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Golden Globe Winner Alfonso Cuaron

Best Director: Gravity

This post focuses on specific stages of the hero's journey as seen through film Gravity , a movie that is, simply, a towering achievement.


How They DID It!


48 year old Bullock gives the performance of a lifetime (with George Clooney providing grounded support) notwithstanding the magnificent tech work.

What is left to say about Gravity, other than the fact that it is the BEST Movie of 2013?  Well, notwithstanding potentially contentious elements of the film: the script, such as: The backstory is cliché, the dialogue isn’t anything exciting, and so on. But a script is more than dialogue, Gravity  is executed magnificently well.

So, then, let’s examine the story Gravity  is actually telling.  Its Themes are: Parents and children, Letting go, Despair, of rebirth and Hope.

The Monomyth has become something of a dirty word in certain circles. It’s too formulaic. Too taken over by Hollywood. Too…familiar. And yet there’s a simplicity to the anthropological approach, the discoveries in the Monomyth are revolutionary, and unifying: all over the world, we all tell the same stories. We all seek the same encounter, the atonement with our parents. We all feel the same call to adventure – to explore, to go beyond our boundaries – and we feel the same fear that causes us, often as not, to refuse that call. We all have our own dragons to defeat. And we all want that happy ending. In the end, we are telling many variations on the same story. There are few things as global as the Hero’s Journey (The Monomyth).

Charlize Theron: ‘I need lust as well as love’ and It seems as if she's found it with Sean Penn

I am in agreement with Heidi Hamilton from Dish Nation! Heidi is a lesbian you know (In Doubt? Check out her tongue YIKES!) and she says that Charlize just hasn't met the right woman yet.
I know that Theron has made some womens dreams come true (by kissing them) and has played lesbian on film more than once Monster and that movie where she and Penelope Cruz were lovers (Head In The Clouds 2004).
http://static.screenweek.it/2008/8/12/Gioco-di-donna-Immagini-dal-film-74_mid.jpgBut does she really have to spoil my fantasy by spreading her legs for Sean Penn? Yes I know that Theron is straight and I don't hold that against her, but as volatile as Sean Penn is, always assaulting random people who want to take \his photo? (Just watch TMZ) 
I mean the man is in his 50's, he should stop acting like a teenage boy  and if he values his privacy so much then don't date someone who is as high profile as Charlize Theron is.
Walk Of Shame
Theron speant New Years Eve in Hawaii with Penn:
Why does she always choose ugly men? Penn was adequate for Madonna, but Theron is high beauty and should aspire for better.


Most of the other Lesbian websites don't seem to write about specific issues regarding self perception for women of color in the context of Colorism, Skin Tone and Shadism. Even less obvious are the implications of such in the lesbian realm. So althouigh lack in lesbian perspective this video will have to suffice. 

In my experiences, I do not use the term Black because I am mixed race. As a Gay Woman I have encountered Caucasian women who ask me why: (fill in streotype) things in certain communities of color happen.

Holidays at the White House - Building the 2013 Gingerbread White House

Holiday Skating



The holidays are a special time to gather, share and remember with family and friends. I hope you enjoy this special time of year and would like to wish you and yours happy holidays! I shot this at a local skating rink, it's one of my favorite spots in the city and transforms into an Urban meeting spot during the warmer months with outdoor dining. Very SATC.. The children use Pengiuns as skating guides.

Mayer Hawthorne - Royals (VEVO Unexpected Covers)

Planting Peace Launches 'Uganda Underground' Safe-Housing Initiative For LGBT Community

The Huffington Post  |  By James Nichols Posted:

underground uganda planting peace

Planting Peace, the organization that brought you the Equality House across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church compound, has embarked on a new initiative that aims to ensure the safety of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in Uganda.

Called "Uganda Underground," the project is a safe-housing initiative that seeks to provide shelter and refuge for those attempting to protect themselves from the nation's pervasive anti-LGBT sentiment. The organization's goal is to "create safe places that serve as starting places for those who have been robbed of their dignity and are seeking to start their lives again in Uganda."

Uganda is not a safe place for members of the LGBT community. As the AP recently noted, "homosexuality is already punishable by heavy jail sentences, and the Ugandan parliament has been for years considering a bill that could see repeat homosexuals executed." A 2010 tabloid published the names of 100 "top homos," calling for their hanging.

"While in Uganda I became friends with one of the individuals outed in the papers," Planting Peace Director of Operations Davis Hammet told The Huffington Post. "He told me how people immediately began recognizing him and he had to rush into hiding, and for several months he had to remain completely cut off from society in fear for his life. Even though this was a few years ago, many parts of Kampala are still too dangerous for him to be."

Interested in helping Planting Peace assist the victims of extreme homophobia in Uganda through the "Uganda Underground" safe-housing project? Click here to visit their website and make a donation.

Feel The Bass


Bass Buds Promo

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These headphones are great! A perfect fit, I like to play music with a A LOT OF BASE and the external speaker gives me enough BOOM without Damaging my eardrum.



Preview 1

Preview 2


Your Lesbian Fans Want More!

Why do actors play lesbian and then as soon as their career is establish abandon their lesbian followers?

Come on Lena Headey Give Us Some  More Lady Lovin’

As Sally Stetson in Mrs Dalloway with Natascha McElhone:

Watch: Mrs. Dalloway HERE


Look at the expression on Natascha McElhone 's face when the husbands interrupt her kiss with Lena Headey, Natascha looks absolutely guilty and jealous as Lena deftly engages her husband Joseph in conversation. Also Natascha's husband looks les than pleased with what he saw.


As Luce in: Imagine Me and You with Piper Perabo.


A  Music Video of  probably lesbian cinema’s most memorable character; “Luce” [Pronounced “loose”] where Headey plays a flower shop owner who meets the love of her life at the woman’s wedding no less. The attraction is clearly mutual and so we go along for the ride as Luce and newlywed Rachel figure out the parameters of their burgeoning romance.


Since: Imagine Me&You, Lena has grown into a sexy, vibrant and mature woman. NOW is the time for her to explore a role where she explores love wit a woman. Don’t  get me wrong because it was sweet seeing a younger Lena and Piper Perabo together but that was then and we’re all a bit older in the here and now.


For that matter


Natascha McElhone,  I want you come back also! We miss you on MySpace, you were one of the rare celebrities who would actually communicate with you fans.


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Mandela We Will Miss You

      Nelson Mandela dies

      Published: 10:45AM Friday December 06, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • nelson mandela obit only (Source: ONE News)

    Nelson Mandela - Source: ONE News

    Former South African President Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95.

    The anti-apartheid hero was admitted to a Pretoria hospital on June 8 with a recurring lung infection.

    He was discharged on September 1 after nearly three months in hospital, but had been in intensive medical care at his Johannesburg home.

    Mr Mandela - or Madiba, as he was affectionately known - was revered among most of South Africa's 53 million people as the architect of the 1994 transition to multi-racial democracy after three centuries of white domination.

    However his fourth hospitalization in six months had reinforced a realization that the father of the post-apartheid "Rainbow Nation" would not be around for ever.

    On June 24 the government announced that Mr Mandela's health had deteriorated from "serious but stable" to "critical", causing a perceptible switch in the national mood, from prayers for his recovery to preparations for a fond farewell.

    In the last few days hundreds of people have offered notes, flowers and prayers for Nelson Mandela at a wall surrounding the Pretoria hospital. Well-wishers' messages, bouquets and stuffed animals piled up at the guarded boundary around the compound.

    Nelson Mandela and Charlize Theron


    "A person is a person through other persons; you can't be human in isolation; you are human only in relationships"-Desmond Tutu 



      A section of the beige brick wall was plastered with notes of appreciation for his lifetime of struggle and sacrifice - including 27 years spent in apartheid jails - that helped lead to the country's first all race election in 1994.

      School children, prayer groups, office workers together with comrades and supporters who followed Mandela in the anti-apartheid fight have trickled past the hospital day by day, passing a gauntlet of journalists and camera crews camped outside the main gate.

      Police shut off streets to vehicle traffic near the hospital in the centre of the capital.

      Earlier this week President Jacob Zuma cancelled a scheduled trip to neighboring Mozambique after visiting Mr Mandela in hospital.

      And AFP reported that an elder in Mr Mandela's clan had confirmed he was on life support.

      President Zuma said doctors were doing their best to ensure the "recovery, well-being and comfort" of South Africa's first black president and he urged the people to keep Mr Mandela in their thoughts and prayers.

      The public's last glimpse of Mandela was a brief clip aired by state television in April during a visit to his home by Mr Zuma and other leaders from the ruling African National Congress.


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