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My Favorite Teen Lesbian Couple

We’ve endured that disaster that MTV tried to force on us in the now cancelled American version of the British series “Skins.”

"When Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson) returned toPretty Little Liars this fall fans went crazy. Their overwhelming reaction seemed to scream “Samara, who?” even as Emily(Shay Mitchell) appeared to have moved on from her troubled first love.

Maya will be back when PLL returns for the second half of Season 2 in January. And although she was the person who served as emotional support for Emily when she was first starting to accept her sexual identity, Bianca tells us that this spring those roles will be reversed." Read More

Thankfully the cutest multiracial lesbian couple is still with us:  Maya and Emily from Pretty Little Liars.  Disappointingly in season 2 Maya made her first appearance late in the season so there aren’t any new fanvids celebrating this couple:

Skins Failed to impress me because I am at an age where I know what sex feels like so I’m not titillated by watching 2 people perform (Albeit simulated) sex like Tea and Tony, mainly because it was Tony. More importantly though since I'm NOT a predator, seeing young people together does nothing for me sexually.

Essence Capture

U.S. Band Fitz and the Tantrums captures the essence of British Soul or “BritSoul”  which is influenced b y American Soul of the 1960’s and 70’s.


Really Chaz…I thought that you said you didn't want to be a Girl

Or are you a Mama’s Boy?
Seriously, first Chaz Bono spends days whining about his treatment after he was image kicked off of ABC’s dance competition show and now he has mommy Cher defending him.  Look if Chaz wants to be a “guy” this is NOT the way to go about it.  You don’t need a penis to know how males are socialized. 

Yes males are insecure and extremely needy but many males are socialized to act like bad asses or queeny witches (until they are b*tch slapped).


What the hell was Chaz Bono thinking going on that show? Especially considering how males are harsh on each other as it is and biological males (Even though they won’t openly admit it) don’t consider anyone with a vagina a male.  There’s no “New Guy” only people manipulating the legal system in order to create new identities and the thing about this country is: You can call yourself anything you want, but others reserve the right to accept or reject your self imposed designation.

Keep(ing) HOPE Alive (Well, at least for one more week)

by Feminist Antigone
Did Maks’ outburst save Hope Solo? I think it may have because I was glad that he said what I did not have the opportunity to say those words to those judges. For weeks I’ve been watching the judges critique Hope Solo in a manner that was engendered to negatively sway sway public opinion. I saw the same thing happen on So You Think You Can Dance when the judges postponed elimination to get a world champion ballroom dancer eliminated.

So I want to give American Television viewers who voted for Hope Solo a HUGE Thank You for keeping her on the show for one more week and saying F.U, to Glen and the others.

image .

I am a 21st Century Feminist. So what’s the difference between a 21st Century Feminist and say a 20th Century Feminist? Well for me it means that although I am supportive of my “sisters” merely possessing a vagina is insufficient. That is why I RAILED against Sarah “Failin” Palin (while she was running for vice president). Once she opened her mouth it became apparent that she was only chosen as a running mate for John McCain because she possessed a vagina. How one delusional Teapublicans are. They are so easily manipulated into supporting the shallowest of individuals.

I support women, but they must possess significant content in their character. I stand behind what I write and would express the same publicly if necessary.

I do not vote in television competitions like: DWTS or The X Factor, however I did watch Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars because I wanted to see who would get eliminated and wasn’t it about time that Chaz Bono left? I mean seriously, it’s NOT Transphobic to say that his being a contestant on a show that feigns to require some dancing ability was a mistake, it’s about time he left.

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Why I LOVE The Internet

Virtually Everything is ON the internet, and if you are as cost conscious as I am  as you wait to see what further damage Teapublicans will do to the American Economy, while they continue obstructing the President Obama’s efforts to re-invigorate it. You come to appreciate the free things the internet offers.

The internet provides me with ALL of the entertainment I need! From First Run Movies like Paranormal Activity 3 to nearly every available television show. For example I was waiting in eager anticipation of the show Grimm, premiering on NBC, October 28, 20112 when lo and behold the premier episode is already online.


NBC is the #1 Network for me.  I don’t get a kickback like some writers do to promote network television shows (Like Pan Am) and NBC doesn't always have a winner in its series choices like: Up All Night or the strugglling cop show "Prime Suspect" that is now on Mondays, Tuesdays as well as Thursdays the show is clearly struggling). I wish the execs at NBC would havw been so ammenable and supportive with the Playboy Club.

Here is the upcoming premier of Grimm (airing Fridays at 9PM on NBC) Happy Halloween.

Just In Time For Halloween: Rihanna Finds Love, and It Looks Like Chris Brown

This is the lead single from Rihanna's sixth album, Talk That Talk, out on Nov. 18.

Rihanna's video for "We Found Love," the one that got her kicked off of a field in Ireland, is here. Scenes from the orgiastic mud party she shot there made it in (2:00), but the most compelling part of this video that it tells a Requiem For A Dream-inspired tale of reckless love “featuring a dude with the same hairstyle as Chris Brown.
There's even a scene where they argue in a car (2:52).” Yes one can assume that the author is reaching to find some sort of sensationalist connect to re invigorate the Rihanna/Brown Disaster and if you’re 13 that may work, but if you’re older you think: 

“Really?” It’s not as if it’s that unusual for there to be a physical resemblance between the two but is this going to far? It's almost Freudian. 


Dionne Bromfield performs Foolin’ and Get Over It

Amy Winehouse touched the life of her Goddaughter for sure.

'Spartacus' Erin L. Cummings Heats Up ABC's Pan Am

Erin Cummings Headshot - P 2011
Finally, ABC has added some heat to its un-intriguing period spy series, Pan Am.
Erin L. Cummings joined the crew of Disney-esque "goody two-shoe" flight attendants and boring pilots on the series for a recurring role, as first reported by EW. Oh great now I MUST start watching Pan Am (At least for the 3 episodes she appears in). 

I don't believe in posting  "Exclusive Interviews" like some other sites (because I question the authenticity of the aforementioned "Exclusivity" of the interview), but Erin L. Cummings was nice to me for some time when she was on Spartacus: Blood and Sand. 

She did tell me about studying acting in the U.K. (If I remember correctly she told me that studied acting while attending Oxford University) and her classical training is magnificent! Cummings is a fine actor.

We lost touch as her career changed with her move to the now cancelled: Detroit 187 but she is again in a (albeit short time) recurring role, although I would have much preferred to see Ms. Cummings in any role on the Playboy Club, any chance to watch Erin is appreciated.  

I admit that if Cummings were not on Pan Am it would stay in the: “Do NOT Watch Bin.”

More After The Jump:

I LOVE Designer Eileen Fisher.

Why Do I Love Her Designs? Because Eileen Fisher’s clothes are so damn comfortable, you’ll be tempted to sleep in them! Not only are they super soft to the imagetouch, they are age appropriate always (meaning great for any age! Well maybe not adolescents (But definitely 18 and older). Her clothes flatter women who are not supermodels.
Yep as an adult I want to look sophisticated, artsy fartsy, youthful and Eileen Fisher provides the style even if I can only afford the sale items. Real Clothes  For Real Women: Check out the fashion show modelled by staff members HERE. More Fashion After The Jump.

Andre Prejic

OUT with Andre

Fashion Week 2011
He is just too pretty.

Andrej Pejic, the top model who won’t get out of bed for less than $50 a day

The androgynous male model who has made modelling women's fashion his own, opens up about his controversial career.
BY Olivia Bergin | $50? That CAN’T be right
Andrej Pejic on the Jean Paul Gautlier womenswear runway.
Andrej Pejic on the Jean Paul Gautlier womenswear runway. Photo: Rex
While women in boardrooms around the world are still striving to match their pay packets to that of their male equals, there's one industry where the female gender command the highest pay checks: modelling. 

2 of my Favorite Things: Comedy and Boobs

And There’s Boobs

Rochelle ROCKS

First: I LOVE European X-Factor! Last year a lesbian won and you just know that wouldn’t happen these days in the United States.

There’s Rochelle and if she hasn’t been eliminated yet, she’s the one to watch.

More Talent After The Jump

Frank and Sha-Dynasty

It's Always Sunny with ShaDynasty

Cracking The Code----

Sigh…Yes I am arrogant enough to consider myself a writer, at minimum I can structure a screenplay/teleplay. As a result I am often bored with movies and television shows because I can easily identify “Plot Points.” I thought such was the case with the FX series: American Horror Story.

Dylan McDermott plays a shrink named Ben Harmon, which, according to the rules of the genre, means that his work is driving him crazy and that his life is inharmonious.* Ben and his family have moved out of Boston. because he was caught cheating on his wife, and they are attempting a fresh start in Los Angeles. The city looks more grim than golden, and things are more "Hellish" than usual. As one of Ben's patients tells him, "Dude, you're on the murder-house tour." Psycho killers have done some psycho-killing in the Harmon's creepy old new house.

It follows that Ben is tense, nervous, and can't relax. Sometimes McDermott under acts (as when Ben embraces his wife and we see what she can't: the more image dubious of this two-faced guy's two faces). Sometimes McDermott overacts (as when, during a jog, he pantingly pounds his feet, trying to outrun the twisted visions that the show keeps hurtling at his mind's eye). But then sometimes, every now and then, he just acts (as much as the excesses of violent dream sequences and shuddering sexual tension allow).
Connie Britton plays Ben's Vivien, who is pregnant again after a stillbirth, you realize that the guy really must be crazy as no one in his right mind would cheat on Connie Britton.

Taissa Farmiga plays the Harmon's' daughter, Violet. An ambitious teenager who, unlike the myriad high-school girls content to be passive-aggressive with their parents, doggedly aspires to aggressive-aggression.

Is Blogger Serious?

What an inept service.  For some reason all my posts except for the one(s) you see can only be access through “Older Posts” link Below the Last post.


I’ve tried to reset the posts to no avail, and despite being technically adept the Blogger User Interface is NOT user friendly. Maybe I need to go back to Word Press.

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The First Secret….

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special.

Let’s watch how the mystery begins: The Group in there Beginning Complete with: Allison “A” and a shy Mona? (or so we think….)


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