anna Nicole Smith, a Big Beautiful Woman, who was heterosexual but also physically drawn to women at times. Anna was  ridiculed for her weight, drug abuse and for the most part considered an untalented train wreck of an individual, who was ridiculed constantly:

  The Original MTV Video Awards Appearance:


However I thought that Anna Nicole [nee Vickie Lynn Hogan] would pull through and turn out to be another Courtney Love, still around to annoy us, if nothing more.

I liked Anna, even more when I heard that she wanted to appear on the L Word. See Anna didn’t make a big deal out of her attraction to women, she didn’t wave a flag of Bisexuality merely to garner fans like Anna Paquin or Megan Fox do.

I even watched her reality show, thinking that it certainly couldn’t be real.

After her death I started seeing the distrubing videos of her heavily drugged and in clown makeup.

I blame Howard K Stern for Anna’s Death, he is responsible because not only was he aware of her drug abuse, he most likely facllitated in the procurement of the aforementioned drugs. then in a panic he tried to claim paternity of Dannie Lynn Anna's child with Larry Burkhead, yep Howard feared he would lose access to Anna’s money. The DNA proved Burkhead to be the child’s real father. As far as I am concerned Dani Lynn should never meet Howard K. Stern.

The Final 24 Hours in the Life of Anna Nicole Smith:

Anna Nicole Smith - Final 24: Her Final Hours by MVDfilm

Yes, Anna Liked The Ladies

Anna Back In The Day:

Vickie Lynn Hogan sits on Sandi Powlege's lap during their "first date" at The Hill, a bar on Kuykendahl, in Houston, in 1991. Photo: Courtesy Sandi Powlege. Vickie Lynn Liked COUGARS!

Sandi Powledge was the furthest thing from glamour — unpretentious, grounded, fun-loving and real.

They met in a gay bar in northwest Harris County in 1991 and would become lovers. It was an exhilarating time.

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This Is Why He’s One Of The Best Directors Around


Sure Passion is proving to be my favorite Summer Movie of 2013. That’s because DePalma, even when directing a movie that isn’t a Blockbuster like Carrie, Scarface, or Carlito’s Way  still manages to excite the viewers with Hitchcock like twists and turns [particularly the movies: Vertigo and Rear Window, two of my favorites] as evident in the 1984 movie: Body Double, where an actor who suffers from Claustrophobia develops an obsession with spying on his attractive female neighbor, leading to drastic consequences. Body Double has just enoughj cheesiness, eroticism, action, mystery and violence to be a very fun watch….Enjoy!

BODY Double: Full Movie

A very reverent homage to Hitchcock ofAlfred Hitchcock whom DePalma had the greatest respect. But it's a great movie on its own accord.

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A Special Message to the GOP and Its Supporters

Be Yourself


Coming Out Of The Closet……..



Americans love socialism

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Uncle Bubba and "Piece of Pussy"...Paula Deen

The 66-year-old Deen and her brother Bubba Heirs are being sued for $1.2 million by a former restaurant worker who claims she suffered sexual harassment and racial discrimination while working at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House.

The 66-year-old Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers are being sued for $1.2 million by a former restaurant worker who claims she suffered sexual harassment and racial discrimination while working at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House.

Paula Deen (R) and her brother Bubba Hiers attend Paula Deen's Kitchen grand opening at Chicago Harrah's Joliet Casino & Hotel in April 2012.

Paula Deen (R) and her brother Bubba Hiers attend Paula Deen's Kitchen grand opening at Chicago Harrah's Joliet Casino & Hotel in April 2012. 


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Well Surprise Me Why Don’t Cha….US Supreme Court in historic rulings on marriage equality

I am not an Attorney, I just Play One In My Imagination.

The US Supreme Court has struck down a law denying federal benefits to gay couples and cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California.

The justices said that the Defense of Marriage Act, known as Doma, discriminated against same-sex couples.

They declined to rule on California's prohibition of same-sex marriage, known as Proposition 8, leaving in place a lower court's strike-down of the ban.

However I know attorneys and a little about the Fair Faith and Commerce provision in the Constitution. I had previously posted that marriage equality was an inevitability because if something is deemed legal in one state then thhe states that engage in commerce with that state MUST respect the laws of that state.

People celebrate outside the Supreme Court after two historic gay marriage rulings in Washington DC 26 June 2013

My only doubts about whether DOMA and Prop  8 would be upheld stemmed from the other online lesbian sites who were unnesscessarily worrying.

Granted SCOTUS didn’t  speciffically m,ake marriage equality the law of the land, however analysts said that the language in Justice Roberts ruling was so sweeping that it can be used to argue for marriage equality in every state.  Hear that North Carolina?! Hear That Virginia and Texas?! You’re NEXT!

She Isn’t Maya….However She’ll Do


Shana [Played by actor Aeriel Miranda}  is certainly very cute as a clerk at the Rosewood Halloween Spooktacular Store. She made her first appearance in Pretty Dirty Secrets and was seen frequently throughout the second half of the Season 3.

Shana is known to listen in on people's conversations and is a member of The "B-Team".Aeriél Miranda is a Dallas, Texas native, of Cape Verdean descent [That is not Africa n American, it's an African Portuguese mix]. Cape Verdeans have a very strong sense of identity.

 Aeriél's profound passion for theatre, television and film was inspired by her grandmother who exposed her to a variety of works growing up that Her Aeriel's imagination was defined by the various movies and musicals her family immersed her in.

I can certainly see sparks developing between Shana and Emily.  Anything to get Emily away from: “Crazy Eyes” Paige.

It's not that I solely want to see Emily mwith a person of color either, but the chemistry between the actors Bianca Lawson and Shay Mitchell was so natural (Probably the result of Bianca Lwason being 32 years old in real life) and so magnetic that like other "Emaya" fans I wanted to see more and was disapponted at Maya's demise. 

Besides I am sick of the way white girls flood the popular lesbian sites and always vote the a character down if she isn't white or Asian or Hispanic [Or in other words if she has any African lineage.] Remember the racist Tweets that accompanied the Hunger Games? Remember: "Shag Marry or Dump?

So maybe my little blog won't get much traction but I will write the truth as I see it.

Umm Yeah----

In all fairness I am not that upset over Paula Deen’s remarks about the gentleman “Hollis” [who if you had seen the


complete video, is really, really, really dark]  

[Paula Deen (right) with Hollis Johnson]


What I am perturbed by is her excuse that she is from another era. This B*tch wasn’t born in the 1700’s she was born in the 20th Century just like the majority of us were.


 I always knew there was something about Dean that rubbed me the wrong way.

It’s absolutely astounding the way the U.S. is charging backwards. If I visit online polls, I will invariably see that fictional characters of color rating down. If I visit YouTube white teens are losing their minds over nonexistent “White Genocide.”

All of this insanity merely because America had the audacity to elect and more importantly re-elect  a president who is biracial. Whew

FYI: Lisa T. Jackson who filed the original charges against Deen is Caucasian.



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Mistresses: You’re Killing Me…

For the past 4 weeks I’ve watched this series about the loves and lives of four women with a caveat:  I was only interested because I read that he producers planned to explore the variables of a lesbian affair one of the main characters has. I was also heartened by the reveal that this affair was going to be explored for the entire season.

 So for 3 of the past four weeks I’ve watched limited interaction occur between the characters Jocelyn ( a successful real estate agent) and Alex (an attorney or something, who also happns to be a lesbian). Then nothing despite repeatedly being shown infamous clips of Jocelyn in a shower and sombody (presumably Alex) entering the aforementioned shower.

 Why do networks tease viewers like that? I don’t need to see a titillating promise of scenes that I wait for week after week to no avail. It hasn’t only been Mistresses that has misled me, but last season Gray’s Anatomy and Chicago Fire.

 Okay if this is new industry procedure fair enough. But why the haphazard writing is becoming rather aqbstruse: For example suddenly Alex’s partner is jogging with Alex and Jocelyn and telling Jocelyn that it’s good that she is providing Alex wit a distracion. This obviously was written by a heterosexual, because lesbians know what happens when you constantly leave your partner  with a single woman. Somebody is inevitably going to make a move, just like Jocelyn did at a lesbian party that Alex invited her to, although the kiss setup was really sh*tty with Jocelyn pretending  be Alex’s girlfriend in order to fend of a romantic rival.


Where the hell are Alex and her partner from? Why is Jocelyn the only woman they know? As a “grown-up,” I’ve encountered some pretty forward women and those women weren’t in their 30s or 40s but in their 20s, so it’s a let down to see work that was apparently written to interest people who lack a more worldly paradigm. It's deporable to hear Jocelyn utter: I "Fake Kissed" Alex.

On the original series, Jessica (Shelley Conn) grew close to bride-to-be Alex (Fringe's Anna Torv), which got more complicated as Jess realized that she was falling in love with her. But the ABC series will detour from that story line by also pulling inspiration from the lives of those in the writers' room, says Rina Mimoun...who wants to show how "freaky" women's relationships can become. R U Serious? As lesbians don't regard ourselves as Freaks. Also Rina states that we shouldn't regard the the "Jo-Lex" relationship as a lesbian relationship.

All I can respond is STFU, that's exactly what it is. I don't f*ck my friends idiot.

[Oh Great, so far we've seen nothing but as Joe Biden would say: "Stuff")

 "When you've never had a girlfriend and you make one late in your life, it's such an intense experience," she says.

(Like these women are that old...NOT)

 "Women's relationships are like sexual relationships because you're so intense with each other. I think that's what happens with Joss. She gets so caught up in this experience, but she can't quite separate what is love and what is friendship and what is sex. It becomes a challenging mess for her." 

Spare me, isn't Jocelyn supposed to be a GROWN WOMAN?


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Anna Nicole Smith the FINAL 24 Hours

On June 28, 2013 Lifetime Networks will air the Anna Nicole Smith biopic. When Anna Nicole became famous both men and woman thought that she was HOT...I know that I certainly thought so.
Here is the Documentary about the last 24 hours in the short life on Anna Nicole Smith.

Finally! An American Remake [?] of a Foreign Movie that I Actually Enjoyed!

Granted, I am a HUGE fan of almost everything
that director Brian DePalma is associated with, so when he directed the Hollywood remake of the 2007 French film: Love Crime in which a http://cdn.songonlyrics.com/soundtracks/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Passion-Soundtrack.jpgBerlin-based advertising executive engages in a professional struggle with her assistant, as she continually stifle attempts of the latter to further her career. I couldn't wait to see the final result, because I am rarely disappointed by a DePalma vehicle and ironically there's not one American dollar in this movie, but I still consider it an  “American” remake and while the ostensible Sapphic tensions between the characters played by Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace and Karoline Herfurth don't really get all that much traction with the most explicit stuff being the reveal of sex toys, it’s all Okay by me because often when explicit depictions of sex are introduced, the movie runs the risks of losing character focus and detracting from the narrative. For me the emotional dynamics were key in this  game of corporate one-upwomanship as seen in the pivotal scene between Isobel  and Dani, where power dynamic shifts yet again, making Isobel the mouse to Dani’s predator cat.

The story goes like this:

After Christine takes credit for one of her assistant's ideas, the struggles begin and enters the personal realm with Isobel having an affair with Christine's boyfriend[?] who's an embezzler, while also colluding with an equally disgruntled colleague Dani, who happens to be a lesbian. In retaliation, Christine devises a scheme that involves sexual advances to overcome Isobel -- and the ground is set for all out war!

I watched the American remake of this movie: Passion starring Rachel  McAdams [Christine] and Noomi Rapace [Isobel] and let me tell you that it’s rare when a Hollywood remake equals the original much less surpasses the original. I’ve railed against remakes of: Let The Right One In and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but in this case not only does director DePalma return to his old school style of his early works [Carrie (1976) ,Dressed To Kill, Body Double, Blow Out etc] of which I am an ardent fan, DePalma employs his signature with his use of split screen designed to present the viewer with dueling perspectives of action.

The director also incorporates numerous twists and turns reminiscent of the David Lynch Film Noir Masterpiece: Mulholland Drive:

Now Tell Me You Love Me
vlcsnap-2013-06-14-01h01m35s206       Noomi Rapace and Karoline Herfurth as Dani

I was a little hesitant when I first learned that the character Christine wasn’t going to be cast with an older woman, I initially felt the power dynamics between isobel and Christine would suffer as a result.

Rachel McAdams as Christine

However in my eyes: Rachel McAdams steals the thunder previously  established by actress Kristin Scott Thomas by playing the character not only as younger, but also as truly pathological in her portrayal of Christine as a manipulative, high-powered ad executive, who sets out to destroy Isobel. McAdams plays Christine as an over the top narcissist with Sociopathic tendencies, engaging Rapace in a Sado/Masochistic game of Domination and Humiliation and to make matters worse she also targets Isobel’s assistant Dani entwining the three in a homoerotic: “danse de la mort” (dance of death).

If I hadn't already seen the original, I would have been at a loss as to who had the greatest motive for murder.

The twists accumulate at a concentrated pace in the final 20 minutes of the film with Dani facing a rather unwanted scenario.

I fell for Dani the moment I laid eyes on her. That accent and her behavior as Isobel's protector.. But I am slow to pick up clues [Remember I hit my head] and so I didn't realize that Dani was a lesbian at first.

German actress Karoline Herfurth at the 60th B...German actress Karoline Herfurth at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Herfurth is how the character Alice Piezecki should have
looked on The L Word.

I have yet to see a movie that I didn't enjoy watching Noomi Rapace in (Prometheus included]. Maybe it's her face: the bone structure or maybe it's the way she plays an innocent with a deeper/darker side that is so hidden that even she is unaware of its deadly existence.

Finally I liked how the German language is peppered throughout the movie, but there is no subtext! I mean Subtitles. Ich spreche wenig Deutsche and it gave me a chance to practice.

For me Passion warrants a rating of: –A which means: Der Film war sehr gut.

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Why I decided NOT to settle on Mars…

As the old adage goes: "I may not know everything, but I know ME!” And I know that as soon as the reverse thrusters complete guiding the craft to a smooth landing that I will  press my face against the portal only to gaze lovingly at the little Blue Marble that I used to call home, before I turn to the commander and demand that I be returned to Earth immediately!

http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/214812main_EarthMoon-browse.jpgThe Earth and Moon as seen from Mars- R U Kidding Me?! No Way!

I don’t know if all of those applications to the  Mars One Project were serious..I know the objective is to populate a permanent settlement on the Planet Mars by 2023..…I know that the people behind the project are very serious and a Nobel Prize inner as well as a former astronaut are involved.
The things that have disuaded me from adding my name to the growing list of venerable Kamikazinauts are:

1. It’s a SUICIDE Mission! No matter how you look at it, once you’re on Mars there’s NO returning to Earth not ever! So if the high levels of radiation doesn’t kill you, the effects of prolonged weightlessness and heartbreak of leavin g your loved ones on Earth will.

2. In the photos listed of 180 applicants, the majority are white male followed by Asian Male, white female, Asian female and 1 guy from Nigeria who with  near certainty will be forced to be the janitor. [Come on yopu know I'm right].

I haven’t watched All of the videos, therefore I do not know what knowledge, skills or abilities each applicant has, but there are ratings on the videos so I’m wondering if the liklihood of being selected is contingent on how high your video is rated. Still I am none to keen to see only one brown applicant. Most of us know something the people who’ve already applied don’t.

What we know is we don’t want this to happen to us:

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So So Shannyn…

I’ve had a media crush on actor Shannyn Sossamon. ever since I first saw her in the 2002 movie: 40 Days and 40 Nights. She reminded me of Angelina Jolie. In fact I couldn’t help but to imagine her playing a lesbian. Well, at least I( thought that it would be nice. Well wouldn’t you know that once again my wishes have materialized because Shannyn is the woman playing “Alex” on the ABC summer series: Mistresses!
http://files.myopera.com/celebfan/albums/730454/thumbs/shannyn-sossamon-1024x768-21225.jpg_thumb.jpgShannyn Sossamon
Talk about a casting Dream Come True! Sossamon has been acting in movies since 1997 hit the big time when she appeared in: A Knight’s Tale.
Nice to see Sossamon playing a character from: “The Other Side Of The Road.”
Here’s the thing: My readers should be aware of some challenges I’ve recently experienced. Therefore I really wasn’t into hyping the Mistresses lesbian story arc until I saw the 1st episode and unlike the heterosexuals who seem to be going at it like bunnies, the women are taking their sweet time getting down to business.

Thank You Baby….

Who am I thanking, you ask? The great TV spirits that are giving me an entire summer of lesbian romance and drama on the ABC series Mistresses, that’s who.  Yes 13 episodes of an Ill fated romance between Jocelyn and her client Alex (she’s the one getting married, remember from  the U.K. version?).

Last season I didn’t watch Rizzoli and Isles, I mean if Angie Harmon’s rabid political affiliation wasn’t bad enough, I just couldn’t bear another season of imagining things that are never going to occur between Det. Rizzoli and Dr. Isles.
However my patience has paid off because not only will I see some prime time lady loving on Mistresses, I will see it for an ENTIRE season! A whole summer! Sure Jocelyn will get her heart broken. aterall she is the “mistress,” but we’ll have an entire season before that happens.

But wait it gets even better, because despite the fact that she was a beautiful disaster, Anna Nicole Smith once said that she wanted to appear on the L Word [that would have been interestng]. I never saw her as plus sized, only as “Do-able” Hello!

Now this is what I’m Talkin’ Bout! Hello ;oÞ

vlcsnap-2013-06-10-13h26m04s60 vlcsnap-2013-06-10-13h26m27s124
Anna was portrayed by sctress Agnes Bruckner:
The movie premiers June.29, 2013 at 8PM The Real Anna Nicole [Below]


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I Really Liked This Movie….


I re-watched Behind The Candelabra and I didn’t mind the  the lack of numerous explicit sex scenes because I am not particularly fond of watching men “Do” each other. Yes there’s a double standard nwhen it concens displays ofm anatomy based on gender, however I find male gentalia unattractive and I guess in a way, maybe producers are aware of that and  choose to spare me.

Below is an Example of how Liberace, being the Master Showman that he was perfoming The Boogie Woogie:



Now here is Michael Douglas as Liberace performing The Boogie Woogie with the help of CGI and Matt Damon, seated in the audience as Scott Thorson in the HBO movie: Behind The Candelabra:


Liberace was an accomplished musician and consummate showman as seen here is an Appearance on a television show in 1967 with entertainment legend: Sammy Davis Jr. when the latter hosted The Hollywood Palace: A Weekly entertainment series.

,I guess the last time I’ve been so impressed by a performance was Marion Cotillard’s Oscar winning portrayal of the late singer Edith Piaf. Now Douglas’ portayal of Liberace pales in comparison, but it’s still an excellent re-enactment and now that I am an adult, I can cogetly articulate the awe that I experienced as a kid, seeing the spectacle that Liberace personified. Liberace never admitted he was homosexual, but he wasn’t in the closet either.

Liberace was flamboyant and flaunted his "boyfriends" exhibiting them in his act in some fashion. In his final interview before he died of AIDS Liberace appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

 Oprah later says that Liberace's death came as a surprise, but I don't see how. You can clearly see he has lost weight, in fact look at how his watch dangles on his wrist.

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If You Want It Come And Get It…

2008, the UK series Mistresses introduced----… Anna Torv as a love interest for Shelley Conn and suddenly there was a lesbian relationship for five episodes of the memorable show about women's sex and relationships. On Monday evening: May 3rd, ABC  brought the series stateside with some changes, not all of which I liked. Mistresses  debuted with Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, Yunjin Kim and newcomer Jes Macallan as the central characters, the latter of which who will be discovering her feelings for another woman over the course of all 13 episodes!


Now that is a change I can Believe In! I am glad that the producers chose this route because the U.S.  version seems rushed. Maybe it because of the commercial breaks, American programs always seem to rush to get in as much as possible before the next commercial break because In America, shows are generally an hour long, 40 mins of the actual show, 20 mins of commercials. whereas:

The BBC channels Do not have commercials but there are other channels in the uk that Do have commercials

ITV who makes Downtown Abbey has commercials

There are some similarities to the U.K. Mistresses: For example  name is Jocelyn as opposed to her British counterpart “Jessica”  [Shelley Conn’s character] although the love interest stays with the name “Alex” in both versions but  this time "Alex" is a Brunette as opposed to Anna’s Torv’s “Alex” being a blond.

The one thing I didn't like concerned the heterosexual characters, more on that later.....


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A photo I took of Liberace in 1983. 
A photo of Liberace in 1983. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A photo of Liberace in 1983 [L].

See the thing is when I first saw Liberace, I was young, a child who  wasn’t yet old enough  to understand that the sight of this man with all of those sequins would be come iconize  a  social identity that I would eventually embrace .

I had not even begun to discover my own sexual identity. Watching the Mike Douglas afternoon talk show with my mom H I would think, " I was at a loss for words, after all Liberace was such a HOMOSEXUAL! Now all of these years later, I can’t imagine how anyone could have attended his shows or even seen Liberace on television and NOT have seen that he was gay. Yes They was intentionally blind to Liberace’s gayness.

For Decades this state of Gay Blindness was the preferred choice for many heterosexuals. I can remember that a person was “rumored” to be a homosexual...”That Way”. Hushed Tones, Secrets and Lies. The original "Don't Ask-Don't Tell."

Yet There was Liberace in all of his bejeweled fabulousness, parading around the stage challenging his audience to scrutinize him.

I didn’t hold any expectations when I watched Behind The Candelabra, for months I had read about the Douglas/Damon team and wondered if Michael would pull off his representation of Liberace.


Yes He DID, Douglas was triumphant in what is easily an Emmy nomiation worthy performance, simply fabulous in his frilliness and effeminate mannerism. No insult  intended but Douglas was indeed quite the queen and Damon, while less transformative certainly provided a competent and admirable balance as Thorson, who claimed to be bisexual {but as the Liberace/Douglas character said: “That side of you [Thorson] hasn’t made an appearance yet]  {Sic}.


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