Kiss My A$$ Hollywood….

image That’s Right  Hollywood can Kiss My Ass!
In 1939 Hattie McDaniel became the FIRST African American to win an Academy Award for her role in the movie: Gone With The Wind in which she played a maid. McDaniel is famously quoted as saying that she’d rather play a maid onscreen than be a maid in “Real Life.”
72 years later EVERYONE in Hollywood is so Goddamn excited that Viola Davis willimage most likely be only the Fourth African American to win an Academy Award in the history of the Awards for playing a……Wait for it…………………………………MAID!

Kiss my ass Hollywood, I am glad that Mega Upload siphoned a minute portion of the racist crap you produce.   Oh yeah let’s face it, I don’t give a frak how much the movie The Help was about the strength of a group of women during a time of immense subjugation and social stratification.

Move Over Girls From GLEE and Make Room For The WOMEN Of SMASH

The Premier Episode of the New Musical Extravaganza SMASH Premiering February 6th 2012 on NBC and YES this is a LEGAL preview.

Can’t See The Preview?
Click: HERE
I hope that you enjoyed this show as much as I did and did you catch the Lesbian “Subtext” in the 1st Two Minutes? Is Megan Hilty [Ivy Lynn] “All About The Sexy!” or what? Well  at least the woman at the table seems to also think so and I concur.
That’s right I said it. Megan Hilty is damn sexy, the director has achieved his intended goal by having her do all that Bumpin' and Grindin'.

In Sao Paolo

5 dead,
19 missing in Rio building collapse

Our Prayers and Hopes are with my Friends/Readers in Sao Paolo.

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Better with Bejo

Entrevista con Berenice Bejo……
Yo hablo varios idiomas también.

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 The online revolution has made it easier than ever to communicate and share information with anyone, anywhere ... or has it? Free speech online is only available to around two thirds of the internet-using world, as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales explains in this clip.

Internet Censorship is NOT about protecting an industry [Hollywood} that doesn't hire you unless you're the child of a celebrity or in the "Inner Circle."
Internet Censorship is solely about obstructing your right to information, pure and simple. The sad fact is that President Obama is part and parcel in collusion with such a plan.

Academy Award Nominations

Were announced on Tuesday 24.01.2012

Well to be honest despite previous claims I had not seen every single movie. However I did see Midnight in Paris, well before being bored to tears, I did see the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [Best Performance of a Lead Actress Really? This smacks of the Fact that Noomi Rapace was also nominated in 2010]. Hollywood is saying: “See We’re Just As Good” Um…NO You Aren’t. 

One Word: WoW

Asia Chow for Vogue Italia January 2012

Asia Chow in ” A Global Girl” for Vogue Italia January 2012, photographed by Francesco Carrozzini.  Above Asia is wearing a Silk satin shirt by Yves Saint Laurent .


Before You Have A Heart Attack READ This:
“I want to make this very clear: I am talking about identity and self-expression, NOT about ones physical desires! People who are attracted to men can still date women. No, they may not be physically or emotionally satisfied, but thats not the point! 

The TRUTH About Hollywood: The Fight Isn’t OVER People!

Congress is still intent on passing the first American Internet censorship system.

This bill can still pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same.

Join all of us to stop this bill.

Harry Reid and Congress are intent on infringing the rights of Citizens to access the internet freely.
We are threatened with: ....More After The Jump

Weekend Movie: Double Feature RESTORED

The ARTIST: The Golden Globe Award Winning Silent movie [Best Picture: Comedy or Musical] about a silent film star unable to cope with the advent of sound movies and the actress who saves him. Starring Berenice Bejo: as Peppy Miller the indomitable starlet whose love for silent film star George Valentin [Jean Dujardin] seems to have no limits.


Whoa! It’s a SMASH!

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I watched the premier episode of the new NBC musical: SMASH and Oh My Goddess it is so NOT Glee you just want to scream!

Can I just say Megan Hilty are you kidding me?! Watching her and listening to her voice is \like sitting in the orchestra of Wicked all over again.

Now there are a few predictable conventionalities, like when the newly hired vlcsnap-2012-01-17-19h22m13s148 assistant steals the rehearsal tape that Megan Hilty is singing on, and emails it to his mother. However the tape ends up all over the internet. Well if this happened in reality his ass would have mowed GRASS.

Of course in make believe land the assistant purchases croissants says he’s sorry and keeps his job because he’s a lifelong fan of musicals? Then he becomes an empowered megalomaniac virtually begging to be fired again.

Even In Popular Culture

This news might not make some of you happy: Kalinda's getting a boyfriend on The Good Wife. Showrunner/producer Robert King told me they enjoy taking Kalinda (played by Archie Panjabi) "back and forth" on the show, but it seems she's going to find male companionship in 2012.

"Possibly more a boyfriend than a girlfriend very soon," King said at the CBS/Showtime TCA Party. "She's had how many girlfriends in a row?"
“Many Girlfriends” and now More likely a Boyfriend? How many “Girlfriends” has Kalinda had? 


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