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I guess a lot of us are moving. Well, I’m all moved in and now the really cumbersome work of configuring my habitat to a comfortable level begins.
It’s time consuming because I’m lazy and prefer to update my computer (I’ve a confession to make: since 2004, I’ve been a die hard Windows XP user.)  Needless to say I am being forced out of my comfort zone by Microsoft’s discontinuation of support for Windows XP. So, I am busy doing what needs to be done with this new O/S who name isn’t “Samantha.”

I love apartment life, I am a dyed in the wool: “City Girl.”
The local government made a big "To-Do" about this apartment complexIt is for me: Very safe, the security is electronic (Even the door to my unit uses a special input device for entry. Finally the Zombies don't have a direct path to my front door), it’s very energy efficient and the best pare are the 9 foot ceilings with ceiling fans and track lighting.  

Because I am taking forever too unpack, I’ve only taken some photos of the lighting and parts of the building.

Living Room:




Hall Leading to lounge (The photos are of all the residents, she is not me.)


Lounge (Will someone straighten the lamp shade?)


Resident Picnic Area:


Some of us were fortunate to move in before the building is even done with construction.

Hopefully the sense of community will continue to grow as my neighbors are planning a "Get Acquainted Party" next weekend in the community room (not pictured).
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I am BACK B*tches!!!!

Did you miss me?
Whew getting relocated to one of the most highly profiled residences in the city is cumbersome and surprisingly annoying.  It was challenging because construction still in\sn't complete and that is what delayed installation of my internet DSL, in fact I had to switch to xFinity internet because my complex still isn't in the EarthLink DSL database, so as far as they're concerned my address doesn't exist yet! AnyWho, I was without internet for almost 2 weeks until a dear friend loaned me her Hot Spot, which I proceeded to consume her monthly Gigabytes.
While offline I was able to watch some movies that I had on my PC but had never watched.
I finally got to see what all of the Hoopla was over The Notebook:

if the movie Passion didn't make me a fan of actress Rachel McAdams, the Notebook certainly did.
Now because it is a well known movie and several years old I am not going to review it.  Anything you need to know about The Notebook has already been written and written more eloquently to boot.
I also re-watched Compulsion with Heather Graham:  
I was probably hoping that it wouldn't be as horrible the second time around, but alas it was.  Poor Heather, hmm maybe she should do a topless scene, it would certainly be appreciated by me. I haven't seen but 2 episodes of the new season of GIRLS because I don't want to see Lena Dunham trying to be sexy and sure enough I saw on Access Hollywood that she is up to her old "You will find me sexy whether or not you like it" tricks again. Sigh.
Well I still have loads of unpacking to do and I have to get my clothes out of the dryer. Ciao For Now.
Eye Candy: 
Scarlett Johansson (hiding baby bump) at Avengers 2 Premier


New Residence...Will Be OFFLINE FOR A FEW DAYS..


Oscar Oscar Oscar

Congratulations! Best Supporting Actess 12 Years A Slave
Lupita Nyongo

The last time I was excited for the Academy Awards was when Natalie Portman was nominated for her leading role in the movie: Black Swan.  Yep, I don't think that I even really paid attention to the annual awards after her win.

But 2013 was a very good year for movies so despite not seeing all of the movies that came out in 2013 the movies that I did see ranged from good to technically remarkable, to ethereally sublime.

Spike Jonze Best Original Screenplay


Now I suspect that Hollywood is once again going to shower accolades on a film tat examines the repulsive and despicable legacy of slavery in the movie 12 Years A Slave. I am so fucking tired of seeing people of color portrayed as slaves and maids.  It's like we are vying with the Jewish people as to which culture had the most horrific past and don't get me started on the entire "chosen people" bullshit.  I mean isn't this a possible reason as to why Scarlett Johansson has embraced her Jewish root to endorse Soda Stream?  See Natalie Portman once stated that she wasn't interested in her Jewish religion.  Then one day she changed her mind, proclaimed that she  wanted to raise her children Jewish and Viola er I meant lo and behold she just happened to win an academy award. If Johansson is smart she should start laying groundwork with her Jewish backers so that she'll be offered the right role and win that long overdue Academy Award.  I am a realist and so I've seen it time and time again, unless you fully embrace your Jewish background in Hollywood you not going anywhere.  Why do you think that Steven Spielberg never won an Academy Award for Best Picture until his homage to Holocaust victims and survivors in the movie: Schindler's List?

Then there's "what's her face," that chick who won best supporting actress for Silver Linings Playbook: Jennifer Lawrence, who at the tender age of 23 is well on her way to possibly earning her second Academy Award. Lawrence has annoyed me to NO End by saying that she is taking off a year because making all of those movies is exhausting. Being a glamorous movie star is so draining.

 Well I didn't see American Hustle, but the people who did see it told me that they weren't particularly impressed with the movie or with Lawrence's performance and I have yet to watch Catching Fire. But Remember This Jennifer: Winona Ryder also complained about the ever so tiring work of a movie star and she went temporarily "nuts" and had some serious legal troubles.

If I hadn't already been hypnotized by the magic that is: "Her" I probably wouldn't know who Amy Adams is. But I like her (Adams), unlike the chick who will probably win her second Oscar at the age of 23.

Best Technical Every Frakking Thing! + Best Director
Congratulations Alfonso Cuaron
Gravity will probably not win best picture but if it does, then Sandra Bullock should definitely win Best Actress! Why? Because it's HER movie, she's the star, the one that oulls it all together. Besides you can't have a Best Picture without a Best Actress.
And if the dark horse "Her" wins Best Picture then won't the Academy feel foolish for not having nominated Writer/Director Spike Jonze for Best Director? 

Best Actor
Congratulations Matthew McConnaughey
Best Supporting Actor
Congratulations to Jared Leto
Best Actress 
Congratulations Cate Blanchette

Finally, I'd Like To Thank The Academy for Shutting Out American Hustle and The Wolf Of Wall Street
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