Desert Flower

The second weekend movie is the story of Model turned http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg57/scaled.php?server=57&filename=cu_face.jpg&res=landingactivist Waris Diri born into a nomad family living in the Somali desert near the border to Ethiopia in 1965. At the tender age of five, she was forced to undergo the inhuman procedure of female genital mutilation. This horrible tradition is still practiced in many countries around the world today – by both by Moslems and Christians. According to records kept by the United Nations more than 8000 girls become victims of this heinous crime every day. The rags to Top Model story isn’t true because it is rumored that Waris’ cousin is world famous supermodel Iman.





Free For All

Happy Labor Day Weekend. The Movie is Love Crime [2010], I read about it on another site and since j’adore French movies I decided to check it out. It's great, but I am ambivalent about seeing the American remake because the original is a slow, methodical psychological thriller and I know that U.S. movies tend to rely on lots of car chases and explosions for no good reason.


In addition: 

Girl You Looking GOOD

I am not a big fan of Katy Perry, although I’d like to play with her “girls”. In this photo shoot for Interview Magazine Katy is sure looking mighty fine. Umm btw: Katy we all know that your marriage to Russell Brand was a scam to get him U.S. citizenship.

BlackBoxTV Presents: Unknown Caller


6 months ago, Alex’s mother abandoned her and her father.
No note, no goodbye. Only a voicemail.
Bree Essrig
Spencer Garrett
Justin Giddings
Score by Brandon Roberts
CREDITS for this Episode:


Megan Lochte is a Ragin’ Racist

Dodai Stewart
This is douchebag Ryan Lochte's sister, Megan Lochte, in a 2008 appearance on a Maryland late night comedy talk show called Closing Time, hosted by Baltimore-based comedian Mickey Cucchiella. Megan is so incredibly offensive it’s jaw dropping. 


About "Jennifer":
In the near future, a tough job market results in a creative solution for handling dangerous convicted felons.
Starring Dana Davis, Dawnn Lewis, Mark Ivanir, Angelique Cabral, Ty Granderson Jones, Zubevi Khalifani.

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Oh Happy Friday

Among the glorious winged creatures that walk down the runway for Victoria's Secret, none is more lovely than the Aussie Miranda Kerr.
Happy Friday:

I’m telling you that there are NO “coincidences” in life and there’s a reason the photographers pose Rianne ten Haken like Gia Carangi.





If I figure out how to darken Rianne’s eyes with my graphics program the resemblance would be more pronounced.
As years go by, seems as if we hold onto the past and try to make it new again, well at least in fashion and entertainment it seems that way.

More of My Favorite Movies

Let the Right One In

Quite possibly the best vampire movie ever made. Let the Right One In is a truly unique story about a gentle young boy "Oskar" and his new blood-sucking friend “Eli” [played by Lina Leandersson] from next door. This film is a heart-warming love story between a young boy and "girl [which belies the fact that the vampire is a centuries old male] with sprees of gory violence, which the director pulls off brilliantly. 
This movie blows ‘Twilight’ out of the water! 98% RT. Note: This film also has an American counterpart called Let Me In that would have been almost as good except the male character “Owen” seemed a bit confused and ultimately incapable of self actualization whereas in the original “Oskar” played by Kåre Hedebrant fully came into his own.
In addition the Let The Right One In didn’t rely on cartoonish special effects in its vampire scenes.
Ultimately movies are about attaining “Suspension of Disbelief” and this mo0vie does so brilliantly. First you forget that the cute little girl is a vampire whenever she doesn’t have blood on her face, besides the fact that you’ve already forgotten that She is really a “He” and that this is a Gay Love Story.
This is the only vampire movie that I know about that can make you cheer for the "monster" or bring tears to your eyes.

History Lesson #1


I would so do the same thing.

In fact to prepare for such an opportunity I’ve recently purchased and assembled a CAP Barbell Utility Bench, This is it below:

http://www.capbarbell.com/images/homeGym_Benches/Utility/FM504_XL.pngI don’t plan on developing the abs of an Olympian, just want to tighten up a bit.

So why should this matter?…

Well Rmneyhood wants the middle class to pay higher taxes while having low income Medicare recipients that are under 55 pay higher fees [By re-establishing the “Doughnut Hole”]. While Romneyhood hides his millions and doesn’t re-invest the money in America.


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The Reason That Republicans Lie and Steal is…..

It's  really too bad that more Americans don't read this blog.

Is it because they don’t want to acknowledge that Ruplicans and the Tea Party don't offer real solution and have to resort to lying or else they wouldn’t win elections? The G.O.P does the same thing every election, now they are joined by the Tea Party. Both political parties are the dupes of Corporate and Elitist interests, but have convinced their supporter otherwise by appealing to their insecurities and lack of skill Critical Analysis.

Debunking Romney's Viral Medicare Lie



So what exactly does the ACA do to Medicare spending? The ACA trims $428 billion in waste, fraud and abuse. No cuts to benefits, just increased efficiency and fraud protections, and Medicare Advantage payments to private insurance corporations are balanced out to the same levels as Medicare proper. 
That's all. Put another way, let's say you spend $100 on food today, and you plan to spend $200 on food tomorrow because you're having guests for dinner. In the interim, you opt to spend only $150 on food tomorrow because you clipped some coupons. You're still spending 50 percent more money tomorrow, so it's not a "cut" in spending. Instead, you've decided to simply save money that you didn't need to otherwise spend. Make sense? If so, explain it to your Republican friends because they don't seem to get it.
The savings will add another 8-10 years of solvency to Medicare without touching benefits, while, according to the CBO, Medicare spending is expected to nearly double by 2020. 

Why are Ilene Chaiken and the Cast of The REAL L Word trying to Assassinate the hipster Dyke?

I can be considered “Old School." In my all too real world, lesbians don’t generally sleep with men, sure there’s lots of drama but some variables never change.

Take the persona of the “hipster Dyke” it’s defined as: A Lesbian who is VERY fashionable and keeps up on the latest  trends and styles while staying true to her queer roots. Think: Gia Carangi, Freja Beha Erichson, Arizona Muse, Eve Salvail and Lindsay Lohan. 

This isn’t to infer that all hipster dykes are solely white dykes. The women listed are merely the most recognizable due to their public status.

At least four of the women represent the fashion industry, the most notable being late out butch/lesbian supermodel Gia Marie Carangi, who personified the image of the hipster dyke. 
Because of her profession Gia was always abreast of all the latest trends in the fashion of her time, yet Gia maintained a standard of elegance combined with being outwardly dykish.
Even later models like: Eve Salvail, noted for her bald ambition dragon tattooed head, Arizona Muse and Freja Beja  Erichson maintained an ambiance of style/trendiness and elegance while preserving thier lesbian appeal. Most noticeable is that like Gia: these women also don't ' wear makeup when not working. This is is rather stark contrast to visions of Romy Klinger religiously applying eye-shadow prior to engaging in the most casual of non work related activities.

Sunday Movie

Before leaving for college, recently dumped budding musician/Goth Girl Rachel's [Ruth Reynolds] life is changed forever when she falls in love with a smart and professional woman Amy [Madeline Merritt] who is staying in the family's guest yest house. 

Damn this is a good movie ;oÞ
Granted the acting is stilted and mediocre, but it still hits all the right notes and Oh Hell To The Yes I am virtually smitten with Madeline Meritt who plays Amy, she’s frakking beautiful and what a butch in the Hot Tub! Yeeeooooow! Inarguably the hot tub is also where one [if not only] of the funniest scenes occur.

The shortcomings in the film lay with writer/director Michael Baumgarten's approach. With the stilted dialogue that is the result of the the main characters forcing banal and redundant dialogue, causing the film to come off at times like "soft porn." This isn't soft porn because it's not as sexually explicit as soft pornography. But it sure sounds like it.


The Chosen One…

DONE: Mitt Romney has announced GOP Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Yet within minutes of tapping Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney was distancing himself from the congressman's controversial budget, which includes steep cuts to government programs and changing Medicare into a voucher-like program.
The Romney campaign sent out talking points on Saturday that made the case that he was his own man on matters of Medicare and Social Security and that he wouldn't be tied to a document he insisted he'd sign into law and once called "marvelous."

Haven’t We Already Met?

Double Take

Did I like Lauren when I first saw her? Hell yeah, she’s got the LOOK. What Look? Well she looks like Andrej Pejic, who looks like the coolest lesbian ever except he’s a he.

Lauren Andrej
Lauren01 45777-500w


Well Okay Then……

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For the storms, hopefully I won’t lose power but so far at least http://freebeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Storm-AP-540x360.png10,000 people in Maryland have lost their power.  Glad that I don’t live in  Maryland.
Oh yeah been ordering gizmos and gadgets from Amazon. Now I have to gather all of my electronic do-dads together in my messenger bag so if the power does go out I’ll be able to take them with me to the mall so I can hang out.  

Problems with Service

Posts were not appearing correctly. After resetting things several times the problem seems to be resolved.  Thanks to the 40 or so readers that visit this page every day, I did not lose advertising revenue. All .0003 of $0.01 (Big Bucks).

Jack and Diane (2012)



Jack and Diane, two girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane's charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack's tough skinned heart. But, when Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country in a week she tries to push her away. Diane must struggle to keep their love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire is giving her werewolf-like visions. Written by filmsalt.com

Weekend Movie: The “Eyes” have it

I spent Last weekend playing online. Having online movie marathons and “chillin’ with  my interests, which invariably include: babes and Horror movies.
So first I needed to discover the identity of this honey:


It was her eyes that got me. Her name is Louise Griffith   and when I first saw her, those eyes made quite an impact.  Maybe it was the accompanying Al Green song: “Let’s Stay Together,” Uh Nope it was her eyes.
Then I decided to have a “Theme”  for my next movie night.  I chose the retro suspense classic:
Eyes of Laura Mars

Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) is a glamorous fashion photographer who specializes in stylized violence. Amid controversy over whether her photographs glorify violence and are demeaning to women, Laura begins seeing, in first person through the eyes of the killer, real-time visions of the murders of her friends and colleagues.

This film is so cool. Made in 1978 with actors of major fame like: Faye Dunaway [Mommy Dearest/Chinatown/Bonnie and Clyde] and Tommy Lee Jones from the Men In Black and Fugitive franchises as well  as a host of other familiar faces, during the time that Gia Carangi was rocketing to fame on the modeling scene. In fact the giant photos in the reception scene at the museum were done by famed fashion photographer Helmut Newton, who did the iconic Gia Carangi photos in the: Woman into Man series [left].

Ironically the majority of the models that appeared in the film are known for modeling in Penthouse magazine and not fashion trades.
Nonetheless the movie has an off the chain retro soundtrack and a great theme: “Prisoner or Love” sung by Barbra Streisand in addition to disco classics that you may be familiar with.

Enjoy HERE


If the president of Chick-Fil-A didn’t donate to religious right organizations and talking heads (and unfortunately mainstream journalists) who are attempting to make it solely a religious issue [Under the guise of it being about Free Speech] there wouldn’t be such an uproar. 

Don’t know about you but I don’t believe that there is a person sitting high in the sky passing judgment or sending environmental disasters and other global calamities to earth as punishment. 

I mean come on! Wouldn't the Space Shuttle have seen "Him" by now  and why a "him" anyway? Why does it have to be someone with a "doodle" sitting high up in the sky?

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Mitt Romney's Strange Claim: Says He Knows Economic Hardship

In fact Mitt Romney has said himself that the truest words are the words that he first says and his campaign has aid that: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT A President thAT ISN’T AFRAID TO SAY WHAT IS ON HIS MIND.

Then we can take Mitt at his word when he uttered that xenophobic and racist comment that Palestine isn’t economically succesful like Isreal because of their “Culture.”

We can take Mitt at his word when he says that he plans to get rid of Planned Parenthood and is opposed to marriage equality.

We can take Mitt at his word when he says that he doesn’t want the United States to be lke Europe [even though Europe provided us with many things of cultural importance).

BUT can we take Mitt at his word when he says that he knows "economic “Hardship”?

Here's the thing: 

Harry Reid Says Bain Investor Told Him That Mitt Romney ‘Didn’t Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years’
No wonder Romney has all that capital to flood the airwaves of swingstates with clams that he “knows how to create jobs.” It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t add that he also knows how to outsource those very same jobs that he created to India.

Hey I don’t have anything against the people of south Asia, I know that they are being exploited as a cheap source of labor.

So when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) claims an investor with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s venture capital firm Bain told him that Romney paid no taxes for a decade., I muttered: What else is new?

The Nerve Of Some People

I received a comment from Julia Barrett via Disq.us requesting that I credit her for an article she wrote.  The thing is her profile Icon on Disq.us is MY icon based on original artwork that I CREATED!

Lesberatti was created by A.Santos of SantosDesignStudio
I don’t create work for teens and ADULTS on the internet to appropriate and then demand that I credit them. The  internet isn’t only for the emotionally immature.


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