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Gia Print9_9_2012Finally the complete uncut version. If this disappears I will upload it to another server.

It’s old footage but you can see what I was attracted to in her and YES Gia  Carangi was a LESBIAN and Not bisexual.

Gia's sexualiy is definitively addressed and verified (00:21:22 to 00:28:04) in the interviews with her brother Michael, therapist and one time alleged "lover" Sandy Linter. 

Gia's lesbian identity is important to many lesbians like myself because we don't appreciate it when other sites pander other groups with false claims in an effort to increase or maintain their readership. 

If a lesbian addict sleeps with men for drugs or is raped while high on drugs, it doesn't mean that she is Bisexual. Such claims continue to present bisexuals in a negative light. I would think that the bisexual community would want to rise above such perceptions, but then again maybe there is an element of truth to why bisexuals are perceived so negatively.

I’m glad I didn’t spend money on this.  See I was in contact with the director about a year ago and got the impression after exchanging several communications that he seemed to be using Gia as a commodity in the context that he told me that proceeds from, this film would be going to the Gia Carangi Foundation but the foundation has been inactive for some time.

  The uncut version provides more context not only to memories of why Gia was so impactful on many of us that were around at the time but also to the noition that she may have been Bi-Polar or Manic Depressive and self medicated by using Heroin and how her ultimate decline left the modeling industry still searching for the next Gia.


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In Celebration

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Passage To Peace

Still cleansing my soul from that sh*t movie.

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On A Happier Note

What's a good way to forget the trauma of watching a disgustingly rotten movie? Looking at Lesbians of course!
Tracie Dinwioddie and Jessica Clark would make a cute couple.

Traci Learning Static Trapeze


Scenes from the French TV show 'Dans la peau d'un Noir" (loose translation: In the Skin of a Black).


A black family's transformation into a white family by professional make up.

NOTE: The makeup is the point in this video!

Nonetheless I am going to watch the uploaded episodes of this show on You Tube to garner a greater understanding of why this was done. It’s difficult to see them  a Caucasian knowing and seeing their real race, but I wonder how I would perceive them if I came across them in public without knowing that the transformation occurred? Also for me the only one who passes this race test on film is the woman with the long brown hair. She remotely  reminds me of Khloe Kardashian.


To all  my readers in France: If you have seen this program please share your thought with us by leaving a comment.


No Double standard:

I wasn't offended by Julianne Hough's 2013 Halloween costume choice of going as "Crazy Eyes" from Orange is the New Black either.  



The blackface of the 1920s is offensive just look at those images. 






Look at the image of Ted Danson, His exaggerated white lips are what's offensive. I believe that the backlash towards whites who imitate persons of color is because of the legacy of Western European Colonialism.

It is because of the history that whites established with their horrible treatment of Indigenous cultures that they are stigmatized so harshly when such commit actions like Hough or Ted Danson, historically when Europeans mimicked African it was done in a pejorative way [As illustrated by Danson who goes for the Jugular with his get up and to make matters worse he  was Whoopie Goldberg's boyfriend at the time and it was her idea that he appear in Black-ace.]


On the Contrary as you saw in the French television show, when they were made to look white, the people of color didn’t behave in a manner that is considered demeaning to whites. The fact that there still are people who think \they have license to behave in a m,manner that makes appropriating another culture for their own entertainment is the Legacy of Racism and Cultural Domination.

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The Final 5

The final 5 minutes of the episode are PRICELESS!


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NBC Developing Comedy With Lesbian Lead From Ellen DeGeneres & Liz Feldman


Sixteen years after Ellen DeGeneres came out on her ABC sitcom, there may be another broadcast comedy with a lesbian lead. NBC has put in development a multi-camera comedy executive produced by DeGeneres. The untitled project, written/exec produced by openly gay comedy scribe Liz Feldman (2 Broke Girls), centers on a lesbian and her straight male best friend who get pregnant just as he meets and marries the love of his life. Warner Bros TV and DeGeneres’ studio-based A Very Good Production are producing, with AVGP’s Jeff Kleeman also exec producing. Feldman previously worked for two years on DeGeneres’ hit syndicated talk show and wrote for DeGeneres’ first stint as Oscar host. (She returns to Oscar duties on March 2).

NBC has a tradition with gay-themed comedies, most notably Will & Grace, and launched two half-hour series centered on gay men the last two seasons with The New Normal and Sean Saves The World. Meanwhile, CBS veteran Two And A Half Men recently added a new lesbian character played by Amber Tamblyn who is envisioned as potential co-lead. ICM Partners-repped AVGP also has a drama from Lauren Graham, a period drama about 1930s Hollywood at the CW, a comedy toplined by viral stars Sophia Grace and Rosie at NBC and a comedy from Judge Greg Mathis at Fox. Editor Nellie Andreeva

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