I’m Telling You: It’s Overwhelming.

What’s Going on over at certain lesbian Pop Culture sites. I have no idea, but today I read a rather lenthy diatribe about a: Succubus or Concubine or Dick ButkusOscars 2013: Charlize Theron Helped Guard Suffering from Seizure or something. All I know is that I don’t watch Lost Girl and neither have I watched Pretty Little Liars or even Rizzoli and Isles this season.

Seems like I’ve moved on, but apparently Lesbians are angry over comments concerning Lost Girl? Why? Fill me in please.

As far as the subject of subtext is conconcerned, well I know that in the past I’ve wholeheartedly railed against it.  

I am resigned to the notion that nothing is going to change which would make it acceptable to fantasize about straight women having affairs with each other, unless it was subtext written about an unlikely affair between Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington.


Which is why I’ve given up on that also.

Yep I’m content.

Besides I still have to write about Charlize Theron’s Oscar performance.
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Don’t Piss Me Off Oscar

I hate the word “Allegedly” as in Oscar Pistorius “Allegedly” shot Reeva Steenkamp.
No allegedly, he shot her.  No: “I thought that she was an intruder” and I know that the Steenkamp family wants to beleve that their beloved daughter wasn’t being trerrorized but true healing comes from justice and facing the facts.

Final video of Reeva as she enters the gated community heading to the Pistorius home where she will die hours later. Click "Play" to watch Video below:

With a warm smile and appearing happy, model Reeva Steenkamp arrives at boyfriend Oscar Pistorius ' home - hours before she is murdered.   
Leaked CCTV footage, captured on the Silverwoods estate, shows the 29-year-old pulling up at the luxury gated development in her silver mini Cooper just before 6pm.
She appears relaxed and shares a joke with a security guard before driving on to Oscar's home.
Ten minutes later Pistorius himself arrives in his white BMW but the CCTV camera is too far away to capture him. 

Just hours after it was taken, Reeva was shot dead.
Shot four times, she died in Pistorius' arms on Valentine's Day.
Pistorius has claimed that he shot Reeva thinking she was an intruder .
The 26-year-old has been charged with her murder and on Friday was released on bail after appearing in court. 

The Olympic and Paralympic hero faces life imprisonment if convicted of premeditated murder.

In Honor of Black History Month I Present:

First Lady Michelle Obama in: The Evolution of Mom Dancing.

Isn’t she the coolest First Lady or What?

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Killing Women Is A Pastime For The Pistorius Brothers

Flag of South Africa

Carl Pistorius is accused in the 2010 death of a female motorcyclist

 Pistorius family attorney Kenny Oldwage said.
Culpable homicide refers to "unlawful negligent killing," South African police say.
Prosecutors say Carl Pistorius was driving recklessly in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, when he crashed with the biker in the daytime.

Is there anyone involved with the Reeva Steenkamp/Oscar Pistorius case that hasn't killed someone? There's  some serious dysfunction going on in that faily.  The uncle arrogantly asserts Oscar's "innocence" and the brother runs down a female motorcyclist.  Maybe they need to pose for a family photo wearing "Wife Beater T-Shirts," giving an entirely different meaning to the term "Lady Killer." 

American athletes usully wait a few years before they kill their romantic partner. Pistorius didn't wait long after getting onto the world stage to kill the woman (Reeva Steenkamp) that he claims was the love of his life, even though they only dated for 4 months.

Women i n South Africa Protect yourself, if you are an attractive blond watch out.  You're a particularly prime target for the Pistporius gang. 

Oh and did you know that it isn't necessary to have alcohol in the blood if you are a cold hearted killer. 

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When I fell in love with France

France Joli
 France Joli

It was a time of Disco and Gia Carangi was steaming up Fashion.

Her name Is France Joli

A Canadian girl performed on Fire Island and the rest is history. How voluptuous was France Jolie? I mean for a young woman she certainly was shapely. I almost feel dirty for writing about how sexy she was in this video given that she was only 16 at the time but damn she sure was sexy! The disco era was a very sexy one and France Joli exuded that sexuality. I feel like a Cougar.

    Angela Kim
  • Angela Kim wrote:
    "The chorus is awesome. Gets me wet just listening to it."

    Editor's Reply: Yes I'm sure that it was the "chorus."

This is France today and she's looking a lot different:

Joli still performs in New York, Los Angeles and Canada. Her voice ia the same:

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A Final Goodbye

Reeva Steenkamp funeral
Photograph: Mike Sheehan/EPA
Tuesday 19 February 2013

While Oscar Pistorius shed tears in a Pretorius Courthouse friends and relative of Reeva Steenkamp gathered for a final goodbye at her memorial service in Port Elizabeth South Africa.Reeva’s father father Barry said: 'We have to keep Reeva in our hearts forever.'

"Reeva stood against abuse against women and that stand is more powerful now. Reeva represented a world of strength and people coming out of the church are stronger." He said her father would spread her ashes during another private service to be held at a later date.

What?! Already?

Just yesterday I promised that unless there was breaking news that I wasn’t going to write about Reeva Steenkamp’s murder. Well Guess what?
Breaking News Bitches!

Pistorius' girlfriend was alive after shooting, official says

So that means that Pistorius allowed Steenkamp to "Bleed Out" and die. Pistorius has no defense for any of this.

 Watch Video

People take steroids for many reasons. I had injured my foot and my doctor injected steroid into my foot to facilitate the healing process. Steroid\s help reduce inflammation.

Please No More…..

Revelations concerning the murder of Reeva Steenkamp become more horrific each day. 
I am left with a nervous and sick feeling in my stomach  when I think of the horror that Steenkamp endured at the hands of Oscar Pistorius.

Barring breaking news this will be my final post concerning her tragic death:

You will find more shocking details: HERE

And Below:
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Perspectives on the Reeva Steenkamp Murder


According to the the South Africa Institute of Race Relations: Reeva Steenkamp is one of around 2500 women murdered in South Africa every year.

Yes I am calling it a “Murder” and I also suspect that Oscar Pistorius may get away with it. Don’t be deceived by the fact that he has no legs. The man is a killer.

Murder occurs when: A person, for an unlawful objective, does anything he knows is likely to cause death, and thereby causes death to a human being, notwithstanding that he desires to effect his objective without causing death or bodily harm to any human being.

Reeva Steenkamp's final Instagram, both eerie and devastating

But as usual I am jumping ahead of myself.
In the summer of 2012, a close friend of mine returned from a vacation in South Africa and two things my friend told me are permanently emblazoned in my memory even if one of those statements is a bit of an  exaggeration:

18 Fabulous Flappers

Miss Cellania

This post was planned long ago as a followup to The Rise of the Flapper, which looked at some of the reasons for the iconic lifestyle many young women adopted in the 1920s. Some famous flappers were role models, either in real life or in the movies or other entertainment venues, and others only became famous later, but all looked wonderful in photographs of the era.

Marie Prevost was an actress who spanned the transition from silent films to talkies with ease. She appeared in 121 films between 1915 and 1936, including a half-dozen or so in which she portrayed a flapper. After her mother died in an auto accident in 1926, Prevost began drinking heavily and gained weight, and her career suffered. She went into a cycle of crash dieting and bingeing. In 1937, Prevost was found in her apartment, dead from heart failure due to malnutrition and alcoholism. She had died a couple of days before, and was only found because the neighbors complained of her dog barking.

A Tragic End To A Beautiful Life

South African Model Reeva Steenkamp was shot to death on Valentine’s Day Feb 14, 2013 by her Boyfriend Para Olympic Star Oscar Pistorius.

Reeva Steenkamp 1 AP Early news reports here that Mr. Pistorius, a gun enthusiast, had accidentally shot his girlfriend, thinking she was intruder, gave way to grim police news conferences announcing previous law enforcement complaints about domestic incidents at his home and the current charges of murder. The development stunned a nation that had elevated Mr. Pistorius to the status of a national sporting hero, an emblem of the ability to overcome acute adversity and a symbol of South Africa’s ability to project achievements onto the world stage.
Sadly just yesterday (February 13, 2013 Reeva retweeted the following commment:
Retweeted by Reeva Steenkamp

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I Am Tired Of…

What Kind of Guy Does a Girl Who Looks Like Lena Dunham 'Deserve'?

I'm tired of seeing Lena Dunham offering herself up as a suitable representative of naked ladies…I am tired of her “Breasticles.”

A Bombshell On Broadway

Let’s face facts: If you’re an unwavering fan of Kathryn McPhee, well it certainly isn’t because she has a strong voice.  McPOhee has a poop, I mean a pop singer’s voice. Kinda like Cassidy Pope, last season’s winner on The Voice.  Yep (white) teenage  American girls put Cassidy over the top. Of course they were merely biding time until the second season of Smash.

In my previous post I remarked on how I hope that Jennifer Hudson gets a chance to duet with Megan Hilty and the second episode looks promising:

Yes Karen be Worried....Be very Worried.

Well I Missed It…..

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys
Yep I missed the ENTIRE Freakin’ Super Bowl.  Granted over the years I watched it only intermittently and only for the the commercials, which except for a few are usually pretty bad.

So does this mean that Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson have lost their magic?

Well it was more like a system overload, I’ve never been a football fan. In fact I was sporadically watching Animal Planet’s "Puppy Bowl IX" and this year they upped the ante by having a halftime show with adorable kittens and baby hedgehogs on the sidelines.  Is that adorable? or Is that adorable?


All of the animals featured during its record breaking Puppy Bowl IX marathon on Super bowl 47 Sunday have been adopted.

Don’t you dare call me Boring.

Back to system overload:  I live in the most politically powerful area of the United States, I get the news affecting America WAY before it hits the other 49 states and once the rest of the nation gets the news, I get it again in the form of the nation’s reaction to the news that I first heard days earlier.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Since January 21st, I’ve had to relive the Beyonce lip  synching “controversy” over and over.  For me Beyonce’s lip-synching at President Barack Obama's inauguration would only have been controversial if she had opened her mouth and Lady Ga-Ga’s voice came out. But I live in a particularly politically divided area: The Nation’s Capital and it suburbs.

So while it was cool to have all these celebs in town, it was too cold and too crowded to mingle amongst the “luminatti.”
Which brings me to my second reason for shunning the XLVII Super  Bowl.  There is all this talk about a secret society called the luminatti, a secret cabal of powerful people who shape culture.  Jesus christ people there’s no secret society, yes it’s exclusive and yes it shapes culture but that’s what power is about: That’s why entertainers cause people to dress a certain way, wear a particular fragrance, that’s why politicians make laws.  It’s ALL to affect CULTURE D-U-H.

There are no secret signals or symbols I mean really? No one sits at a roundtable wearing a hood while holding a golden chalice and reciting latin doctrine.

Nicki Minaj is allegedly a member of the luminatti, then she only exists in the minds of fiction writers and conspiracy theorists.

There is NO SUCH Thing as the “Luminatti.” Some idiot meant: “Illuminatti” and the name refers to a group that controls world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order.

Maybe it’s me, because even though Beyonce is sexy and a great performer, she is hardly the type on individual who appears to possess the wherewithal to take control of the world, or be a suitable advisor to those that hold such ambitions and Nicki Minaj? Really? She’s nothing more than a late term Lil’ Kim abortion (Harsh but true).

On Monday I finally saw some of the halftime performances and heard the accompanying jokes, like: the stadium lost power when someone pulled the plug because Alicia Keys was taking too long to finish singing the National Anthem, or that all Beyonce did was stomp through her performance (she did do a lot of stomping).

Sunday Super (Bowl) Sunday!

I am not a football watcher, I will most likely only watch Beyonce’s Halftime Show. Hey have you seen Jessica Clark’s new television commercial?

It’s on Television but not on YouTube so I guess that you’ll have to be happy with this consolation prize that’s “perfect” for “ending” the weekend:


Click HERE


Oh Happy Day

I'm late, I completely missed it.  However I'm lovin' her new "Do" [hairstyle]!

Happy Birthday Portia

And this is why it worked…..

 Have you ever seen a character on a television show and you’re like": Damn she’s FOINE! You wonder who she is and each time you se her it’s the same: She is Foine! 

D-U-H. See I rarely watched Barely Legal and you’d think I’d have a clue from  her role as Shane’s jilted fiancé Carmen from The L Word, but I swear I couldn’t identify Sarah Shahi as Renee Royce, a successful business woman and love interest for Taylor Kinney’s Lt. Kelly Severide.

So when this character left for Madrid in last week’s episode I was sad to see her go. Shahi was in the type of role that suited her: A strong forthright sexual woman that possessed a sense of genuineness far beyond the relationship naiveté of Carmen Del La Pica Morales, or that lawyer chic on Fairly Legal


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